派新 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [pàixīn]
派新 英文
  • : 派構詞成分。
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (剛出現的或剛經驗到的) new; fresh; novel; up to date 2 (沒有用過的) unused; new 3 (...
  1. To master percy apjohn at high school in 1880 he had divulged his disbelief in the tenets of the irish protestant church to which his father rudolf virag, later rudolph bloom, had been converted from the israelitic faith and communion in 1865 by the society for promoting christianity among the jews subsequently abjured by him in favour of roman catholicism at the epoch of and with a view to his matrimony in 1888

  2. He was accredited to a new regiment.

  3. With the advocation and support of the reformers, guangxu emperor of qing dynasty hastily declared the abolishment of imperial examination system, which triggered unprecedented debates and intense conflicts

  4. We look round in a new world, full of life, and motion, and ceaseless progress.

  5. New forces had to be brought through hungary from the north. all had to be improvised.

  6. As for the relation of technology innovation and institution innovation, neoclassic growth school, new growth school, and america institution school consider the former determine the latter ; new institution school consider the latter determine the former ; marxism and the 4eveloped new institution school consider it are harmonious

  7. Those who proselytize or who have ties to overseas evangelical groups operating across the border with china appear to have been arrested and subjected to harsh penalties, including death, according to several reports

  8. When a new director, chairmen or vice - chairmen is appointed, the appointing party shall notify the board of director and the other party seven ( 7 ) days in advance

  9. As expected the lakers assigned rookie guard coby karl to the d - fenders of the nba ' s developmental league wednesday

  10. Firstly, the paper introduce the industry - cluster theory, including the beginning industry - cluster theory, for example, the choice of the farming location, the choice of the industry location, the growth - pole theory and the unbalance - growth theory, and the contemporary industry theory, for example, the new industry district theory, the new spatial industry theory, and so on

  11. For instance, at different times during his career, igor stravinsky may be considered a romantic, modernist, neoclassicist, and a serialist

  12. Retrospection and review of the developmental process of neo - textual researchers on a dream of red mansions

  13. If you have exchanged friend codes, you will need to send the new friend code for each game to anyone you wish to continue playing with online

  14. At the soonest approach concerned the theoryon after liberation was producer goods precedence growth, two greater part proportional relation and others, present research tend to industrial structure fluctuant resource allocation effect, industrial policy, traditional industry ' s adjustment and quantification research. industry organization theory is based on microeconomics, orthodox industry organization theory ' s basic feature is scp analyses paradigm, primary school has harvard as well as non - mainstream ' s chicago school, innovation school and neo - austrian school. hotspots in our country recent years are enterprise size, industrial concentration, market structure, as well as relation to performance, entering and exit mechanism and industrial system policy. this article takes over evolutionary economics ' s analytical approach to analyse institution and technology change, which may affect manufacturing industry, and using evolutive viewpoint to research competition, regional cooperation. based on industrial economics ' s theory, the artical puts forward that manufacturing industry take the leading function in economic structure transformation, manufacturing industry ' s laging is maxima drawback for the agro - industry change, and others

  15. Barry buzan doesn ' t think he himself belongs to the english school or any other school, hut he has been regarded as a new leader of the english school

  16. Lu xun is different from the political stand that the modern review faction, crescent send because of what beheld, will do, they hold different attitude, and develop a debate in problem such as society, literature concept

  17. Using the research results of the personnel management school and the new institutional school, this paper shows that establishing flexible, elastic, multilevel and human labor relations is the inherent requirement of informal employment development for labor relations and an effective means of coordinating and stabilizing labor relations in informal employment

  18. The various definitions of homo econ have given rise to different schools of economics, such as the classical, the marginal, and the neoclassical

  19. 25 so, which kinds of style do you like, bio - mechanical, sketch, oriental, old school, new school or tribal

  20. Mr patrick is coy. “ everyone else is talking about what we will do in four years, ” he says. “ i ' m still just focused on the senate