模式 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [shì]
模式 英文
model; mode; pattern; type; schema
  • : 模名詞1. (模子) mould; pattern; matrix 2. (姓氏) a surname
  • : 名詞1 (樣式) type; style 2 (格式) pattern; form 3 (儀式; 典禮) ceremony; ritual 4 (自然科...
  1. Certain key aspects of abatement planning are best addressed through the use of an ambient air quality model.

  2. To build the career guidance of engine model is a abecedarian try in innovating career guidance of high institutes, however, we hope such discuss can arouse more attention on career guidance and in - depth research on it

  3. The charter i introduced the schematics of the experimental setup, the model of pulsed laser ablating solid target ( s - n model ) and the subplantation model for film growing proposed by y. lifshitz

    第一章簡要介紹了實驗裝置、激光燒蝕固體靶的s - n型和y . lifshitz提出的次表面生長模式
  4. Analysis of the strategic cost management mode under abm and value chain analysis

  5. This paper is a study of narrative embedding, which, as a rewarding method of plot construction in narrative texts, constitutes an important component in the poetic presentation of theme on the absurdist stage

  6. The acas is a two dimensional gaussian plume segment model

  7. At the same time, it expatiates four strategies : reinforcing text consciousness, creating a certain problem environment, the conjoint of inquiry learning and acceptant learning and the guidance of teachers

  8. A study on the educational mode acclimate intellectual economy

  9. Parti the traditional model composition teaching no longer acclimatizes itself to the development of the modern education and it has given some negative effort

  10. And this pattern consists of single accommodator loan pattern and group loan pattern, which have been discussed respectively

  11. Trent university has found huamei - bond graduatee is well acculturated to western teaching and learning styles and informed about life at university in canada

  12. In studies, " pay as you throw " fees are " the most likely to change household behavior patterns, " according to the acrr

  13. On the base of serious summarizing the experience of more than 20 pilot villages of the all city during the past 7 years, twice villages surveys in large scale in 1999 and 2001 ( including over 200 villages ) and thirteen pilot villages in the project of rural development by technology and education project in beijing in 2002, generalizing experience on how to develop village economy and rural development by technology and education project entirely, extrapolating the operating mechanism, management system and village development pattern in how to rely on technology to train rural elites and boom village economy especially. thereby, representing the conception, goal and operating clue of village economy and rural development by technology and education project for 21st century in beijing in detail. it is the first time to represent four operating thesis of rural development by technology and education project for 21st century in china systematically : system thesis of village productive forces ( inside ) ; regional actinoid thesis in village ( outside ), operating thesis for origin, bank and fluid, and the thesis of biology balancing and limited factors

    在認真總結北京市7年多來全市20餘個科教興村老試點和1999年、 2001年兩次大規村級調查( 200餘村) 、北京市2002年十三個科教興村新的試點的基礎上,全面總結如何依靠科技、教育在發展村域經濟、開展科教興村等方面的經驗教訓,特別是重點總結歸納了7年來北京市如何依靠科技、培育鄉土人才、促進村域經濟發展的科教興村的管理體系、運作模式、村級發展模式;在此基礎上,詳細闡述了21世紀北京市科教興村的概念、目標和工作思路;並在國內首次較系統地、深入地闡述了21世紀科教興村的四大運行理論基礎:村域生產力系統理論(對內) 、村域區域經濟發展輻射理論(對外) 、 「源、庫、流」運轉學說和「生態平衡理論和限制因子學說」 。
  14. A creative mode of adaption to property management in china

  15. In addition, divalent metal adduction provided improved positive mode ionization efficiency for these peptides

  16. Analysed from the evaluation list, most of them take admissive attitude on this learning mode

  17. The coupling admixes the particle and collective degrees of freedom in such a manner as to partially transfer the one-particle transition strength onto the collective modes.

  18. Analyse of telecommunication operator constructing adsl network mode

  19. As a result, the party ' s formation model of early - stage in china is multi - model. this model adumbrate the fail of party politics in the beginning in republic china

  20. Through analyzing the marketing mode of aeolus company and finding the strength and weakness, it can provide a reference for dongfeng group ' s marketing innovation. what ' s more, it can afford some good experiences for the development of chinese automobile industry