禮籃 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [lán]
禮籃 英文
gift basket
  • : 1 (儀式) ceremonial observances in general; ceremony; rite 2 (表示尊敬的言語或動作) courtesy;...
  • : 1. (籃子) basket 2. [體育] (籃球架上的鐵圈和網) basket
  1. Field trip to the lok ma chau ecological mitigation area

  2. Dining - table is using two green, white colors to decorate the having readjusted oneself to a certain extent fish jar and delicate and fragile fishing rod of centre, every is a green ribbon on the fishing pole, is hanging to give guest ' s gift or a exquisite celluloid fish, or a fish filling candy to full basket

    餐桌用綠、白兩色裝飾起來中間放上魚缸和小巧玲瓏的釣魚竿,每個釣竿上系一條綠色飄帶,掛著送給客人的物? ?或是一個精巧的賽璐珞魚,或是一個裝滿糖果的魚子。
  3. Sells fresh flowers, flower baskets and flower arrangements

  4. However, absorbing the new league was something that proved a difficult obstacle for yao. gone were the always - sportsmanlike, kind, respectful, and soft - spoken players of the chinese basketball league

    然而,融入新的聯盟,被證實對于姚來說是一個困難的障礙。那個充滿穿戴整齊的,和藹友善的,謙恭有的,說話溫和的球員的中國球聯盟(有么?有么? - - ) ,已經離他遠去了。
  5. The intercontinental bakers oven will be bursting with a wide variety of christmas goodies : - with the finest quality chocolate santa, christmas puddings, ginger bread, stollen, along with a vast selection of other christmas cakes and cookies, all to make your christmas a real delight

    來洲際聖誕品坊,我們為您精心準備了香滑誘人的巧克力,聖誕布丁,果醬麵包,傳統特色的聖誕禮籃,還有各種美味的小點和蛋糕… …這一切將使您的聖誕節更加的精彩!
  6. Oxfam unwrapped fair trade christmas hamper

  7. We mostly produce all kinds of product made of tung, pine, willow, straw and veneer. the products is divided into the winebottle box, packing box, casket, dressing case, gift box, food box, wooden dish, wooden cabinet, vcd box or vcd shelf, bark box, tung board, toy, picnic table, furniture, kitchenware, painting frame, mirror frame, photo frame, basketry etc. our products have 20 types and 8000 styles

    我司主要生產各類桐木製品松木製品高密度板製品柳條編草製品等,產品種類分為酒瓶盒包裝盒首飾盒化妝盒品盒食品盒木盤木櫥vcd盒架樹皮盒桐木板玩具野餐桌傢具廚房用具鳥房鼠窩油畫框鏡框像框柳條編提條筐等二十余大類, 8000多種款式的工藝品。
  8. A food shop is full of customers buying gift baskets, april 12, 2007, phnom penh, cambodia

  9. Hands - free kit : the perfect christmas gift

    節日子想法為每個假日- ? ?
  10. On easter sunday people decorate baskets with purple ribbons

  11. On easter sunday people decorate baskets with purple ribbons. white is the color of snow

  12. Alternatively, you can create your own hamper from our tasteful selection of gourmet food

  13. A keepsake9 basket laden with soothing soaps and bath oils would eventually serve only as a common gift were its sturdy, woven walls not filled to overflowing with examples of the individual ways you have touched the lives of your students

  14. Delight your friends and business associates with our luxury festive hamper, priced at $ 988

    精選禮籃包括高級紅酒、各式聖誕美食及朱古力等,每個售價$ 988 。
  15. The basket suitable for mid - autumn festival or all kinds of party and celebration occasions, only at $ 398

    中秋節禮籃( $ 398 ) ,適用於中秋節或各項聚會及慶祝事宜。
  16. Lines of cars park on a street full of food shops selling gift baskets, april 12, 2007, phnom penh, cambodia

  17. You can pick up the following gift basket or those listed at the product catalogue by simply giving us a call

  18. A driver takes care of the gift baskets bought by his boss, april 12, 2007, phnom penh, cambodia

  19. The basket suitable for father ' s day or father ' s birthday, father ' s wedding anniversary, any special treasurable date …, only at $ 398

    父親節禮籃( $ 398 ) ,適用於父親節、父親生日、結婚周年紀念或值得紀念的真貴日子。
  20. Right before the cambodian new year on april 14, people usually present gift baskets packed with wine, chocolate and crackers to relatives, friends or superiors to wish them a happy new year