篩箱 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [shāixiāng]
篩箱 英文
screen box
  • : 名詞[書面語] (植物名) sedge
  • : 名詞1. (箱子) chest; box; case; trunk 2. (像箱子的東西) anything in the shape of a box
  1. Sift together the flour, cornstarch and cocoa powder in a bowl. grease a 26cm heart - shape spring form. preheat the oven to 175c / 350f

    麵粉,澱粉和可可粉混合過到一個盆里。準備一個26厘米的心型蛋糕模。預熱烤到175c / 350f 。
  2. This machine is comprised of screen box, vibration source and damper, vibrating frame and screen box are connected with 4 - 12 group soft rubber damp - ers fixed up and down, and the centrifugal force is generated therein, the floating ampli - tude is controlled by the damper, by which, material realizes a process of throw and lami - nation filtration downward, and therefore reach - ing the optimized grading and screening ef - fect

    本機由篩箱.振動源及減震器三大部分組成.振動機架與篩箱連接有4 - 12組軟橡膠減震器上下固定,產生離心力,由震器控制浮動振幅,使物料有一個向下拋震和向下分層過濾的過程,從而達到最佳分級過的效果
  3. Series of screen - bohou adopt large amplitudes, big intensity of vibrations, flexible screen surfaces, the motion parameters characteristics of adjustable amplitudes ; the unique structural features of " board of screen active, box inactive, unattached vibration of the screen surface " ; though segmented, multi - segments of screen surface jointed, large - scale of screen equipments can be realized, the advantages of large area, big handling capacity and no special requirements to the water of materials make the screen to be the best screen equipments used for the small wet materials

  4. Our leading products are : ball mill, superfine agitating mill, vacuum plaster agitator, slip agitator, pressure - glazing tank, shower - dedust glazing booth, vibration sieve, leakage tester for water - closet, blast heater, rapid dispersion machine, magnetic separator, base - wipe machine, electric diaphragm pump and the vertical casting unit for medium and top grade of one - piece water - closet and close - coupled water closet, wash basin, pedestal, low level cistern and sink

  5. In the present study, a compartment cultivation system and histochemical staining were used to investigate the influence of soil available p level, plant p status and soil organic p on the growth and metabolic activity of am fungi. differences in metabolic activity among am fungal isolates and the relationship between metabolic activity and mycorrhizal effectiveness were al so investigated. in addition, am fungi from a wide range of environmental conditions ( originally isolated from north, central and south china ) were used to study the ecological adaptability of am fungi and the influence of edaphic conditions on am fungal growth and metabolic activity

  6. The machine is used to fill the molecule sieve into the spacer frame so as to keep the air inside dry in production of sloralu insulating gias

  7. When the shaker is working, its roller screen not only vibrates with the shaker deck, but also slowly rotates with the axis of itself, and the drilling fluids returned from annular space are separated inside the roller screen

  8. On the basis of considering the influences upon the conveyance motion of solid phased particles affected by parameters of motive path of sieve chest, inclination of sieve surface, azimuth of vibration, throwing index and adhesive resistance of well drilling liquid etc., the kinetics equations of conveyance speed and displacement of solid phased particles were established

  9. Comprised of main frame, auxiliary machine and electrical control cabinet, this machine has such performances as winnowing, screen or mesh free, uniform size and continuous operation, and has reached the international advanced level, thus being widely used for material crushing in pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff trades etc

  10. Preheat oven to 200c / 400f. sift flour then add baking powder, salt, sugar, and coconut and mix through

    預熱到200c / 400f 。麵粉過后加入烤粉,食鹽,砂糖,和椰絲混合均勻。
  11. Sift in flour and baking soda gradually and mix well. blend in grated carrots, coconut shreds and chopped walnuts. mix until the dough just combined. preheat oven to 180c / 350f

    逐漸入麵粉和小蘇打。拌入胡蘿卜絲,椰絲和核桃碎混合成團即可。預熱烤到180c / 350f 。
  12. Ball boxes are integrated underneath the screens. the ball boxes ensure efficient cleaning of the screens bby means of rubber balls

  13. Finite element analysis and improving measure of hot ore vibrating screen

  14. Abstract : this paper analyzes the reason of pressure drop increase of the downstream equipment - coldbox caused by water penetration of the molecular sieve in jngcc, summarizes the treatment, and gives recommendations

    文摘:對工廠生產中分子水「穿透」造成其下游裝置? ?冷阻力增大的原因進行了認真的分析,總結了處理方法及分子處理后的運行狀況,並提出了改進建議。
  15. Preheat an oven to 180c / 350f. shif the flour, baking powder and pudding powder ( of milk powder if used )

    預熱烤到180c .把麵粉,烤粉,和布丁粉或是奶粉混合過備用。
  16. The year production of our company attains 6, 000, 000 meters, the specification ranges 15 yard to 380 yard, and with smooth surface, precision bore, low extension, and suitable for silk - screen, and mainly used in the fields of silk fibre, ceramic printing, circuit board printing, design board printing, advertising board, color paper, filter, suitcase industry, environment protection, etc

    本公司年產網達到600萬米,產品規格15目- 380目,本產品:網面平整、目孔精確、伸長率低,絲印性能好,主要適用於絲綢花纖、陶瓷印花、印製電路板、印花製版、標牌、花紙、過濾、包、環保等行業。
  17. The frame radiated noise is one of the major noise resources of rotary machines, especially for gear case which has close shell and vibrating screen which works in vibrating ways, the frame radiated noise energy account for more than 90 % of total sound energy. so if we could not successfully resolve the problem, the noise of rotary machines would never be effectively controlled

    結構噪聲是旋轉機械的主要噪聲源之一,尤其是對于如齒輪這類具有封閉殼體的機械和如振動這類以振動為主要工作方式的機械,結構振動輻射聲能占總聲能的比例甚至可以達到90 95 ,因此不解決結構噪聲問題旋轉機械噪聲就不能得到有效的控制。
  18. Focus on projects related to development of express highways, grade i roads, local railways, container terminals, urban household waste and sewage treatment as well as projects closely related to urban development and supportive facilities in chengdu and other places

  19. Analysis of vibration screen supporting spring applying matlab6. 5 software optimization toolbox

  20. The number of the channels was chosen, both the relationship between the channel wide and the minimum screen area covered by the pool and the relationship between the location of the pool and the covered screen area were presented by analyzing the screen area covered by the liquid pool under the worst operating condition