愛的主題 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [àidezhǔ]
愛的主題 英文
ahn & le ly love theme
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (對人或事物有很深的感情) love 2 (喜歡; 愛好; 喜好) like; be fond of; be keen on 3 (...
  • : 4次方是 The fourth power of 2 is direction
  • : Ⅰ名詞1. (題目) subject; title; topic; problem 2. (姓氏) a surname Ⅱ動詞(寫上) inscribe; write
  1. The theme of movie brilliant starlight is to be about life, blazon forth the olympic games

    電影星光燦爛是: 「關生命,弘揚奧運」 !
  2. An actor of " the doll world " performs at the tianjin grand theatre in tianjin, east china, august 5, 2007. french imaginary musical drama " the doll world " was staged in tianjin on sunday

    8月5日晚,法國夢幻音樂舞蹈劇《玩偶世界》演員在天津大劇場為觀眾演繹神奇魔幻世界。當日,法國夢幻音樂舞蹈劇《玩偶世界》在天津上演。 《玩偶世界》是呼喚人們熱生命、熱動物。
  3. Woven into the book s wide range of emotions is a consistent theme that forms a gentle backdrop for each poem : the omnipresence of divine love, the inspiration for master ching hai s lifelong search for truth

  4. Based on the fact that yu da - fu suffered tuberculosis early in his youthhood, this dissertation tends to trace the history of tuberculosis which tortured yu da - fu for a long time from his letters, autobiographies and diaries at first, and then discusses the characters ' morbid beauty, theme of " love and die ", view of nature and subjective lyricism in his novels from the viewpoint of pathology, finally points out that tuberculosis exerts imporant influence on the romantic artistic style of yu da - fu ' s novels

    摘要從郁達夫自青年時代就患肺結核事實出發,先從其書信、自傳、日記等相關資料中考證其肺結核發病史,然後結合肺結核病理因素具體論述郁達夫小說人物形象病態美、 「與死」、自然觀、觀抒情性,指出肺結核對郁達夫小說浪漫義藝術特色重要影響。
  5. It will highlight the importance of the need for all groups of people, including scientists, community workers and leaders of different sectors to have access to all relevant resources developed since the detection of hiv aids some 20 years ago, for achieving effective prevention, care and control

  6. The combined themes of the two stamps - " care and love " and " celebrations " - generate a happy congratulatory message, making the stamps suitable for special moments and commemorative celebrations

  7. In terms of the narrative, the impotence and inexperience of the director are obvious. dante lam failed to take advantage of his inventive concepts and ideas. for instance, fung is able to restore his hearing ability with the help of jane s spirit, it is quite an interesting part of the story

  8. Beloved brothers and sisters : though our cause not being to add flowers to embroidery , our position , reward and pay although be commensurate to not very , our extensive nursing staff can indifferent to fame and wealth , be buried in oblivion , love and offer a general as a tribute always look upon as eternal subject of angels in white , “ dongmei nusing ” eight sound , eight heart , six one ‘ s humanity nursings serve to treat every place patients , scrupulously and respectfully , discharge one ‘ s duty keeping , be conscientious and earnest on ordinary nursing working position , mute sprinkling sweat

  9. Yes, always avoid violence ; in this age of charity and kindliness, the time has gone by for such things

  10. The concept of " unity of nature and man " is the philosophical foundation of zhangzai ' s ecological ethics. " respect life, and love everything " is the theme of ecological ethics ; " compassion " is ideal for maintaining the ecological ethics ; " compassionate all things in the world " is the highest ethical and moral realm his ecological thinking pursues

    摘要在張載生態倫理思想中「天人合一」觀念是其生態倫理思想哲學基礎; 「尊重生命,兼萬物」是其生態倫理思想; 「民胞物與」是維系其生態倫理思想理想原則; 「體天下物」是其生態倫理思想所要追求最高道德境界。
  11. Patriotism is an evergreen subject in the class society. it is always a tremendous force, that keep the national integrity, resist the foreign attack and drive the society developing forward

    義是人類階級社會「常青」 ,古往今來,義始終是各個國家、民族用來維護祖國統一和民族團結、抵禦外來侵略和推動社會進步巨大力量。
  12. The theme of the poem is love and peace

  13. This irony is sharp and sarcastic. in terms of the cinematography, which i think is the essence of this film, every scene and every actor are beautifully shot. i am not sure if it is the vcd itself or not, most of the scenes seem to be coated in blue tint

  14. It is a genuine account of a dynamic relationship. the director understands that he is not shooting a fairy tale, the story will end up dry and insipid if the relationship is always stable. one interesting take is the parellel of junsei s profession and his love

  15. Beauty and love is the tenet as well as the main theme of miss tourism international queen 2004

  16. Other elements of the display included information on our enlightened masters numerous achievements in promoting spirituality and world peace, and a record of her awards reflecting her divine love and benevolent deeds

  17. As part of its 5th anniversary celebration, the park will be presenting " tokyo disneysea season of the heart, " a romantic, heartwarming special event

  18. This truly represents the theme of dharma walk : “ in unity we stand, in harmony we strive ”

  19. We find here his favourites themes : courage and cowardice, blindness, cruelty and weakness of men confronted to events or dilemmas that exceed themselves

  20. Although a favorite subject of science - fiction writers and robotics researchers, the goal seems always to lie well off in the future, however