soho 中文意思是什麼

soho 解釋
SoHo1=south of Houston 〈美國〉梭荷中心〈紐約市曼哈頓南部一地區,以先鋒派藝術、音樂、電影和時裝等知名〉。
SOHO2=small office/home office 家庭辦公室,家庭企業。
int. 感嘆詞 1. 縮啊!〈命馬止步聲〉。
2. 來啦!〈發現獵物時的叫聲〉。

  1. Of all quarters in the queer adventurous amalgam called london, soho is perhaps least suited to the forsyte spirit.

  2. She looked back to the freedom and the beggary of the old studio in soho with so much regret.

  3. Accordingly, mr. stryver inaugurated the long vacation with a formal proposal to take miss manette to vauxhall gardens ; that failing, to ranelagh ; that unaccountably failing too, it behoved him to present himself in soho, and there declare his noble mind

  4. Said that good - natured emissary, after a full half - hour of bootless attempts to bring him round to the question. i have been to soho. to soho

    性情溫和的使者花了足足半小時工夫想引他回到這個話題而終于無效后說道, 「我去過索霍區了。 」
  5. On the thought of centralization of imperial power of tokutomi soho

  6. He turned into the quiet corner in soho.

  7. Hillwood soho in tsim sha tsui is a hangout favoured by locals with a fun collection of bars and a coterie of restaurants featuring asian cuisine

  8. Anybody who had seen him projecting himself into soho while he was yet on saint dunstan s side of temple bar, bursting in his full - blown way along the pavement, to the jostlement of all weaker people, might have seen how safe and strong he was

  9. There were solitary patches of road on the way between soho and clerkenwell, and mr. lorry, mindful of footpads, always retained jerry for this service : though it was usually performed a good two hours earlier. what a night it has been

  10. These three young gentleman, mr. stryver, exuding patronage of the most offensive quality from every pore, had walked before him like three sheep to the quiet corner in soho, and had offered as pupils to lucie s husband : delicately saying, halloa

    他曾像趕綿羊一樣讓這三位少爺走在他前面來到索霍區那平靜的街角,要露西的丈夫收他們做學生。他挺關懷地說道, 「嗬!
  11. Soho of 2 people above does not need pay one - time imprest gold ; have the soho of 1 person only, attend medical treatment insurance by method of personnel of flexible obtain employment, want pay one - time imprest gold

  12. Behind us is nha trang no 88 - 90, a simple but marvellous little place for vietnamese noodles and other snacks. william pops in to pick up a stack of free postcards. we turn the corner into lyndhurst terrace and we are nearing the end of our tour, both literally and metaphorically, for we are about equidistant from the illustrious entertainment area of lan kwai fong, and the newer soho neighbourhood, its narrow streets lined with funky restaurants and bars

  13. From the time he had left the house in soho on the morning of the murder, he was simply blotted out.

  14. When the film was shown in a soho cinema to, among others, lord longford and mrs. mary whitehouse, they did not receive it with rapture.

  15. No, there ' s two stores we should go to in soho

  16. 1. economic simple soho specified file server

    1 .低成本簡單的soho專用檔案伺服器
  17. Soho has become a new international trend

  18. Soho buyers will especially welcome this new pc

  19. Lan kwai fong soho - the world on your plate

  20. Recentent years, a group of people called soho appear in many main cities in our country. their living styles are abstracting more and more people ' s attention, and developing into a main force of comman life