中文拼音 [lún]
Ⅰ名1. (輪子) wheel 2. (像輪子的東西) wheel-like object; ring; disc 3. (輪船) steamer; steamboat 4. (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞(依次一個接替一個) take turns Ⅲ量詞1. (用於紅日、明月等) 2. (用於循環的事物或動作) round
  1. Rollwalztechnik abele + h ? ltich gmbh is well - known not only in engen with gear cutting machines, rolling mills and profile milling machine as well as with precision tools, thread rolling machines, flat - die - type and thread rolling machines with cylindrical dies, but also with further offers, like knurling tools, thread machines and / or gear rolling machines, cutting machine tools and precision cutting tools

    是一家理想的企業,該企業製造最新的、傑出的金屬加工,滾螺紋機,螺紋滾軋機(包括滾螺紋機及搓螺紋機) ,研磨機械,機床,螺紋機械,磨床、砂機、刃磨機,引人注目的機床,改形機床。
  2. He has made several crossings on the atlantic aboard s. s. queen mary.

  3. After 15 minutes ' intensively discussion, they started to exhibit their results. the nine groups, adding culture construction group, drumbeating group started their aboil contend and pk match. first, the elected leaders steped onto the platform to declare their team name and catchwords, and devised themselves ' characteristic behave. this activity bubbled up the assembly room ' s atmosphere. then we let the leaders stand in a line and give them the last 2 minutes ' speak time to draw tickets. lastly, we decided to choose the winner using the method that every group votes two tickets. but for there were 3 winners at last, we handed out a few lollipops averagely to this 3 groups. their great ambition expressed in last prevail speech reminded us the experience and scene in summer camp

  4. The slides are first cleaned ultrasonically several times in alternate baths of trichlorethylene and acetone, and are then scrubbed with a mildly abrasive detergent.

  5. Bonded abrasive products. disc wheel with inserted nuts

  6. Stability. front suspension with dual shock absorbers

  7. Continuous, alternating, and mixed acaricides affect development of resistance in the tetranychus cinnabarinus boiduval

  8. The girls did not so much seem accessory wheels to the general machinery as mere cogs to the wheels.

  9. The smashing roller clearance adopts the fore - and - aft wheel acentric type adjustment, the roller center adjust agilely and simply

  10. Lightweight gas turbine acceptance test specification

  11. Code for model acceptance tests of hydraulic turbines

  12. Small power hydraulic turbines. field acceptance test

  13. Herewith i have the pleasure to hand you an account sales of 150 bales textiles received per s. s

  14. I guess you are talking about the ackerman. . the outer wheel turns more angle than the inner wheel

  15. Many most attractive and enthusiastic women also commit suicide by stabbing, drowning, drinking prussic acid, aconite, arsenic, opening their veins, refusing food, casting themselves under steamrollers, from the top of nelson s pillar, into the great vat of guinness s brewery, asphyxiating themselves by placing their heads in gas ovens, hanging themselves in stylish garters, leaping from windows of different storeys

  16. Diplomats here this week say the atmosphere is relaxed, non - confrontational and more positive than the three previous rounds of negotiations held since 2003. they ended in increased acrimony and no progress

  17. We did these 20 acrobatic tricks in a row

  18. Leaves papery, oval in outline, 6 - 7cm long and 8 - 11 cm wide, base rounded or subtruncate, trilobed or sometimes 5 - lobed ; lobes triangular - ovate, rarely ovate - oblong, apex acute or acuminate, margin serrulate, with appressed acute teeth, sometimes entire near base, glabrous or with tufted hairs at vein axils abaxially ; petiole 2 - 3 cm long, glabrous

    葉紙質,廓闊卵形,長6 - 7厘米,寬8 - 11厘米,基部圓或近截平, 3裂或有時5裂,裂片三角狀卵形,有時卵狀長圓形,頂端漸尖,邊緣有疏而銳利地鋸齒,有時近基部全緣,兩面無毛或下面脈腋有簇毛;葉柄長2 - 3厘米,無毛。
  19. For less acute angles, on the other hand, gravel traps and tyre stacks are absolutely indispensable

  20. Typing of enteric adenoviruses in feces of infants with diarrhea