活體 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [huó]
活體 英文
living body活體檢查 biopsy; 活體鑒定 [法律] identification of the living
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (生存; 有生命) live 2 [書面語](救活) save (the life of a person):活人無算 (of a goo...
  • : 體構詞成分。
  1. Recently, he has also extended the application of his intravital technology to study hemorrhagic and septic shock and the therapeutic effectiveness of artificial blood substitutes in shock treatment

  2. The new collaboration between harbour green and giorgio armani will see each large unit sold come with his and hers luxurious armani casa penelope range bath sets, including bathrobes, towels and bath mat worth hk 10, 000. edgar yang, marketing director of sun hung kai real estate agency, said of the continuing collaboration between harbour green and armani casa : " the harbour green project primarily encompasses the idea of a prestigious cosmopolitan lifestyle

    為了增添豪匯名匯的非凡品味元素,新地特別與armani casa合作,讓凡選購豪匯名匯大單位的買家,可獲贈由armani casa送出價值港幣10 , 000元的浴室套裝,包括設計時尚新穎的男女浴袍各一套浴巾套裝以及浴室地毯,讓住客感受armani casa獨特的心思設計,締造非同凡響的生活體驗。
  3. The changing tendencies of the relative contents of phosphorous contained substances have been detected by in - vivo " p magnetic resonance spectroscopy ( in - vivo " p mrs ) during the whole hatching process. in - vivo ] p mrs proved the catabolism of adenosine 5 ' - triphosphate ( atp ), phosphorous ester and phosphocreatine ( pcr ) when the embryo dead. the results could be used to deduce the conversion of phosphorous contained metabolites during the chicken embryo developed

    活體核磁共振定域氫譜( in - vivohmagneticresonancespectroscopy , in - vivohmrs )對胚胎發育過程中羊水和蛋白、蛋黃的成分進行了分析;用活體磷譜( in - vivo 』 』 pmrs )的方法分析了在整個胚胎發育過程中含磷代謝物的相對含量隨時間的變化,表明了磷脂類物質及三磷酸腺苷( atp ) 、磷酸肌酸( pcr )在此過程中的變化及可能的相互轉化的趨勢,胚胎死亡后的磷譜也證明了磷脂類物質及三磷酸腺苷( atp ) 、磷酸肌酸( pcr )在死亡過程中降解為無機磷的現象。
  4. An average summer output in excess of 900 kg. liveweight per ha could not have been obtained if there had been a complete reliance on clover nitrogen.

  5. The study cohort included 100 patients meeting t2 criteria by imaging before undergoing clt ( n = 90 ) or ldlt ( n = 10 )

    研究對象包括100例因影像學證實t2期腫瘤等待接受活體肝移植( 90例)和屍肝移植( 10例)術前的患者。
  6. Collegiate life was a totally new experience for her.

  7. Specific diversity of soil amoebae and flagellates in the national nature reserve of baishuijiang, gansu was studied based on the " non - flooded petri dish method " and the observation in vivo from february 2004 to may 2006

  8. Ovum pick - up and fertilization in vitro of follicular oocytes for goats

  9. The standard for the gradation of live lean - type pigs

  10. The purpose of this paper is to obtain information on the fluorescence behavior of zinc complexes with " natural " histidine - containing or cysteine - containing ligands

    但在測定生物活體內的游離zn ~ ( 2 + )的濃度方面仍存在一定的困難。
  11. This situation is not compatible with the need for high power output that requires large lasing volumes.

  12. The folklore of mackerel sky, not twenty - four hours dry reflects the experience and wisdom passed down by people over the years

  13. Macrophages phagocytize foreign materials such as dust and carbon particles in the lung, as well as vital dye particles.

  14. Advances in the technology of bovine ovum pick - up

  15. Elementary school is an important place where children develop their own behavior and experience social life. it is the beginning of a man ' s social life where man begin to learn the elementary ability in order to join the social life and this period of time has impacted his whole life. with the development in the area of society, economic, sience, technology and the tendency that the education system goes to the direction of " quality education ", the elementary school education has attached importence to children development in aspect of interests, play, intellectiiality, personality etc. based on the interaction relationship between children behavioral development and campus physical space, campus physical space should be able to fulfill the needs for children activities and further more to create the inspiration for their potential development in behavior. for this reason, we should try to plan campus physical mechanism with consideration in children behavioral development and pursuing quality education, make a good pl an of the school environment for chlildren ' s playgame

  16. Besides place of pathological changes of ok and direct observation, still can take live body to organize pathology to check to doubtful pathological changes, if discover bowel is polypous, give in time excision, this to preventing large intestine cancer also is significant

  17. The results of the experiment indicated that the essential of germination was a process of releasing multi - enzyme from proenzyme active substances

  18. Mention of animal experiments was like a red rag to a bull to the anti - vivisectionist

  19. Remember this kid you sent to interview cleveland amory on vivisection

  20. Some people deem that vivisection experiments are very brutal, because animals are our friends and they have existent right