轉法輪 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [zhuǎnlún]
轉法輪 英文
circulatory cycle exercise
  • : 轉構詞成分。
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (由國家制定或認可的行為規則的總稱) law 2 (方法; 方式) way; method; mode; means 3 (標...
  • : Ⅰ名1 (輪子) wheel 2 (像輪子的東西) wheel like object; ring; disc 3 (輪船) steamer; steamboa...
  • 法輪 : dharmacakshu the
  1. A new standardization method is proposed to solve the problem of the distorted image recognition, which is that the image ' s centroid was gotten based on the pixels total value of the whole image, and then the largest apothem and the rotated angle were obtained by the distance of the centroid and the image brim, last the object and the reference image adjusted the entirely same images in the scale and the rotated angle according to the uniform standardization

  2. An optimization example showed that the method was valid and satisfied the design requirement of some related structure and performance parameters on the conditions of minimum volume, concordant gears and rotors cavity structure

  3. First the sketch / datum plane is fitted by least - square distance, then the extruded direction or axis with the flank points of the cloud is extracted in quadratic paogramming arithmetic, and certain points projected to gain 2d sketched datas. feature points are defined to segment the sketch datas, and the sketch profile is generated by fitting separately the line and circle segment

  4. The integral equations governing the three - dimensional viscous flow inside the turbo - machinery in the rotating coordinate system are presented in this paper, the viscous effects are simulated by the distributed body force described by professor denton j. d. the time - marching method and explicit finite volume difference scheme are employed to solve the flow inside the turbo - machinery

    本文給出了相對旋坐標系下葉機械內部三維粘性流動的守恆型積分型方程組,利用dentonj . d .教授的粘性體積力來模擬粘性對葉機械內部流動的影響,採用時間推進和有限體積差分格式對葉機械內部的流動進行求解。
  5. Endurance test for passenger car tyres - drum method

  6. Endurance test for motorcycle tyres drum method

  7. Endurance test for truck and bus tyres - drum method

  8. Endurance test for cycle tyres drum metho

  9. Lastly, we change the unequal time distance wheel speed to equal time distance wheel speed. according to the model of torsional vibrations, we introduce the spectral estimation method to design tpms. when the tirepressure is leaking, the peakvalue of the periodogram of the wheel speed will move to the real axis

    4 .利用核函數,提出了基於epanechnikov核函數的插值方將採得的不等間隔的速信號換成等間隔的速信號。利用胎滾動方向的振動性質提出了譜估計
  10. The expected landslide did not occur on the third ballot, and farley turned in desperation to the texas and california delegates.

  11. On one hand, the free wheel tums smoothly, and its relations to the orientations of the robot car are steady and exact, on the other hand, the free wheel will not slip when it rotates

  12. In the process of the colltfolling algorithms, the relations between the free wheel and the orielltations of the robot car are ciphered out when the robot car walks ollt the straight lines, the arcs and the swerves. in addition, the pid adustor is designed

  13. The acceptability our rejection and the depiction of some content in the course " mechanisms and machine theory " is discussed, ( e. g., group dividing, solving steps of the graphical method for vector equation, versions and methods for analytical kinematic analysis, inversion design for linkage mechanisms, crank angle between the two limiting positions, design formulae for cam mechanisms, classification of combined mechanisms, formula of the radius of addendum circle of gear, balancing of machinery, etc. ) and some new opinions are presented

  14. According to the tappet displacement curve, the design of cam profile can be carried out by " reversal method " theory

  15. The theoretic contour line and actual contour line of compensatory cam was ascertained with " reversal method "

    利用「反」 ,確定了補償凸的理論廓線及實際廓線。
  16. The work of this thesis is financially supported by the aero fund project. the main purpose is to study the aerodynamics design technology of counter - turbine, to find the question differing from the aerodynamics design of general turbine, and to provide theoretical basis for development of aeroengine. first, the design method for the counter - turbine meridional flow is developed in the present thesis, and one 1 + 1 type counter - turbine is designed using this method

  17. With this program, the blade suit for flow parameters that was obtained from the meridional - flow program is designed. finally, the flow field of the cascade of the counter - turbine is simulated using the cfd program. the cfd program is based on the jameson cell - centered finite volume method

    最後對所設計出的對平面葉柵內部流場進行了初步數值計算,採用的計算格式為jamescn的具有二階精度的runge ? kutta四步顯式有限體積,結合時間推進求解euler方程。
  18. At present, load - balancing algorithms compose round _ robin, weight round _ robin, lcf, frp and so on. but most of these algorithms are static algorithms, and have n ' t been optimized, so they are n ' t adapted to heterogeneous web server cluster

    目前常用負載平衡演算有roundrobin () 、 weightroundrobin (加權) 、 lcf (最少連接)和frp (最快連接)等,這些演算大多屬于靜態演算,沒有優化的策略,因而並不適合異構webserver集群。
  19. To demonstrate the method developed in this thesis, the results obtained in this paper are compared with the results presented in other references, and good coherence is found

  20. First, traditional vvheelset, vvhich includes a axle and two wheels is not suitable. as a method of reform, the independently rotating wheels are introduced, which abandon the axle or fixes the stepped axles in order to keep the spare space between two wheels