中文拼音 [quán]
形容詞(頭發彎曲) curly; wavy
  1. The young man with his clear eyes and the fair curls which suggested a girl dressed up as a boy bowed easily to the countess and reminded her of a bout of battledore and shuttlecock they had had together two years ago at les fondettes

  2. As she looked round durbeyfield was seen moving along the road in a chaise belonging to the pure drop, driven by a frizzle - headed brawny damsel with her gown - sleeves rolled above her elbows

  3. Also, anna has been organizing non - profit gatherings and seminars for cat lovers from time to time, the topic varies from cat care to cat grooming to just simply gathering for pet owners to have a great time together. her curlyburly cattery was registered with cfa tica in 2002

    此貓埸是在2002年正式於美國貓會the cat fanciersassociation , inc簡稱cfa及國際貓會the international cat association , inc簡稱tica注冊成為認可的繁殖者,並致力於繁殖賽爾凱克毛貓selkirk rex 。
  4. It was too hot, and the glare of the candles above the table grew ever yellower and duller. now and again, when a women bent forward, the back of her neck glowed golden under a rain of curls, and the glitter of a diamond clasp lit up a lofty chignon

  5. She was somewhat beautiful, and exquisitely formed - a little fairy - like figure, with large curls falling on her neck, which was rather too long, as perugino sometimes makes his virgins, and her eyes dull from fatigue. she was said to have a weak chest, and like antonia in the " cremona violin, " she would die one day while singing

  6. I remember mrs. hubble as a little curly sharp-edged person in skyblue.

  7. Aunt dinah greases her wool stiff, everyday, to make it lie straight.

  8. His black hair fine as floss silk, hung in glossy curls about his round dimpled face.

  9. He privately smoothed out the curls, with labor and difficulty, and plastered his hair close down to his head ; for he held curls to be effeminate, and his own filled his life with bitterness

  10. He wore an odd little sleek crisp flaxen wig, setting very close to his head : which wig, it is to be presumed, was made of hair, but which looked far more as though it were spun from filaments of silk or glass

  11. Her hair was caught all to one side in a great bloom of frizz

  12. You ' ve had your hair frizzed

  13. The splendor of her shoulders, her frizzy hair might have made him doubtful.

  14. Many bonafide travellers and ownerless dogs come near him and defile him. mastiansky and citron approach in gaberdines, wearing long earlocks

  15. Madcap ciss with her golliwog curls. you had to laugh at her sometimes

  16. And begob what was it only that bloody old pantaloon denis breen in his bath slippers with two bloody big books tucked under his oxter and the wife hotfoot after him, unfortunate wretched woman trotting like a poodle

  17. I ll make you dance jack latten for that. mrs bellingham tan his breech well, the upstart

  18. She gave such a bound from the floor, as she clapped her little hands, that two stray curls fell from under her quaker cap, and lay brightly on her white neckerchief.

  19. Creates permanent wave ; wow, good stuff

  20. The child 's hair grew in pretty waves.