搜索 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [sōusuǒ]
搜索 英文
1. (仔細尋找) search for; ferret about; hunt for; scout around 2. [電子學] hunting; scan; [控] indexing; [工業] search; scout; reconnaissance; acquisition; 搜索隊 search; 搜索范圍 search range; hunting zone; 搜索方向 direction of search; 搜索飛機 search plane; 搜索激光器 acquisition laser; 搜索技術 search technique; 搜索接收機 scanning receiver; sweeping receiver; search receiver; 搜索距離 detection range; indication range; scouting distance; scouting interval; 搜索空間 searched volume; 搜索雷達 search radar; spotter; 搜索雷達站 search radar station; radio search system; 搜索區 field of search; 搜索設備 search equipment; 搜索聲納 search sonar; 搜索速度 search speed; search rate; 搜索天線 search antenna; searchlighting antenna; 搜索線 scouting line
  • : 動詞1. (尋找) collect; gather2. (搜查) search; ransack
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (大繩子; 大鏈子) a large rope 2 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞1 (搜尋; 尋找) search 2 (要; ...
  1. - similar to asm, active appearance models ( aam ) is also composed of two parts : the aam subspace model and the aam search

  2. During the design and development, we have considered the security and proposed the strategy to protect the host and searching aglets

  3. The procedure functions in the compare between partial image of dynamic collection and corresponding image of the airscape. in chapter 5, basing on the analysis of correlative theory of digital image, we introduce the improved fasted - down algorithm and simulative anneal algorithm, which applies to nn calculation, an d bring forward the unique and effective means, correlative original value evaluation. basing on the combination of correlative arithmetic, a stable, high - speed and exact correlative arithmetic is formed, which makes it possible to apply computer vision detection of single - needle quilting in industrial production

  4. For example, text searches are famously reliant on alphabetic ordering, a system that tends to fall down very quickly when scripts based on morphological clues like akkadian or arabic or ideographic systems like chinese have to be used

    例如,文字搜索在很大程度上依賴于字母排序,如果腳本基於akkadinan或者阿拉伯語這樣的形態學線( morphological clue )或者像中文這樣的表意系統,那麼系統很快就會垮掉。
  5. For reducing the test of crossing and blocking by improved algorism of searching paths, this model can find effective paths more efficiently

  6. Version 0. 1x alpha test can search only for documents containing every word in a given set

    版本0 . 1x ( alpha測試版)只能搜索全文單詞結構固定的文檔。
  7. It ' s a service provided by alta vista search engine people to translate every page you put ' babel fish ' code, and up comes a a new language

  8. ( 2 ) the key to improve the processing time is the multi - scale feature used to accelerate the binary - process. ( 3 ) apery intelligent character cognitron has been given based on the varied - grid feature vector and multiplayer and multi - mode of cognition psychoanalysis

    ( 2 )識別實時性改進的關鍵是提高二值化處理速度,主要利用小波多尺度特性變閾值的全局搜索為局部定位,提出一種改進的二值化方法。
  9. ( 2 ) bayesian network methods can avoid subjective prejudice brought by apriority information, sightless search when we lack sample information, and the infection of interferential factors

    ( 2 ) bayesian網路中的理論方法既可避免只使用先驗信息可能帶來的主觀偏見,和缺乏樣本信息時的大量盲目搜索,也可避免只使用后驗信息帶來的干擾因素的影響。
  10. Despite very severe weather, the arduous search was maintained for seven days.

  11. Guns were fired, destroyers thrashed the waters, and the whole gigantic armada put to sea in haste and dudgeon.

  12. A good mix is key, so make sure to have some seekers in their for anti - air and stealth detection, if he making infantry, gun walkers ( especially phase fielded ) are a great idea, plenty of tripods, and a nice mix of air units, such as devastator warships, planetary assault carriers, and sometimes the speed, armor, and decent damage of the stormrider is nice to have

  13. Ts can avoid circuit searching by using the flexible memory mechanism and respective tabu criteria. also according to aspiration criteria, ts can assoil some good solution status which have been tabued, in doing so it can ensure the diversification search and obtain the globe optimum

  14. Ariborne anti - submarine warefare ( asw ) is a major mode of operations. it consists of the stage of searching for submarine and that of attacking the submarine

  15. Based on the real situation of submarine and antisubmarine warfare ( asw ), according to the classical design theory of transducer or transducer array, a sonar will be researched and made, which has the feature of more wider bandwidth, more lower operating frequency, more lager radiation acoustic power, more farther operating distance, more higher researching efficiency and more higher directive accuracy

    本文根據現代潛戰和反潛戰( asw )的實際情況,按照經典的換能器和基陣的設計理論,研製聲吶,旨在擴展其頻帶寬度、降低其工作頻率、增大其發射功率、擴大其作用距離以及提高其搜索效率和定向準確度。
  16. How many men are out there ? two coming down the back stairs. the rest, they ' re fanned out for a search

    外面有多少人? -兩個正從後面樓梯下來,其餘的成扇形搜索
  17. This bbs has a search feature. use it wisely

  18. Study on neural network fast extreme seeking algorithms for jet cross beam system

  19. Chaos algorithm of nonlinear bilevel programming problems

  20. Sets the search path for bootstrap classes and resources