sa 中文意思是什麼

sa 解釋
Sa =【化學】元素釤的符號 (=Samarium)。

  1. Currently hold the post ofni ji academician of president sa duofu

  2. The main contributions are as follows : ( 1 ) de ( differential evolution ) algorithm is proposed to invert the ocean acoustic parameters in shallow water in order to get faster and more accurate results than ga ( genetic algorithm ) and sa ( simulated annealing algorithm ). also a posteriori probability analysis method is applied to evaluate the uncertainty of inversion results. ( 2 ) maximum likelihood objective functions for broadband mfi are derived according to different conditions

    ( 2 )根據不同的前提條件,採用似然比的方法推導了寬帶匹配場反演的最大似然目標函數;深入地研究了寬帶匹配場處理中的相干與非相干問題;在分析參數反演的敏感性之後,提出了淺海環境參數寬帶匹配場反演的多步優化策略,並與全參數反演方法進行了性能上的模擬比較。
  3. It was the story of how a girl had been seduced, and her poor mother sa pauvre mre had appeared to her and reproached her for yielding to a mans allurements without marriage

  4. En apparance, l ' entreprise a capitaux mixtes est la combinaison de capitaux, de techniques, de personnel et de travail respectifs, alors que sa connotation profonde, qui est le plus important pour la gestion a capitaux mixtes, est la communication, les conflits jusqu ' au fusionnement de la culture

  5. In this experiment, seedlings of arabidopsis thaliana ( col ) were observed after being treated by verlicillium dahliae ( vd - toxin ), exogenous salicylic acid ( sa ), nitric oxide donor ( snp ) and nitric oxide synthase inhibitor ( nna ), then we investigated the changes of endogenous h2o2 content, the activity of the antioxidant enzymes catalase ( cat, ec : 1. 11. 1. 6 ) and ascorbate peroxidase ( apx, ec : 1. 11. 1. 11 ) and mrna levels of cat3 in different stress conditions, we also identified the localizations of h2o2 and no accumulated in the leaves of arabidopsis

    本實驗研究了棉花黃萎病菌?大麗輪枝菌毒素( vd - toxin )與擬南芥幼苗互作反應中外源sa 、 no供體snp 、 no合酶抑制劑nna等不同處理對擬南芥幼苗h _ 2o _ 2含量、 cat和apx活性及cat基因mrna表達量的影響,並對no 、 h _ 2o _ 2的積累部位進行染色檢測。
  6. One of these pr genes, pr - la, responds not only to avirulent pathogen, but also to some chemicals, such as sa ( salicylic acid ) and bth ( benzothiadiazole ) etc., and the responding ability to the inducers is controlled by its promoter

    其中一個pr基因pr - 1a ,不僅受病原菌誘導,而且受一些化學劑如sa 、 bth等化學劑的誘導,其誘導應答由其啟動子控制,因此pr - 1a啟動子可以應用於植物化學誘導系統中。
  7. The archaeological sites at sa caleta ( settlement ) and puig des molins ( necropolis ) testify to the important role played by the island in the mediterranean economy in protohistory, particularly during the phoenician - carthaginian period

  8. Physiological effects of naa and sa on seed germination of cornus officinalis

  9. The standard shell schemes are installed in unison by the exhibition center. the standard shell scheme configuration includes, three - side boarding fascia board, one consulting desk, two chairs, two spotlights of 60w, and one electric outlet, 220v ( sa ), single phrase. basic hall lighting will be provided

    目前,有一些公司認為參加展覽費時費力,但《貿易展覽商機》的作者? ?米歇爾?豪,向展覽組織者提出了能夠提升展覽價值、增加參展觀眾並吸引參展商的十大秘決:
  10. Genetic stability of attenuated japanese encephalitis virus sa

  11. Integrated with scada, da, fa, sa

  12. Philip est un fils e ouvrier, il travail dans une usine de voitures. il est content de sa travail

  13. In this paper we improved the traditional sa algorithm, and the heuristic algorithm is applied to the search and move schedule. the neighborhood is changed from the fixable to the alterable, the operation of moving and rotating is alternate, and the precision of the solution is then guaranteed as well as its convergence speed

  14. Sa - fv separator assembly - fuel vacuum

  15. Adopt two neural networks ; using principal component analysis based neural network ( gha ) to acquire three principal components and using simulated annealing ( sa ) and bp network to class and recognize the marrow cells

  16. Sa : well she looks like my third grade teacher and i hated my third grade teacher. wait a minute, she is my third grade teacher

  17. From the sa node, electrical impulses spread through the heart muscle to trigger the heartbeat.

  18. Sa : ok, what are you selling tonight ? the micro hibachis or the ginsu knives

  19. In order to investigate the relationship between myocardium responsiveness and its firing dynamic states, bilateral vagotomy, m receptor blocking, acetylcholine ( ach ) perfusion and continuously autonomic nerve ending stimulating methods were employed to change the rabbit sinoatrial node ( sa ) firing dynamics. isoprenaline, noradrenalin, ach, sympathetic or vagal nerve ending stimulation was used individually to measure the sa responsiveness in different dynamic state

    3 、竇房結在正常放電狀態時,對0衛, 0人0石ug kg異丙腎上腺素的反應性均強于應用阿托品后,前後相比有顯著差異( p 0刀5 ) ;待阿托品作用部分消除后,竇房結對異丙腎上腺素的反應性也部分恢復。
  20. Sa : ( to jonah ) you called the radion station

    山: (對喬那)你打電話給電臺了?