管帶 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [guǎndài]
管帶 英文
1. pipe racks2. (清末新軍軍銜) battalion commander; captain of a man-of-war (統轄一營的長官或艦長)
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (管子) pipe; tube 2 (吹奏的樂器) wind musical instrument 3 (形狀似管的電器件) valve;...
  1. Our engineering department provides cathodic protection system design, as well as other technologies such as pipeline pigging, hot tapping and plugging consultation

  2. Windpipe collet bound tie

  3. Project proposal, feasibility rearch report, preliminary design and working drawing design in steel rolling projects, including product lines such as bar mill, wire mill, tube mill and strip mill ect

  4. Special thermowell is manufactured from drilled bar stock to withstand pressure morethan 6. 4mpa, together with convenience in installation for movable connector

    特製套管帶活動連接頭,安裝方便,整體鉆孔縮徑式套結構,耐壓6 . 4mpa
  5. The experimental study on heat transfer performance of tube - and - fin radiator for vehicles

  6. The article elaborates the construction and principle of operation and process craft of the tube and corrugated fin rad i ator, and studies the heat transfer mechani sm and the fluid resistance characteristics of the tube and corrugated fin radiator

  7. We have a long history for more than 46 years of specializing in different types of slings, mainly products including polyester webbing sling, polyester round sling, polyester cargo lashing, super sing, flat sling, flat webbing sling, flat web sling, polester web sling, tree strap, webbing strap, doublebraid, recovery strap, recovery tow strap, lashing systems, polyester sling, polyester belt sling, hollow braid, synthetic webbing, endless sling, nylon sling, synthetic web sling, synthetic sling, webbing sling, round sling, cargo lashing, ratchet tie down, ratchet lashing, ratchet strap, ratchet tie down strap, nylon webbing, nylon strap, tubular round ropes, braided rope, diamond braid rope, starter rope, safety net, safety belt, cargo net, safety rope, climbing rope, rope ladder, building net, nylon net, polyester webbing sling, polyester round sling, tie down, cargo restraint, webbing strap, duplex eye - eye webbing sling, eye - eye webbing sling endless webbing sling, widely and heavy duty webbing sling, multi - sling, ratchet lashing, tow strap, web belt sling, flat webbing sling, nylon rope ladder, industrial safety nets, nylon cargo net, dock net, synthetic webbing sling, lifting clamp, braided rope, 3 strand rope, 12 strand rope, 8 strand rope, cargo net, shipmast net, tube net, solid braided rope, braided rope net, sports net, pe net, safety net, scaffold net, synthetic slings, wide lift sling, round webbing sling, flat webbing sling with eyes, flat webbing endless sling, wire rope sling, multi - set sling, pipe lifting sling, pipeline sling, lowering belt, heavy duty anti cutting sleeves, fiberglass rope, fiberglass wick, braided fiberglass rope, fiberglass rope lamp, fiberglass oil lamp wick, fiberglass strap, solid braided fiberglass rope - round, fiberglass tapes, ceramic fiber rope, fiberglass braided rope, pipe handling sling, lowering in belts, stone handling sling, car tractor package strap, car drawn hoisting belt, special purpose sling, flat belt sling, flat lifting sling, heavy duty webbing lifting sling, pipe lifting belt, pipe handling sling, synthetic fiber round sling, glass pack sling, synthetic lifting sling, flat pack sling, twin path round sling, synthetic fiber sling, nylon webbing strap, pipe sling, bandsling, pipe sling with reinforced eyes, lifting sling with reinforced eyes, pipeline pipe industrial farm lifting sling, endless sling, eye eye sling, oil field sling, truck strap, winch strap, cargo tie down, track ratchet strap, tow strap winch flat rope tow line, heavy duty webbing towing lifting sling, cargo sling, pp cargo sling, polyester cargo sling

  8. This paper describes characteristics of pipe belt conveyors, analyzes the vertical force and sag resistance exerted on the idlers, and derives the related theoretical formulas

  9. Hose and belt oil cooling radiator

  10. Air pressure drop and heat transfer performance for the automotive radiator

  11. A study on the mathematical model for serpentine condenser in automotive air conditioner

  12. The performence simulation comparison of the automotive laminated and the band - tube evaporator

  13. Pressure drop of flow of pam aqueous solution in concentric annuli with isometric ring slots on the inner cylinder

  14. So he took a hollow reed, went up to olympus, stole the red flower of fire, and brought it down to earth in his reed

  15. Despite the surveillance tape of the robbery, the suspect says he is innocent, claiming another man was wearing tape on his head

  16. It made sense to be cagey, even though crawling while carrying tools and explosives was awkward and uncomfortable.

  17. Although luo yee, da - hong, se ma - po and yang xi are suspicious of xiao shueh ' s background, they were all helping her

  18. Steel tubes for mining ; fittings with loose flanges and plain collars ; nominal pressure 10

  19. Steel tubes for mining ; fittings with loose flanges and plain collars ; nominal pressure 40

  20. Steel tubes for mining ; fittings with loose flanges and plain collars, projection and recess ; nominal pressure 6