高壓堆 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [gāoduī]
高壓堆 英文
high voltage block
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (從下向上距離大; 離地面遠) tall; high 2 (在一般標準或平均程度之上; 等級在上的) above...
  • : 壓構詞成分。
  • : Ⅰ動詞(堆積) pile up; heap up; stack Ⅱ名詞1 (堆積成的東西) heap; pile; stack 2 (小山 多用於地...
  • 高壓 : 1 (殘酷迫害; 極度壓制) high handed 2 [氣象學] (高氣壓) high pressure3 (高電壓) high tension...
  1. Presents the steady - state programming with constant coolant average temperature and constant live steam pressure, an ideal programming for marine nuclear power plant ( npp ), under which, both the coolant average temperature and the live steam pressure of nuclear steam supply system ( nsss ) are constant when the steady state operating condition is varied, and points out that in comparison with the steadysate programming with constant coolant average temperature, the ideal programming can improve the overall operating performance of npp effectively, especially in low - load range, for instance, raise the heat efficiency of npp, decrease the operating noise of main coolant pump, and improve the conditions of design, operation and control of the secondary loop system

  2. Especially for textile printing and dyeing at the special requirements, such as high - light, humidity rubbing fastness, resistance to chlorine bleaching ( reactive ), cold heap special dark stain, acid and alkali - resistant requirements of high temperature whitener we have corresponding products

    特別是針對紡織印染上的特殊要求,如耐曬,濕摩擦牢度,耐氯漂(活性染料) ,冷特深色染色,耐酸耐堿耐溫增白劑等各種要求我們都有相應的產品。
  3. Zircaloy - 4 is generally used as fuel tubes in pressurized water reactors because of it " s low neutron absorption cross - section, excellent corrosion resistance, good strength and ductility

  4. For the foundation treatment of the experimental segment of the south shore expressway of the hangzhou bay cross sea bridge, the in situ monitoring has been conducted for more than two years by use of vacuum - surcharge preloading

  5. The main products are cby series of hand - driven hydraulic - tray carrying vehicles, cty series of hydraulic - tray loading vehicles, coy series of hydraulic - tray cylinder vehicles, ctd series scissontype hydraulic elevation platform, sjy series of electric elevator, aluminium alloy elevator, cbd series of motor - driven carrying vehicles and different types of hydraulictray cylinders

  6. The saw surfacing test about tube - plank of jg600 - high - pressure heating apparatus

  7. Fabrication and inspection method for high pressure urea equipment ultrasonic examination on the strip overlay welds of stainless steel

  8. Manual hydraulic stacker

  9. Thus following measures should be adopted : 1. increase the pack density of micron diamond power to improve the pressure transmitting between diamond granules and decrease the distance between them

    金剛石微粉積密度以提燒結時傳遞的有效性和減小晶粒之間的距離; 2
  10. The water temperature at the reactor pressure vessel outlet is about 330 degree c whereas the water temperature at the inlet of the vessel is about 290 degree c. the cooling water is in a sub - cooled condition at such high temperature and pressure to prevent it from boiling

  11. Firstly, subtropical high center lay to the north than usual, and forms a blocking high in combination with land high in eastern asia. secondly, on account of the strong southwest current which occurred at the west side of the subtropical high and dynamic effect of the typhoon itself, the landing northward tropical cyclone ( 9711 ) landed in liaoning again. thirdly, a trough with some weak air from ural mountain and the northeast cold air entering into the tropical cyclone showed that the systems in different latitudes had some effects each other

    模擬結果表明:此次熱帶風暴造成遼寧全省大暴雨的天氣背景是:副熱帶偏北並與大陸疊加,構成了穩定的東亞阻塞形勢; 9711臺風減弱的熱帶風暴,在其自身內力和副西側的強盛偏南氣流引導下,持續北上並在遼寧營口至盤錦之間登陸;從烏拉爾山冷分裂南下出的弱冷空氣不斷南下,與熱帶風暴在遼寧產生了相互作用,增強了上升運動,致使大暴雨出現。
  12. High voltage rectifier stack

  13. Semiconductor discrete device. detail specification for type 2cl3 silicon high voltage rectifier stack

    半導體分立器件. 2cl3型硅整流詳細規范
  14. Each primary coolant pump will circulate the cooling water ordinary water around the loop through the reactor core at a high pressure of about 155 bar 1 bar 100 kpa. in addition to its

  15. Surfacing procedure qualification and welder performance qualification for high pressure urea equipment

  16. Test investigation on sgtr of single tube break and three - tube break is carried out on hpitf of ciae to deeply understand the thermal - hydraulic behavior during pressurized - water - reactor ( pwr ) sgtr and to provide an integral data base for code assessment and development. the facility, a full height and 1 / 1000 - scale ( by volume ) of qinshan nuclear power plant, incorporates two identical loops with active pumps and steam generators ( sg ). the initial steady state of the test basically simulated that of the reference plant operation

    為了深入了解核電廠蒸汽發生器傳熱管破裂事故發生后的熱工水力現象,以及對( pwr )核電廠系統分析程序進行分析和評價,在綜合試驗裝置上開展了蒸汽發生器傳熱管破裂試驗研究綜合試驗裝置以秦山核電廠主迴路系統為模擬對象,該裝置為雙環迴路系統,容積比為1 : 1000 ,度比為1 : 1 。
  17. Charge balancing resistors are a must when stacking serie - parallel high voltage capacitor banks

  18. Determination of creep strains under compression of autoclaved aerated concrete or lightweight aggregate concrete with open structure ; german version en 1355 : 1996

  19. Determination of static modulus of elasticity under compression of autoclaved aerated concrete or lightweight aggregate concrete with open structure ; german version en 1352 : 1996

  20. Performance test for prefabricated reinforced components under transversal load of autoclaved aerated concrete or lightweight aggregate concrete with open structure ; german version en 1356 : 1996