中文拼音 [rǎo]
Ⅰ動詞1. (擾亂; 攪擾) harass; trouble 2. (客套話, 因受人款待而表示客氣) trespass on sb. 's hospitality Ⅱ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  1. Interference by support absorption is a problem.

  2. And the deficiencies are pointed out in present researches, such as highway capacity, level - of - service, influence factor of road alignments, etc. from these, it has confirmed that the thesis should be studied from rational analysis, quantitative analysis of level - of - service, impact on capacity of road alignments, setting - up simulation model, etc. the high - accuracy gps dynamic data acquisition appearance is proposed to be used for the first time to carry on the experiment of overtaking on two - lane highways, and experiment scheme is designed according to the driver ' s perceive to judge each overtaking course. based on the experiment data, it can get two important parameters of acceptant gap ? the critical gap of overtakable time headway and returnable time headway through data processing, which can offer the strong support to the research of two - lane highway capacity with qualitative and quantitative analysis. besides, the experiment methods is provided to observe overtaking ratio and to measure the

  3. 6. the basic principle of turbo equalization is discussed and the siso equalization algorithms based on a posteriori probability and interference cancellation are derived. at last, the simulation results are provided

    6 .論述了turbo均衡的基本原理,推導了基於后驗概率和干消除的5150均衡演算法,給出了性能模擬結果。
  4. The acoustic window is approximately 1 in square.

  5. The disturbance is sound wave, conforming to the laws of acoustic propagation in solids.

  6. Radio disturbance characteristics for the protection of receivers used on board vehicles, boats, and on devices - limits and methods of measurement - specifications for active antennas

  7. Using this method to dispose interference of output signal of sensing elements, the interference caused by fixed position heat source of constant and adagio variable temperature can be effectively eliminated in exterior

  8. Which two people struggle with an adulterous love affair in the weeks before the fleet arrives at the ionian nebula

  9. Moreover, addition movement of the airframe can result from aerodynamic or propulsion noise.

  10. We were both afflicted permanently with a feeling of sad helplessness.

  11. The men were charged with causing an affray

  12. He had been suffering from heart problems, manager and publisher gerry newhouse told afp

    經理人兼出版商告訴afp ,他一直受心臟問題的困
  13. Deng x g, zhuang f g, mao m l. on low mach number perfect gas flow calculations [ r ], aiaa paper 99 - 3317

    鄧小剛.粘性超聲速復雜氣動力干的數值模擬[ d ] : [博士學位論文] ,中國空氣動力研究與發展中心, 1991
  14. Because it is impossible to adjust the air bearing absolutely balance, the difference between mass center and rotation center must lead to a notable gravity disturbance torque. in the process of identification, modeling and identification of gravity disturbance torque is considered, and an extended kalman filter is educed for identifying air bearing inertia matrix and gravity disturbance torque, and then the algorithm is validated

  15. The german air crews soon suspected that their beams were being mauled.

  16. But so much of what we have been hearing smacks of alarmism and over - reaching conjecture

  17. This makes the sample easier to aliquot and has all the prerequisites for an interference - free qualitative and quantitative determination of the elements or compounds of interest

  18. Heamagglutination tests were applied to detect virus in allantoic fluid of chicken embryos which were infected by b95 gathered from the vaccinated chickens " cloacal and oral cavity. the results show that the virus may be detected from 2 days to 11 days after the chicken being vaccinated. the hi antibodies were measured by heamagglutination inhibition tests. there is no significant difference between the immunized and the control chickens which were fed in one case. chickens were immunized with b95 by different immunization meathods or with different vaccines by the same meathod. lt is demonstrated that eyedrop, drinking water, spray or muscle injection all can stimulate good effects, but eyedrop and spray seem to be the best meathods. b95 immunized chicken have relatively higher hi titers and it also can last for a longer time than others

    但如果兩者相隔10天以上免疫, b95免疫不受h120的影響;如果同時免疫b95和h120 ,加大b95的免疫劑量也能獲得良好的免疫效果。用棉拭子采b95免疫雞口腔、泄殖腔的分泌液,檢測其中病毒的存在,結果免疫后2 11天雞口腔和泄殖腔中均有病毒的存在,說明b95免疫雞帶毒時間長。研究結果表明, b95具有不受母源抗體干、 hi抗體產生快、水平高、持續時間長、同居擴散性強等特點,因此b95是一株優良的、具開發前景的新的新城疫疫苗株。
  19. The tumult of elizabeth's mind was allayed by this conversation.

  20. Almsgiver, although the age is different from the past, it ' s still no good to disturb the peace. come on, that ' s all right