實船試驗 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [shíchuánshìyàn]
實船試驗 英文
full scale test
  • : Ⅰ形容詞1 (內部完全填滿 沒有空隙) solid 2 (真實; 實在) true; real; honest Ⅱ名詞1 (實際; 事實...
  • : 名詞1. (水上的運輸工具, 船舶的通稱) boat; ship; vessels 2. (姓氏) a surname
  • : 名詞(古代占卜用的器具) astrolabe
  • : 動詞1. (察看; 查考) examine; check; test 2. (產生預期的效果) prove effective; produce the expected result
  • 試驗 : trial; experiment; test
  1. The advantage and disadvantage of measurement of propeller - induced pressure by using different equipment is discussed. the method to obtain self - propulsion point for full scale in depressurized towing tank is studied. the measurements of pressure of two propeller models are carried out, the results of the measurement agree with those obtained by cavitation tunnel very well, which proves this measurement is successful, and the theoretical prediction is verified too

  2. As a newly developed high - performance ship, wave piercing catamaran ( wpc ) has been applied and investigated more and more extensively. in this paper, the theoretic calculation method of wave resistance of a kind of wave piercing passenger catamaran with 500 passengers has been researched, including the ship lines optimization ; the fast speed experiment research work and the research of the relation between the principal dimensions and the resistance. the relation between the wave piercing catamaran and the ship form parameters has been further researched, and also some useful theoretic basis and practical means have been provided for its practical engineering appliance

    本文以「 500客位穿浪雙體」為研究對象,對穿浪雙體興波阻力理論計算和型優化方法進行了研究,其主要研究內容如下:一、穿浪雙體的線型優化二、穿浪雙體快速性理論與研究三、穿浪雙體主尺度與快速性的關系通過以上內容,較深入的研究了穿浪雙體型參數與快速性的關系,為其在際工程中的應用提供了理論依據和解決方法。
  3. The lifting - line and lifting - surface design method, the harmonic analysis method based on the panel method, new section design ways, the effective operating curves are integrated into a whole design system of the unsteady propeller, the design system is effective and reliable by the design example, the model test and the application to the full scale ship

  4. According to the test platform, the monitoring control system based on computers is designed, which can output voltage signals of rolling moment and swaying force that regular wave and irregular wave press on ships

  5. The test results indicated that test rolling table can simulate ship rolling motions on the wave and passive u - tube tank designed achieves stabilization effects to a certain extent

  6. The project of the experimental and theoretic research on friction reduction by microbubbles for high - speed ships, supported by the national natural science foundation of china ( no. 19772050 ), aims to study the key technology of air - jetting devices and its relevant problems, theoretically predict the law of bubble diffusing in the boundary layer and calculate the friction of the hull

  7. The result indicates that the method is as accurate as the imo ' s method. secondly, three methods being generally adopted to measure diesel power on - board ship are itemized and roundly compared, emphasizing on their principles, steps and error analysis

  8. Based on the fruit of the model experiment, the application experiment is carried out on the 400m3 / h cutter suction dredger

    臺研究成果的基礎上還在400m ~ 3 h絞吸式挖泥上進行了實船試驗
  9. As the overland test base of ship motion control system, semi - physical simulation system for ship motion can quicken the exploitation of product, reduce cost and save manpower and material resources

  10. The process of effluent flow during loading in self - propelled trailing suction hopper dredgers was simulated by way of physical modeling and was measured and analyzed by using the flow rate and concentration of spoil in the hoppers, particle sizes of sediments at the inlet and outlet of the effluent flow pipe and hopper volume as the major control parameters

  11. Based on site investigation, this paper probes into the technical classification, main engineering characteristics, and construction technology for cemented pebbles, and recommends the construction technology of " dredging after loosening "

  12. As a result, the studying aim of this paper is to establish a practical and complete system for the prediction of ship maneuvering motion, taking into account of the influence of the environmental factors, such as the wind, wave and current, establish a practical and complete system for the prediction of ship maneuvering motion. in this paper, the opengl virtual reality simulation technique is introduced into the field of ship maneuver and control, and using the mmg mathematical model, the three dimensional dynamic simulation system of the ship motion is established and good results are achieved. in the process of the system development, firstly, the maneuvering motion equations for ship in the still water are established, based on the mmg module mathematical model and serial experimental result

  13. Seakeeping design and analysis of full - scale seakeeping test

  14. To apply neural networks to the simulation of ship maneuvering motion, an nnrm ( neural network recursive model ) is designed and used to simulate a serial full - scale tests conducted in yangtze river and the comparison between simulated results and the measured ones is satisfactory. ship trajectory tracking is a well - known maneuvering problem with an increasing practical and theoretical interest. but the real - world tracking applications encounter a number of difficulties caused by the presence of different kinds of uncertainty due to the unknown or not precisely known system model and environmental effects

    本文利用智能控制技術的優越性,嘗將智能化控制技術用於舶操縱運動模擬,初步探索了將現代控制理論和智能技術融入舶操縱預報、模擬的研究方法,提出了用於舶操縱運動模擬的線性神經網路( lnn ) 、神經網路遞推模型( nnrm )和nnrm 、交錯航跡距離( cte )和視距( los )混合控制器模型三種控制模型:並將控制模型的理論研究應用到實船試驗數據分析、計算,將模擬結果與際的結果作了比較。
  15. Theoretical predictions of springing and their comparison with full scale measurements

  16. A measurement system of ship motions during model tests and full scale seakeeping trials

  17. The characteristics and requitements of the seal of vessel stem tube shaft is introduced and structural form and actual effect of packing seal of vessel stem tube shaft is analyzed, based on comparison, test and screening of seal packing materials, two braiding forms of synthetic fiber compounded packing arc adopted and are tested in real vessels, and good sealing effect is obtained

  18. The study comes from two projects - " the practical experiment of ship navigation and the simulation study of the shu - tong yangtze river road bridge " and " the study on the ship navigation of the yichang yangtze river railway bridge ". the data is from these practical experiment which includes z - model experiment of sea - going vessel and fleet, turning motion experiment, stroke experiment and encounter experiment between sea - going vessel and fleet. based on those, it calculates the track of the ship in the navigational waters according to the maneuverability and the response equation

    本文結合導師課題, 「蘇通長江公路大橋舶通航實船試驗及模擬研究」 ,和「宜萬鐵路宜昌長江鐵路大橋舶通航問題研究」通過大量的實船試驗:海隊的z型、旋迴圈、沖程和海隊在橋區的航行會等,以的數據為依據進行理論分析、計算,然後根據舶的操縱性能及操縱響應方程,計算舶在橋區的運動要素及航跡。
  19. The foundation of this paper is the study project which is accepted by wuhan technology university navigation college from jiansu province about sutong changjiang road bridge actual ship experiment and simulating study

  20. Applied the theory of manoeuvre capability, the paper analyses and calculates the characters of ship movement in the bridge area based on the data of practical experiment and provides the systemic method of pilotage to help pilot when guide vessel in the bridge waters