稻本 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [dàoběn]
稻本 英文
  • : 名詞1. (一年生草本植物, 子實叫稻穀, 去殼后叫大米) oryza sativa; rice; paddy 2. (姓氏) a surname
  • : i 名詞1 (草木的莖或根)stem or root of plants 2 (事物的根源)foundation; origin; basis 3 (本錢...
  1. ( 2 ) gene flow frequency was reduced as distance from pollen donor increased and a dramatic reduction occurred at about 2 meters. the maximum distance where gene flow was not detected was 50 m for hybrid rice while it was 70 m for ms lines, with an exception that in one of the four ms lines it was detected a frequency of gene flow 2. 8 + 10 - 6 at 150 m for zhong 9a

    在開花期主流風向ne的風速為0 . 2 ? 2 . 2m / sec的條件下, 2個雜交品種的最大漂流距離為40m ; 4個不育系的基因漂流基上到60m為止, 70m處基因漂流頻率均降為0 ,僅中9a在150m處發現了1株basta抗性苗,經pcr檢測驗證為陽性。
  2. The experiment was conducted in a 2. 4 ha isolated field mimic rice production practice with pollen competition. a japonica gm rice l201 containing bar gene with herbicide basta resistance was used as a pollen donor and six indica hybrid rice varieties and its male sterile ( ms ) lines and two common wild rice ( oryza rufipogon and o. nivara ) that share same aa genome with cultivated rice were used as recipients

    試驗選擇廣州作為華南水生態區的代表,以含bar基因(抗除草劑basta )的轉基因粳l201為花粉供體,模擬大田生產實際,對轉基因向秈型兩系及三系雜交不育系、雜交品種及含aa基因組的普通野生的基因漂流及其影響因素進行了研究。
  3. Aquarius : skips chocolates altogether - - they prefer a box of carob and raisins health bars

  4. [ b ] [ color = # 0000ff ] aquarius [ / color ] [ / b ] : skips chocolates altogether - - they prefer a box of carob and raisins health bars

  5. Moreover the pf40 gene was ubiquity distributed in cereal crop genome. dicots such as tobacco and tomato do not have the pf40 homolog gene, but we found its homolog gene maybe present in arabidopsis genome

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  7. In recent years, the water - saving and control irrigation technique of rice has diverted from plot experimental and demonstration to lare scale. and has got remarkable economic and social benefits. amed at the characteristics of this irrigation area, optimal selection for water - saving techniques of rice, deciding the amout of leaching water and irrigation modles, investigating the adaptability of the water - saving and control irrigation technique in saline land. studying the increase in production mechanism of the technique are important to extend the technique, to better and develop saline land as well as slick spots. according to the results of field experiments, optimization study was conducted on the water - saving irrigation technique of rice in saline land, the effects of different water - saving irrigation techniques on the physiological indexes and yield of rice were systematically analyzed. by using mutiplepurpose fuzzy optimization method, better. water - saving irrigation technique was selector out, that is. the control irrigation technique in rice. the mechanism of it was analyzed from the aspect of the physiological and ecological saving water of rice to provide the implemental process and technical point ; throgh the quantitive analysis and comparision on control irrigation and control class ( flood irrigation ), high production and quality mechanism of the technique was analyzed in terms of physiology indexes of rice, the variation of soil moisture, the pest resistance and the lodge resistance, the change of soil temperature in paddy fields. the yield constitutive factors, the quality of rice and so on. in saline land. control irrigation and intermittent leaching modles were adopted to validate the adaptability of the technique in irrigation of rice in saline land, to analyze rice ' s physiological - ecological indexes and the change of soil salt content under the conditions of control irrigation leaching of rice and and to provide control irrigation and combined modle of intermittent leaching to adapt to different conditions

  8. The wampanoag, a group of native people who had befriended the pilgrims, attended this thanksgiving celebration. they brought gifts of corn, pumpkin and venison. when european settlers first arrived in the new world, the winter were long and bitter. their survival depended upon the friendship of native people. the newcomers learned how to frow hardly vegetables, gather wild rice, collect berries and prepare maple syrup. early thanksgiving feaasts included these foods and meats such as wild turkey, goose, venison and beaver tails

    友好的原始定居者萬帕諾亞人參加了這一感恩節的慶祝活動.他們帶來了玉米,南瓜和鹿肉作為禮物.當歐洲移民剛來到這新世界時,冬天是漫長而又艱難的.他們的生存依賴了地人的友誼.新來的人向地人學習,如何讓幾乎不生長的蔬菜得以存活,採集野生的米,收集漿果和調制楓蜜. (注:不是蜂蜜.是用楓樹製成的蜜.是加拿大的特產. )最早的感恩節宴會包括了這些食物和肉類,像野生的火雞,鵝,鹿肉和海貍的尾部
  9. Inagiku japanese restaurant at the royal garden celebrates its 5th anniversary during may with what the restaurant s head chef fukata describes as a showcase menu. since opening at the royal garden in 2002, inagiku japanese restaurant has become a favorite among gourmands the world over

  10. Dreb - type transcription factors can accept stress signals from environment and promote the expression of stress - tolerant genes. four dreb homolog genes, gmdreba, gmdrebb, gmdrebc and osdreb4 - 2 were isolated from soybean [ glycine max ( l. ) merr. ]

    Dreb類轉錄因子能接受逆境信號並啟動逆境應答基因的表達。在研究中,以大豆和水為材料,共克隆了4個dreb的同源基因,分別命名為gmdreba , gmdrebb , gmdrebc和osdreb4 - 2 。
  11. Abstract : the main characters and seed set of bc1 , bc2 , bc1f2 from ms line back - crossing with the pollen of hybrid rice were studied. the appearance of a large number of self fertile plants in ms line was analyzed. the effect of introgression of restoring genes on ms line purity and hybrid yield in indica and japonica rice was discussed. it was pointed out that “ iso - cytoplasm restorer line ” was seriously reducing the purity of ms line and that hybrid rice was unsuitable for isolation zone in the seed production fields

    文摘:研究了雜交花粉對母不育系回交後代群體bc1 、 bc2 、 bc1f2的主要農藝性狀和育性表現,分析了不育系中出現大量自交結實株的原因,討論了恢復基因滲入對秈、粳不育系純度和雜交產量的影響,指出「同質恢」對降低不育系純度的嚴重性和雜交作制種田隔離區的不合理性。
  12. Ip3 - ip3 receptor ( ip3r ) interaction mediates the release of ca2 + from the endoplasmic reticulum in response to many different extracellular stimulus. for higher plants, however, though it is now generally accepted that ip3 participates in signal transduction in many important cellular processes, only limited evidence is available for the presence and properties of the ip3r - like protein so far. here, using the immunological methods with an antibody raised against a mammalian inositol 1, 4, 5 - triphophate receptor ( type 1 ), we found that, 1 ) the antibody across - reacted the proteins with about 200kd in microsomes from oryza sativa and about 200kd from arabidopsis thaliana respectively

    實驗用sds - page電泳和免疫印跡的方法,用哺乳動物大鼠三磷酸肌醇受體的多肽做抗體對類三磷酸肌醇受體蛋白鑒定,結果表明:抗體與水和擬南芥微粒體蛋白分子量大約為200kd的蛋白交叉反應,同時還發現在水微粒體蛋白62kd和擬南芥微粒體蛋白45kd處有交叉反應的蛋白條帶存在,表明在植物中有類三磷酸肌醇受體蛋白的存在;用免疫膠體金方法,發現類三磷酸肌醇受體蛋白主要分佈於液泡膜和細胞質膜上。
  13. The empirical analysis, using probit model, showed that the extension efficiency of the technique was obviously affected by following factors : income and cost, yield increase, farmers " age and education, non - agricultural income, farmer ' s social status, distance from town, frequency of farmers " contact with media and agricultural technicians

  14. According to the least twin multiplication to calculating the sensitivity index in several water production functions. thus, the writer obtains the fitted the value of the sensitivity index and the varied rule. at the same time, the writer puts forward a new method named rag a ( real coding based accelerating genetic algorithm ) and combines raga with dpsa to calculating the best irrigation system under the non - sufficient irrigation of well irrigation rice in sanjiang plain

    根據《隨機水文學》理論中的時間序列分析法,建立了適合三江平原井灌水需水量預報的非平穩時序隨機模型;通過分析降雨隨機特性,選定季節性時序隨機模型,建立了適合三江平原井灌水降雨預報的月平均降雨模型;根據最小二乘法,計算出幾種常用水分生產函數中的敏感指數及敏感系數,進而得到三江平原適宜採用的水分生產函數漠型及模型中敏感指數的變化規律;文提出遺傳動態規劃法( raga ? dp ) ,即採用改進的基於實數編碼的加速遺傳演算法( realcodingbasedacceleratinggeneticalgorithm ,簡稱raga )與動態規劃法( dpsa )相結合,推求非充分灌溉條件下三江平原井灌水的最優灌溉制度。
  15. The japanese hang straw rope across the front of their houses to keep out evil spirits and bring happiness and good luck

  16. Studies on the allelopathic effects of wilding plants to oryza sativa

  17. It will provide us to further study the function of xanthophyll cycle in photoprotection. the major results are as following : two cdna sequences encoding violaxanthin de - epoxidase were cloned from japonica rice ( jrvde ) and indica rice ( irvde ) with the full - length of 1887bp and 1647bp, respectively. the homology of the open reading frame is 98 % identity between two rvde genes, and more than 60 % identities with those of other species

    論文從水和菠菜中克隆了編碼vde酶的基因,並通過轉基因植物進一步研究了葉黃素循環在熱耗散方面的作用,主要獲得了以下結果:首次從兩個水亞種(秈和粳)中克隆了rvde基因(分別命名為irvde和jrvde )的全長cdna序列,分別長1647bp和1887bp ,兩者開放閱讀框的同源性為98 ,與其它已知vde基因的同源性在60以上。
  18. In the first part of this paper, authors made the phosphate as limitative factor, and discussed the growth condition of the algea ( chlamydomonas sajao lewin ) - rice ( o. sativa l. ) experiment system by different phosphorus source

    研究第一部分以磷為主要限制因素,研究沙角衣藻( chlamydomonassajiaolewin )和雜交水( o . satival . )所組成的實驗體系在不同供磷條件下的生長情況。
  19. By the results, the author considered that with the normal illumination, the algea ( chlamydomonas sajao lewin ) can release the availed phosphorus into the mediums from phosphate rocks, and supply the needs of the growth by the algea and rice in a mediums

  20. Asia ' s green revolution centered on wheat and rice. but experts asid no single crop will revolutionize farming in africa. because farmers there grow a mixture of different crops