中文拼音 [pāng]
象聲詞(形容槍聲、關門聲、東西砸破聲等) bang
  1. Western - style food, dim sum, beverages, accommodation, ablution, foot care, chess, ping - pong, billiards, bodybuilding, darts entertainment services. ( the above operating permits covering operating with permits to operate )

    中、西餐,點心,飲料,住宿,沐浴,足部保健,棋牌,乒,臺球,健身,飛鏢娛樂服務。 (以上經營范圍涉及許可經營的憑許可證經營) 。
  2. Attu asian table tennis union

  3. Technical analysis of backhand sideway lift in table tennis

  4. B : a lot of people like badminton and table tennis

  5. A lot of people like badminton and table tennis

  6. The factory specializes in producing stationerise & sproting goods, the latter being the key ones. 4 - category of sporting goods with " orlin " mark are well - received throughout the country and haave gained a foothold on the world markets, among which " orlin " tables separately with the types of pop, medium, hith, " orlin " serial bats, " shield " ball - pumps and " orlin " pvc products such as basket balls, volleyballs, footballs are enjoying international prestige, far sold to the parts of the world, becoming unparelled ones in exporting commodities

    本公司以生產體育用品、旅遊休閑用品、玩具用品為主,奧林牌八大系列產品暢銷世界各地區,並已立足國際市場,尤其以奧林牌中檔、高檔乒球臺系列產品、奧林牌各種型號撞球臺系列、奧林牌各種旅遊帳蓬系列、奧林牌乒球拍系列、奧林牌pvc 、籃球、排球、足球系列產品,奧林牌、盾牌皮球塑料打氣筒系列,奧林牌休閑旅遊用品系列,而著稱於世,遠銷世界各地區,成為國內獨一無二的出口產品,深受外商賓客的歡迎。
  7. I 've sprung my table-tennis bat.

  8. Once book our hotel, you can have outdoor barbecue bar, sports ground pingpong, basketball and beach entertainment facility beach balls, volleyball, etc

  9. Gymnasium, beauty parlour, room of chess and card, swimming pool, table tennis room, etc

  10. And as i did so, i heard the fire looks bang and the balls whistle in the birches.

  11. Those who wish to use lcsds indoor sports facilities such as badminton courts, squash courts, table tennis tables, american pool tables, fitness rooms, indoor bowling greens, indoor golfing and climbing facilities are invited to make a booking at any of the leisure link counters starting from 10 a. m. on 24 june 2007 sunday

    任何人士如有興趣使用康文署的室內體育設施(例如羽毛球場、壁球場、乒球桌、美式撞球桌、健身室、室內草地滾球場、室內高爾夫球設施、攀登設施等) ,可自二七年六月二十四日(星期日)上午十時起,前往任何康體通服務櫃臺進行預約。
  12. Cobra assault canon. state - of - the - art. bang, bang

  13. Homework room common room with table tennis

  14. To keep your brain young and supple, you can purchase software like merzenich ' s, or you can do one of a million new activities that challenge and excite you : playing ping - pong or contract bridge, doing jigsaw puzzles, learning a new language or the tango, taking accordion lessons, building a kit airplane, mastering bonsai technique, discovering the subtleties of beer - brewing and, sure, relearning differential calculus

  15. Fitness, chess and card, cosmetology, billiard, massage and table tennis etc

  16. There are coffee shop and fitness center in the relaxation center, and the multi - function hall in the canteen provides services like internet surfing, reading room, fitness, pingpong, billiards, and dancery

  17. The second - order factors of women table tennis players in china are adjustment, extroversion, tough poise and independence

  18. So far, there has existed several kinds of theory of ground fault protection for field winding of generator. in these methods, pingpong bridge field ground protection is a simple and effective one

  19. He seemed in a frenzy and was pounding the door.

  20. These ping pong - sized balls of fused quartz and silicon are 3. 8 cm across and never vary from a perfect sphere by more than 40 atomic layers

    這些如乒球般大小,以石英和硅融合而成的球體直徑約3 . 8厘米,偏離完美球體的程度不會多於40層原子。