科若 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [ruò]
科若 英文
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (學術或業務的類別) a branch of academic or vocational study 2 (機關按工作性質而分設的單...
  • : 若Ⅰ動詞(如; 好象) like; seem; as if Ⅱ連詞[書面語] (如果) if Ⅲ代詞[書面語] (你) you Ⅳ名詞(姓氏) a surname
  1. A habit reprehensible at puberty is second nature and an opprobium in middlelife. if he must dispense his balm of gilead in nostrums and apothegms of dubious taste to restore to health a generation of unfledged profligates let his practice consist better with the doctrines that now engross him

    彼一定要將基列香油202這一效驗可疑之秘方與「金玉律」 ,分發給一代乳臭未乾之蕩子,以促使彼等康復,則應使彼之行為與正全力奉行之教義相一致。
  2. In this article, author discussed the infection of modern scientific technology on the innovation and modernization of vocational education from the characteristic of the 21st human new architectonic system, and then analaysized the effection of the education technology development on the vocational education courses system, in the end, he also proposed some new suggestions on the innovation of vocational education in the conditon of the modern education technology

  3. Chelsea believe the game of brinkmanship will eventually be resolved in their favour with cole being unveiled before the august 31 deadline

  4. Pardies and rendered into englifh by john harris d. d. london, printed for r. knaplock at the bifhop s head mdccxi, with dedicatory epiftle to his worthy friend charles cox, efquire, member of parliament for the burgh of southwark and having ink calligraphed statement on the flyleaf certifying that the book was the property of michael gallagher, dated this 10th day of may 1822 and requefting the perfon who should find it, if the book should be loft or go aftray, to reftore it to michael gallagher, carpenter, dufery gate, ennifcorthy, county wicklow, the fineft place in the world

  5. "we have but little occasion to be alarmed, " continued the undisturbed cora.

  6. Do you agree that you can accede to your father ' s thought because you are son of stephen r. covey ? if not, could you show something equivalent to your father ' s achievement

  7. 8 days round trip from cusco by land and river. 4 days if flying to boca manu

  8. 8 days ( round trip from cusco ) by land and river. 4 days if flying to boca manu

    由陸路及水路需八日(自庫斯來回) ;搭乘飛機至玻卡曼努需四日。
  9. Levchenko recoiled at what he deemed moral corruption.

  10. We concluded that ( 1 ) motion asymmetry correlates closely with early - onset eye disorders that hinder the normal development of binocular vision ; ( 2 ) motion asymmetry correlates less with pure amblyopia ; ( 3 ) motion asymmetry is not unique to infantile esotropia syndrome ; ( 4 ) persisted motion asymmetry in adult is acquired rather than gene - determined ; ( 5 ) motion asymmetry may not be the cause of strabismus ; ( 6 ) motion asymmetry my not be secondary to disorganized nondecussated optic pathway and ( 7 ) motion asymmetry is an overall immaturity of sensory - motor pathway

    我們的結論是: ( 1 )任何早發性眼疾病,假如阻礙了正常的雙眼視覺發育,則造成不對稱的運動覺; ( 2 )運動覺不對稱並不直接和弱視本身相關聯; ( 3 )運動覺不對稱並非幼兒型內斜視專有的特徵; ( 4 )成人的運動覺不對稱,是視覺發育過程中受到阻礙造成,而非遺傳而來的; ( 5 )運動覺不對稱並非斜視的原因; ( 6 )運動覺不對稱的原因並非來自視覺神經路徑上太多的非交叉視覺神經; ( 7 )運動覺不對稱是向感覺到運動總體視路徑發育不全所造成的結果。
  11. Life is only a very dull and ill - directed theatre unless we have some interests in the piece ; and to those who have neither art nor science, the world is a mere arrangement of colours, or a rough footway where they may very well break their shins

  12. In seminary, the theological school where ministers go to be qualified for the work that we are called to do, there is the study called homiletics. in homiletics, professors teach you how to deliver what they call " sermons. " and they teach that there are four kinds of sermons

  13. Necessity to strengthen the construction of humane studies in medical college and its solutions

  14. Flabellifera is one of the most important suborders of isopoda, and the commonest isopods of predominant marine provenance. the materials examined were obtained mainly by national oceanic investigations such as " the comprehensive oceanographic survey ( 1958 - 1960 ) ", " china vietnam comprehensive survey to beibu gulf ( golf of tonkin ) ( 1959 - 1960, 1962 ) " and " china germany marine biological expedition to hainan island " ( 1990, 1992 )

    中國學院海洋研究所從50年代以來進行了干次海洋生物考察,如「全國海洋綜合調查( 1958 ? 1960年) 」 、 「中越北部灣海洋綜合調查( 1959 - 1960 , 1962年) 」及「中德海南島生物聯合調查( 1960 , 1962年) 」等,獲得了大量的等足類標本。
  15. Kodiak bears, native to the kodiak archipelago near alaska, are ominvores that live up to 30 years in the wild. their lifespan increases to about 50 years in captivity

  16. If be not achieved, sue a standard, it is administration detains punishment commonly, but if reach 18 one full year of life, and have larcenous criminal record for many times, general meeting is in with work education

  17. He was a cold flame of a man, small as koho, and as dried up, with a mahogany complexion and small expression less blue eyes that were more like gimlet-points.

  18. During the last decade, surface plasmon resonance ( spr ) - based optical biosensors are being used extensively for biomolecular interaction analysis, in addition, another emerging biosensing technology, quartz crystal microbalance ( qcm ) has also been introduced to achieve the aforementioned tasks

  19. All the samples were collected from yellow sea and the east china sea by the institute of oceanology, chinese academy of sciences from 1958 to 1982, which deposited in the marine biology museum, chinese academy of sciences

  20. Problems in application of maneuver in orthopaedics and traumatology