消煙 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [xiāoyān]
消煙 英文
smoke abatement消煙除塵smoke prevention and dust control; 消煙劑 antismoke agent
  • : 動詞1 (消失) disappear; vanish 2 (使消失; 消除) eliminate; dispel; remove 3 (度過; 消遣) pa...
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (物質燃燒時產生的氣體) smoke 2 (像煙的東西) mist; vapour 3 (煙草) tobacco 4 (紙煙、...
  1. The nanjing day tan oak domestic electric appliances limited company, is engaged in yu youyan machine, the fuel gas stove has, the fuel gaswater heater, the electric boiler, the electricity air bath, disinfects the cabinet, the electromagnetism stove and so on the smallelectrical appliances production and the sale operates privately thelimited liability company, the product proliferates area and so onmainland china and southeast asia has an experience rich technologyabundant outstanding team, has the specialty private enterprisemanagerial talent and control system day ke ren understood sets upthe brand, fully displays the team spirit, my si dingbi the takedivision of labor and cooperation, the superiority supplementary, resources sharing, the reciprocal benefit mutual benefit as aprinciple, provides extremely has the market competition strength bymight and main for the collaborator the product our objective is : development, innovation, prestige, highly effective, enterprising, strives for realism, development, quality

  2. The blood circulation increases amount of alimentary canal after eating, cause the harmful composition in cigarettes to absorb in a large amount and damage the blood vessel of liver, brain and heart

  3. Fire detectors, line tracers, smoke detectors, fire alarm systems, emergency annunciation panels, smoke extraction systems, etc

  4. On november 19, 22 whole bodies and more than 260 organs will go on display in lower manhattan ' s south street seaport, allowing visitors to see bodies damaged by obesity, black lungs ravaged by cigarette smoke, and close - ups of the central nervous, digestive and circulatory systems

  5. The joy beaming in her face vanished ; she frowned, and a torrent of reproaches and angry words broke upon pierre

  6. All the rumours would be blown away by publication of the clear-cut decisions to which we have come.

  7. That little idea of using mr. slope as a counterpoise to his wife had well nigh evaporated.

  8. And that a few deferential protestations would take the edge from her displeasure.

  9. 21 detumescence of eyelid : fatigue, swallow, over - smoking, eyelid inflammation, or overburden of work before the screen, all can lead to tumescence and eye bags

  10. It is also faster than economic growth, implying that the world is not just consuming more energy, but also making it ever more dirtily

  11. To clean a fume hood, disinfecting cabinet, microwave oven or integral cabinet, spray an even layer of yilong ? lvtai on the part to be cleaned, scrub with a wet dishcloth or clean wet towel when it is almost dry ( if it is still sticky to the hand, spray one more layer )

    清潔油機、毒櫃、微波爐、整體櫥櫃、廚房墻壁等時,先對欲清潔的部位,均勻噴上一層億龍綠泰,待表面幹得不粘手了(若粘手再噴一層) ,用百潔布或干凈濕毛巾擦洗。
  12. Half coal gas forge furnace of smoke abatement and energy conservation

  13. ( d ) we have beautified the environment and safeguard the physical and mental health of employee by rebuilding the repair workshop and introducing the new smoke and dust eliminating equipment

    ( 4 ) 、通過對修車庫的改造,新的消煙除塵設備的安裝使用,美化了環境,保護了職工的身心健康。
  14. Used for producing polyester resin, polyimide resin, water soluble, alkyd resin, water soluble polyurethane resin, plasticizer, water soluble amino - alkyd resin, curing agent for epoxy resin, aeroengine oil, electric capacitor maceration oil, binder, sizing agent, smoke suppressor, instant binder, etc.

  15. 1. dispel smoke, remove dust : negative ion absorb the dust in air, make it no activation but leech on to floor due to g - force. at the same time, it activates the oxygen in air, makes the room environment fresh, clean and natural

    1 .消煙除塵清新空氣:負離子吸附空氣中帶電的塵埃,使其失去活性而隨地球引力安靜依附於地面層,同時激活空氣中的氧分子,讓居室的空氣清新,空間回歸純靜自然。
  16. Investigation and application of the de - soot technology for stoke boilers

  17. Metallurgy system : smoke and dust elimination of blast furnace, convertor and combustion furance

  18. The super - fine aluminum hydroxide is an important green flame retardant inorganic material with multi - function of retarding, suppressing smoke and filling

  19. For instance, 100 per cent of the industrial waste gas has its dust particles removed ; about half of the industrial waste water is treated, with the yangbajain geothermal power station alone recycling 21, 254, 400 tons of its waste geothermal water

    何況這些「三廢」中的相當部分已經得到處理,比如工業廢氣的消煙除塵率達到百分之百;僅羊八井地熱電站就回灌地熱廢水2125 44萬噸,其它工業廢水的近一半得到處理。
  20. Last week, state media reported that schools in the city will cancel outdoor sports activities on smoggy days this year as a health precaution