模殼 的英文怎麼說

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模殼 英文
  • : 模名詞1. (模子) mould; pattern; matrix 2. (姓氏) a surname
  1. Mrs mayer and shell model of the atomic nucleus

  2. Introducing the theory and application of boundary element method on the sound radiation, giving the process of solving vibration noise radiation problem using boundary element analysis software ; presenting the coupling theory and the combination analysis of finite element method and boundary element method, and doing relevant analysis based on close drum shell ; programming the noise data simulation program using the numerical calculation software, simulating the acoustic and pressure data of a key point in the transient response acoustic field of the close drum shell, realizing the audibility of the noise, using the virtual reality tools to simulate the vibration noise of the drum shell ; combining the finite element method and boundary element method to analyze the vibration noise radiation of some gear box, and completing the whole simulation process of the vibration noise of the gear box

  3. Huangyan tongli mould factory is a member of the china mould industry association, is a joint - stock factory, is one of the factory which product homemade big and middle high grade mould factory. specialized in producing crust of tv inject plastic mould. autocar plastic mould, motorcycle fittings plastic mould, advanced assemble glue lacquer plastic packing mould and plastic packing bucket 1 litre to 50 litre product. the mould manufacture owe the process capacity hereinafter ten thousand gram. the factorys goal : technology is the first productivity, never stopping technology investment, my company hold the advanced numercial control process center, numercial electrical sparcal moulding machine tool, accordance with the technology of cad cam cae to product mould exploitation. design, process, manufacture

  4. Ever since its birth in 1999, siusing has launched its divisions including siusing button factory, yabo button factory and 2 distributors shanghai hongkong. through unremitting efforts of all staff, we have stepped into an extensive range of products including metallic button, rubber button, environmental friendly buttons, metal button and alloy buttons. meanwhile, the products are exclusively appointed as specially used parts for jeanswest, chibi maruko chan, sickonineteen of europe and tommy bahama, joe eoxer, chicco of the usa, etc

    公司自1999年初創業至今,已初具規,公司擁有耀升金屬鈕扣廠雅柏天然真鈕扣廠和2間銷售上海香港公司,主要產品有金屬扣膠扣環保天然扣真類和五金合金共五大類成為大陸「真維斯」澳洲「真維斯」 「櫻桃小丸子」歐洲「 sickonineteen 」美國「 tommy bahama joe eoxer chicco 」等著名品牌的供應商。
  5. Besides the above items, we also can make various nameplates, working cards, skipping ropes, paper vertical clips, book binders, stainless & resin crafts and gifts and public direction equipment, etc

  6. By means of carrying out parameterization on finite element model of certain punching - welding bridge housing and through optimization analysis, this paper realized the light weighted optimization design of punching - welding bridge housing under the conditions of letting the bridge housing to satisfy the demands of perpendicular bending rigidity, the perpendicular bending strength and the perpendicular bending fatigue life

  7. With thousands years of diastrophism and human society ' s development, the natural environment of the upper - part of the yellow river has conceived its distinguished zoology and resource structure, therefore forms its special geographic upper - part - yellow river region ' s economy and society development model

  8. In 3d geodynamics numerical simulation research, it is often required to mesh the whole earth or part of the spherical shell, and the size of mesh is much more important to our research

  9. Such features might result from the rotation movement of the earth crust and exert serious impact on the geotectonic evolution and large scale metallogeny in hunan province and adjacent regions

  10. In this thesis, we research into the geochemical data of the groundwater from the granitoid weathering crust of the fogang granite in baisha region, guangdong province

  11. Through the analysis of the deduction process of harmonic function model, it is illustrated that some hypotheses in the deduction process are unreasonable and the harmonic function can not reflect the objective regularity of the vertical crust movement, so that it isnt an effective method to compile isoline map of the vertical crust movement rate

  12. Technical specification for dwelling houses with epsc form latticed concrete wall

  13. The technical requirements for the lost pattern made from the paraffin - stearin and the shell mould made from colloidal silica in the precision casting were introduced

  14. Test method for splitting tensile strength for brittle nuclear waste forms

  15. The process of lost pattern, colloidal silica and baking was studied emphatically

  16. During the restricted hours in designated areas, the use of specified powered mechanical equipment for example, hand - held breakers and dump truck and or the carrying out of the prescribed construction activities for example, erection or dismantling of formwork and hammering is subject to more stringent control

  17. The alloy component and the process parameters of the precision casting ( including the exit temperature from furnace, pouring temperature, mould preheating temperature, holding time, cooling form ) have a certain influence on the problem of the blade brittles

  18. Furthermore, to avoid the craze of the target caused by the brittleness of si element, a new mold and cooling method have been developed. in the second part, the material of the resistor coatings has been studied

    此外,為了防止靶材的破裂,降低其內應力,自行設計了熔煉模殼及冷卻方法,有效的解決了靶材的開裂問題,使靶材熔煉的成品率達到90 %以上。
  19. The practice over the past five years shows that the process of shell mould made from colloidal silica in investment casting is mature, which provides the technical support for producing the qualified ceramic shell mould and precise casting

  20. Large panel framework