粗剪 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [jiǎn]
粗剪 英文
bulk pruning
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (長條東西直徑大的) wide (in diameter); thick 2 (長條東西兩長邊的距離寬的) wide (i...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (剪刀) scissors; shears; clippers2 (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞1 (用剪刀等使細的或薄片的東...
  1. Intermediate frequency furnace ? continuous casting billets ? heated by heating furnace ? rough rolling ? head and tail end cutting ? intermediate rolling ? head and tail cutting ? finish rolling ? water cooling treatment ? multiple - length cutting and dividing ? cooling on the cooling bed ? cutting - to - length by cold shear ? collecting and bundling ? to warehouse

  2. Abstract : the flying shear located behind the roughing stands of wire - rod mill is designed with hard surface gears for driving system, engaging of zero tolerance, hydraulic cylinder for clamping and shiftting, convenient and practical gap adjusting structure for blade

  3. Through the experiment of the interfacial bonding shear strength and the shrinkage strain of concrete, the influence of the interfacial roughness of used concrete surface and interfacial bonding agent to interfacial bonding strength is revealed ; new concrete component and the shape and size of concrete slab are main factor affecting the shearing stress in layers

  4. Sjac ( shanghai juji aluminum co., ltd ) is provided with the advanced techniques and product establishments for the machining and deep machining of melting, high temperature rolling, rough rolling, fine rolling, lugging & rectification, spreading recruit, anneal and cutting etc

    公司具備從鋁錠熔煉、熱軋(含連鑄連軋) 、精軋、拉矯、塗復、退火和切等鋁加工及深加工生產設施。
  5. The rustic and exuberant yingge dance, the melodic ditao music and the exquisite paper - cutting are billed as three treasures of chaoyang folk arts

    獷奔放的英歌舞,清揚悅耳的笛套音樂,精細至極的紙,被譽為「潮陽民間藝術三寶」 。
  6. 11 mounlinier i, ganascia j g. applying an existing machine learning algorithm to text categorization. in connectionist statistical, and symbolic approaches to learning for natural language processing, wermter s, riloff e, scheler g eds., heidelberg, germany : springer verlag, lecture notes in computer science, vol

  7. According to former references, the nascent metal surface usually is gained by cutting, but the manner results many pits and crevices in it and the surface is so rough that ca n ' t provide lipid molecules with smooth surface to bind to the support surface. so it brings the difficulty to recur measurement and to compare the results. the thesis brings forward a new method to get more smooth surface by sand paper

  8. Abstract : in this paper, the stress field in a concave plank being upset is resolved by analytic mathematical method of plastic mechanics, the relation between the geometric parameter ( dimension ratio, concave shape ) and friction shearing stress is determined for upsetting a plank free of tension stress

  9. The stability, rheology, chain structure and consecutive medium model in magnetorheological fluids are analyzed. according to the contribution of shear stress and normal pressure in polishing zone, the quantificational machining model of mrp is presented. as an example of plane workpiece, the influences of machining parameters on removal rate and surface roughness in mrp are studied

    5 、磁流變拋光( mrf )是超光滑光學表面的一種新型加工技術,本文從mrf的磁、力學性質出發,研究了磁流液的穩定性、流變效應、鏈化結構和連續介質模型;根據拋光區內應力、正壓力的分佈特徵,提出了mrf的定量加工模型;然後以平面工件的磁流變拋光為例,揭示了工藝參數對材料去除率和表面糙度的影響規律。
  10. Results show that clamping angle dominated displacement of anchorage and failure mechanism : surrounding rock and soil compaction is induced by small clamping angle, instead, shear failure occurs in neighborhood soil of leading end of anchorage while clamping angle is big ; anchorage length influenced surrounding rock stress as nonlinear self - organization critical characteristic on interface ; anchorage size contribution to systemic primary monitor parameter is relatively uniform

  11. In viewing this rough cut, there are many filmmaking lessons to be learned

  12. And finally, looking at a rough cut truly illustrates the contributions of industrial light & magic and john williams to a finished cut

  13. Charlie found a ball of heavy cord, cut off a ten-foot length, and stuffed it quickly into his pocket.

  14. Textile - glass - reinforced plastics - determination of mechanical properties on rods made of roving - reinforced resin - determination of apparent interlaminar shear strength

  15. Textile - glass - reinforced plastics - determination of mechanical properties on rods made of roving - reinforced resin - part 4 : determination of apparent interlaminar shear strength

  16. Generally speaking, extensional fractures are developed in the basalt while extensional and shear fractures are developed in the trachaye

  17. This machine is used for rough shearing process

  18. By means of a mass of shear strength test of rough cement face of concrete - bedrock, influences of cement face roughness of two mediums on shear strength parameter, shear deformation characteristics, shear failure mechanics are systemically studied. empirical relationship between fractal dimension of cement face roughness and shear strength parameters is established

  19. Fractal analysis on shearing strength of rough rock joints

  20. The adjusted shearing strength formula of rough rock joint