sac 中文意思是什麼

音標 [sæk]
sac 解釋
SAC =Strategic Air Command 〈美國〉戰略空軍司令部。
n. 名詞 1. 【生物學】囊,液囊。
2. 上衣 (=sack)。

  1. Amniocentesis is the removal of fluid from the amniotic sac.

  2. Antipodal cells the three haploid cells found in the embryo sac of seed - bearing plants that migrate to the chalaxal end of the sac farthest from the micropyle

  3. Embryological studies reveal that megaspore and such cells as egg, synergid and antipodals in mature embryo sac initiate the division of forming haploid plants through embryogenesis or callus formation

  4. The peritoneal cavity is a closed sac.

  5. Several live worms were found in his conjunctiva sac

  6. Conclusions dilater can promote the formation of fornicai conjunctive, increase the total area of conjunctival, cure malformation and contract of conjunctiva sac

  7. In the first method, one drop of this dilution is dropped into the conjunctival sac.

  8. The heart sounds are muffled when the pericardial sac is distended with fluid.

  9. Dropsy of the vittelline sac

  10. Starch grains present in the embryo sac and placenta are utilized by the embryo.

  11. Bisporic embryo sac

  12. It is concluded that embryo sac sterility was the main reason for highly stable seedless characteristic of lipeng no. 2 cultivar

    因此,胚囊高度敗育是麗? 2號產生無核的主要原因。
  13. Observation by paraffin section showed that lipeng no. 2 embryo sac mother cells were almost entirely degenerated during megasporogenesis

    切片觀察發現,麗? 2號胚囊母細胞在四核期已完全退化。
  14. Enclosure of the nucellus by the integuments is incomplete, the embryo sac or, in gymnosperms, to the archegonium

  15. Illiensis type and t. tetraphylla type. there are more than one types of embryo sac in 3 species, sush as t. illiensis, t. heteropetala and t. heterophylla

  16. I was hoping sac game would see some fires lit, but the den game was horrible

  17. The gonads form from a group of large granulated yolk sac cells which invacle the germinal ridges.

  18. It is formed by fusion of vesicles from the golgi apparatus, resulting in a flattened membrane - bounded sac spreading across and effectively divding the cell

  19. Figure 10. a, femoral hernia. h indicates hernial sac. b, color doppler scan of a femoral hernia at 2 different leels showing the mass medial to the femoral essels

    圖10a ,股疝。 h ,疝囊。 b ,于股疝兩個不同的水平經彩色多普勒掃描顯示腫物位於股血管內側。
  20. Figure 10. a, femoral hernia. h indicates hernial sac. b, color doppler scan of a femoral hernia at 2 different levels showing the mass medial to the femoral vessels

    圖10a ,股疝。 h ,疝囊。 b ,于股疝兩個不同的水平經彩色多普勒掃描顯示腫物位於股血管內側。