中文拼音 [sōu]
動詞1. (尋找) collect; gather2. (搜查) search; ransack
  1. - similar to asm, active appearance models ( aam ) is also composed of two parts : the aam subspace model and the aam search

  2. She had occasionally caught glimpses of these men in girlhood, looking over hedges, or peering through bushes, and pointing their guns, strangely accoutred, a bloodthirsty light in their eyes

  3. The project on student debt is an action group that collects these numbers from reports. it notes that averages do not present the full picture

  4. Search operation in hei ling chau addiction treatment centre

  5. Next, find the surface of the aerogel

  6. The story reorganization of " the big adventure of south pole " is from the true incident in the 1957 department examination campaign of south pole : to search a fall in the mysterious aerolite on the island of south pole, one has begun the travel of their exploration of south pole by the exploring party of 3 scientist compositions

  7. During the design and development, we have considered the security and proposed the strategy to protect the host and searching aglets

  8. Two toy air rifles and a quantity of metal pellets were seized at the man s home in tan kwai tsuen, yuen long

  9. Police also seized two toy air rifles and a quantity of metal pellets at the suspect s home in tan kwai tsuen, yuen long

  10. The procedure functions in the compare between partial image of dynamic collection and corresponding image of the airscape. in chapter 5, basing on the analysis of correlative theory of digital image, we introduce the improved fasted - down algorithm and simulative anneal algorithm, which applies to nn calculation, an d bring forward the unique and effective means, correlative original value evaluation. basing on the combination of correlative arithmetic, a stable, high - speed and exact correlative arithmetic is formed, which makes it possible to apply computer vision detection of single - needle quilting in industrial production

  11. For example, text searches are famously reliant on alphabetic ordering, a system that tends to fall down very quickly when scripts based on morphological clues like akkadian or arabic or ideographic systems like chinese have to be used

    例如,文字索在很大程度上依賴于字母排序,如果腳本基於akkadinan或者阿拉伯語這樣的形態學線索( morphological clue )或者像中文這樣的表意系統,那麼系統很快就會垮掉。
  12. For reducing the test of crossing and blocking by improved algorism of searching paths, this model can find effective paths more efficiently

  13. He made the cover of time for his alleged part in the drug bust.

  14. Version 0. 1x alpha test can search only for documents containing every word in a given set

    版本0 . 1x ( alpha測試版)只能索全文單詞結構固定的文檔。
  15. It ' s a service provided by alta vista search engine people to translate every page you put ' babel fish ' code, and up comes a a new language

  16. I asked him once where he had amassed such a fund of stories.

  17. Anacondas : the hunt for the blood

  18. Cambodia wonderful " angkor wat " 6 days tour

  19. Angkor wat 6 days

  20. That man can nose out news anywhere.