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中文拼音 [zhēngxián]
逆正弦 英文
arc sine
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (方向相反) contrary; counter 2 [數學] inverse; converse Ⅱ動詞1 (抵觸; 不順從) go aga...
  • : 正名詞(正月) the first month of the lunar year; the first moon
  1. Digital pwm techniques for sine inverter power

  2. Experimental results certify that the proposed flyback inverter features small thd in the output sinusoid voltage, small size, light weight and fast dynamic response

  3. 1 m 0. 5, the phase - shifted angle 6 is controlled in term of sine law which makes the magnitude of resonant voltage track a reference sine voltage, and the resonant voltage is rectified, filtered, inverted and then the better sine - voltage output is obtained, theoretical analysis and experimental results show that for the resistive load and inductive load, the switches of leading leg of the phase - shift - controlled circuit are always turned on at zvs, and ones of lagging leg are turned on at zvs ( < 0 ) or turned off at zcs ( ( > 0 ), moreover, all switches in the low - frequency inverter are always turned on and off at zvs, the measured circuit efficiency for rated load reaches up to 88 %

    從功率單向流動角度出發,提出了一種lcc諧振型恆頻移相單相高頻鏈變電路拓撲,在調制系數0 . 1 m 0 . 5情況下,控制移相角按規律變化,使諧振電壓脈沖列的幅值追蹤參考電壓信號,經過整流、濾波、低頻變,從而獲得度較好的輸出電壓。理論分析和實驗結果證明對于阻性負載或阻感性負載,移相全橋具有超前橋臂零電壓開通,滯后橋臂或者零電壓開通( _ 0 )或者零電流關斷( _ 0 )的軟開關特性,而低頻變器的各個開關均實現零電壓條件下的開通與關斷。
  4. There are five parts are as follows : in part one, the concept of switching function is introduced first to establish the nonlinear mathematical model of the induction motor variable frequency speed adjustment system which is fed by a sine pulse width modulated ( spwm ) inverter and takes the effect of the main magnetic circuit saturation into consideration, then the low frequency oscillation of the system is simulated according to the model. next, from the view point of energy conversion of the inverter - induction system, a criterion for the low frequency oscillation is proposed to determine whether the system is in low frequency oscillation which is judged by whether the interval of the negative current component of the inverter input current is more than 1 / fc ( fc is the carrier wave frequency of the inverter ) or not

    首先引入開關函數概念,建立了脈寬調制( spwm )變器供電異步電動機,考慮主磁路飽和時的變頻調速系統整體數學模型,模擬系統的低頻振蕩;其次從變器-異步電動機系統能量轉換角度出發,提出通過檢測變器輸入電流中負電流的間隔時間是否大於1 / f _ c ( f _ c為變器載波頻率)來判定系統是否出現低頻振蕩;最後的實驗結果驗證了系統低頻振蕩建模和判據的實用性和確性。
  5. The conventional converter has two power transfer levels. the first one is to obtain high frequency, and the second one is to obtain low frequency ac voltage

  6. This digital amplifier made up of a digital inverter can implement the sine voltage signal ' s power amplifying based on the digital signal processor. with the high processing ability of dsp, the advanced digital control arithmetic can be realized in the software. also the feasible and effective technique for the time delay compensation of digital control can be achieved

  7. The standard sine waveform is generated by looking up the sine table, and the triangular carrier waveform is produced by a reversible counter

  8. This paper put forward a method of using amending sine value in the spwm sine table. this method can correct the distortion of the output voltage waveform, which resulted from the dead time used to the voltage type whole bridge main circuit. the inverter system adopts digital fuzzy controller with feed forward correction and which proportion coefficient and integral coefficient is changeable, so dynamic response is improved

  9. In order to avoid the current ripple and the high switch frequency of fixed - band hysteresis current controllers, two hysteresis controllers of change hystersis - band are proposed. one is the sinusoidal - band hysteresis current controller, the other is the adaptive hysteresis current controller based on fuzzy theory

  10. A system with repmsm ( rare earth permanent magnet synchro - nous motor ) as executing motor is presented in this thesis. the hardware platform for the ac speed regulating system is based on tms320f240 dsp controller and uses ipm ( intelligent power model ) as the power device in the invert circuit

    系統選用波永磁同步電動機為執行電機,以ti公司的tms320f240dsp晶元為控制核心,以智能功率模塊( ipm )為變電路功率開關器件,構成交流調速系統的硬體平臺。
  11. These topologies of inverters are composed of two bi - boost dc / dc converters, they are symmetry. so whole circuit turn into four - quadrant converters, we can control every power mosfet on or off. then we can get sine wave with direct current polarization at the left, at the same we also can get sine wave with direct current polarization phase contrast 180 compared of the left at the right

    這類變器由左右二個雙向boostdc / dc變換器構成,左右二邊是對稱的,所以整個電路構成了一個四象限變換器,我們可以恰當控制各功率管的開、關,使左邊的兩象限dc / dc變換器輸出一個帶直流偏置的波,使右邊的兩象限dc / dc變換器輸出一個相差180度帶同樣直流偏置的波形,這樣,負載zl上的電壓是左、右兩個dc / dc變換器電壓的差動輸出,好可以消掉直流偏置,最終在負載r1上得到的就是波。
  12. The inverted pwm changing electric current the technique is applied in the prototype model. the prototype model was tested and operated on spot, power factor could reach beyond 0. 95, the effect of following modulating voltage was better, the curve of factor of modulated voltage of exchanging systems changed following load rate was linear, the output of wave form was a flat and steady sinusoidal wave

    樣機採用了變式pwm變流技術,對其進行了現場測試與試運行,測試結果是電網側的功率因數可達0 . 95以上,跟蹤調壓效果良好,變流系統輸出調壓系數( k )隨負載率( p )的變化曲線基本滿足直線關系,輸出波形呈平滑穩定的波。
  13. Using dsp of ti inc. - - - - - - - tms320f240 this thesis develops a general ac variable - speed system, and then carries out the research on various new control strategies for induction motor based on it. this paper explains sine pulse width modulation ( spwm ), space - vector pulse width modulation ( svpwm ), and new pulse width modulation method - hybrid space vector pulse width modulation ( hsvpwm ) aiming at a inherent problem of dead time in the common pulse width modulation

    本文闡述了脈寬調制( spwm )控制技術;電壓空間矢量( svpwm )控制技術;以及針對常用脈寬調制方法中存在的一個固有問題? ?變器開關器件死區時間的影響,提出了一種新的脈寬調制方法:混合空間矢量脈寬調制控制技術。
  14. Both software and hardware are synthesized. three - phase bridge inverter used, the current in each phase is made similar to sine wave using current closed loop control

  15. Then, a semi - analytical solution for the velocity response of the pile subjected to a semi - sine wave exciting force was derived by using invert fourier transform

  16. Thus the resistance factor and vibration modes of the soil layer are obtained and used to analysis the pile response. by considering the interaction between the soil layer and the pile with boundary condition of continuity of displacement and equilibrium of force at the interface of soil layer and pile, the dynamic equilibrium equation of pile is solved and an analytical solution for the pile response in frequency domain is yielded, which is used to define complex stiffness and mobility at the level of the pile head. based on the convolution theorem and inverse fourier transform, a semi - analytical solution of velocity response in time - domain subjected to a semi - sine exciting force is given

  17. The performance of the electric vehicle is improved greatly in which the harmonic wave of output voltage, power loss and torque pulsation of the system are decreased by controlling the switch angles

  18. The asynchronous motor is widely used for its simple construction, ruggedness, high working reliability, relatively low cost, and high environmental adaptability. it is suit for the direction of high voltage, high speed and large capacity. vector control is its ideal speed modulation method. the harmonics of three - level inverter are less than the traditional two - level inverter ’ s, and it is convenient to realize high sinusoidal voltage output. the maximum voltage strength which each electric component bears is small, and it is easy for three - level inverter to realize large capacity. the research on the asynchronous motor vector control based on the three - level inverter is one novel work

  19. The 500va experimental prototype of aero static inverter has the advantages of flat volt - ampere characteristic, small thd of output sinusoid voltage, high efficiency, small size, light weight and low cost

  20. The experiment result shows that conversion efficiency in ccm is improved by 2 percent compared with that in dcm, although the on - resistance of winding in ccm is more than that in dcm. the analysis of open - loop transfer function in both dcm and ccm shows that pull - push hfl inverter at ccm