高沼地 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [gāozhǎode]
高沼地 英文
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (從下向上距離大; 離地面遠) tall; high 2 (在一般標準或平均程度之上; 等級在上的) above...
  • : 名詞(天然的水池子) natural pond
  1. Giant prehistoric - looking groundsels and lobelia lie on the boggy ground of the moorland zone

  2. For the first week , whenever i looked out on the pond it impressed me like a tarn high up on the side of a mountain , its bottom far above the surface of other lakes , and , as the sun arose , i saw it throwing off its nightly clothing of mist , and here and there , by degrees , its soft ripples or its smooth reflecting surface was revealed , while the mists , like ghosts , were stealthily withdrawing in every direction into the woods , as at the breaking up of some nocturnal conventicle

  3. Assemblage ) represented the coastal shallow - water environment ; factor 2 ( protelphidium tuberculatum assemblage ) represented the alongshore cold - water current area or cold shallow sea environment ; factor 3 ( elphidium magellanicum assemblage ) represented the sh allow sea ( < 20 - 30m depth ) deposit ; factor 4 ( ammonia ketienziensis assemblage ) represented the shallow - sea water more than 50m depth ; and factor 5 ( buccella frigida assemblage ) represented the colder - water sea environment ; and the distribution of factor load accorded with the character of benthic foraminifer community

    Q型因子分析揭示ey02 - 2孔5種有孔蟲組合,分別對應濱岸鹽環境、黃海沿岸流冷水分佈區、潮坪淺海沉積環境、水深大於50m的現代淺海環境及較冷的沉積環境。因子載荷的分佈與有孔蟲群落特徵吻合較好。南黃海有孔蟲含量? ?水深轉換函數關系式有一定的局限性,並不能在南黃海陸架區推廣使用。
  4. At last, they reached the point where all the moorland paths crossed

  5. Climbing kilimanjaro means passing through five climatic zones, including rainforest, heath, moorland, alpine desert, and arctic

  6. I have passed it really in my walks, twice or thrice ; it lies in a hollow, between two hills ; an elevated hollow, near a swamp, whose peaty moisture is said to answer all the purposes of embalming on the few corpses deposited there

  7. The thicket stretched down from the top of one of the sandy knolls, spreading and growing taller as it went, until it reached the margin of the broad, reedy fen, through which the nearest of the little rivers soaked its way into the anchorage

  8. They pitched camp on the moor for the night

  9. The moors are around us and the stars are above our heads.

  10. Land consisting of moors

  11. Despite misgivings, the attraction of the moor in the late summer sun was too strong

  12. Making her way home, she chose the longer route that twisted along the foot of the moor

  13. Conclusion : the problem of schistosomiasis japonica prevention and therapeucy in lake type epidemic scenes was resolved in gaoyou city by some ways, such as conjugated schistosomiasis japonica prevention and therapeucy with economical construction ; connected government leading with market mechanism ; linked development, exterminate snail, irrigation works

    結論:郵市血防工作實行政府主導與市場機制相結合、血防工作與方經濟建設相結合、 「開發、滅螺、治水」相結合的防治策略,較好解決了湖區血吸蟲病防治問題。
  14. Like the moor which looked down on her every time she opened her front door

  15. The moor seemed to welcome her back like a long - lost friend and her spirits rose

  16. Over the years, she and mike had spent many hours walking on it, marking the changing seasons, content in each other ' s company

  17. Climbing kilimanjaro means passing through five climatic zones, including rainforest, heath, moorland, alpine desert, and arctic. temperatures range from 30 degrees celsius to below zero

  18. The opening scene of a disarrayed kitchen, the reference to ' dark days ' and the moors and eventually the chance meeting with her estranged husband, let the reader become gradually aware of the background to the events of the story

  19. Crawling on all - fours, i made steadily but slowly toward them ; till at last, raising my head to an aperture among the leaves, i could see clear down into a little green dell beside the marsh, and closely set about with trees, where long john silver and another of the crew stood face to face in conversation

  20. Pulau ketam is a fascinating island, full of fishing village sceneries. all buildigns are built 3 - 5 feet from the swampland