煙筒 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [yāntǒng]
煙筒 英文
smoke pipe; chimney; funnel; stovepipe; smokestack
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (物質燃燒時產生的氣體) smoke 2 (像煙的東西) mist; vapour 3 (煙草) tobacco 4 (紙煙、...
  • : 名詞1 (粗大的竹管) a section of thick bamboo 2 (粗管狀物) thick tube shaped things 3 (衣服等...
  1. Air lifts, four sets of aga gear, hookah rigs

    還有空氣泵, 4套aga排檔和水煙筒帆裝
  2. . . air lifts, four sets of aga gear, hookah rigs

    還有空氣泵, 4套aga排檔和水煙筒帆裝
  3. " carp streamers " swim from the chimney of a bath house

  4. " carp streamers " swim from the chimney of a bath house - tokyo metropolitan government

  5. In a residential area on the northern side of jr koenji station 28 large and small carp streamers attached to 3 pennants and hung from the 23 meter tall chimney of a bath house swim contentedly against a blue sky

  6. She prepared the iced water which he was in the habit of constantly drinking, - for since his sojourn at the kiosk he had been parched by the most violent fever, - after which she anointed his white beard with perfumed oil, and lighted his chibouque, which he sometimes smoked for hours together, quietly watching the wreaths of vapor that ascended in spiral clouds and gradually melted away in the surrounding atmosphere

  7. After walking through the sheesha courtyard and past a classic moroccan tiled fountain, you ' re ready for a trip to fez or marrakech

  8. A hookah is a bowl connected to a vase of water with a long tube and mouthpiece

  9. Preliminary research indicates that hookah smoking poses many of the same dangers as cigarettes and may involve “ some unique health risks

    初步調查顯示,用水煙筒會引起很多與香相同的危害並且會引起「一些獨有的健康問題」 。
  10. In about the space of a second a private door opened, and ali appeared, bringing two chibouques filled with excellent latakia

  11. E was reclining upon soft downy cushions, covered with blue satin spotted with silver ; her head, supported by one of her exquisitely moulded arms, rested on the divan immediately behind her, while the other was employed in adjusting to her lips the coral tube of a rich narghile, through whose flexible pipe she drew the smoke fragrant by its passage through perfumed water. her attitude, though perfectly natural for an eastern woman would, in a european, have been deemed too full of coquettish straining after effect

  12. You are a chimney, a living volcano, a perambulating smoke - stack, and you are a perfect disgrace, martin dear, you know you are.

    你是個囪活火山會走路的煙筒子呢,簡直丟臉透了,親愛的馬丁,你知道你是的。 」
  13. China has become the world ' s factory, but also its smokestack

  14. One long, lanky man, with long hair and a big white fur stovepipe hat on the back of his head, and a crooked - handled cane, marked out the places on the ground where boggs stood and where sherburn stood, and the people following him around from one place to t other and watching everything he done, and bobbing their heads to show they understood, and stooping a little and resting their hands on their thighs to watch him mark the places on the ground with his cane ; and then he stood up straight and stiff where sherburn had stood, frowning and having his hat - brim down over his eyes, and sung out, " boggs !

    一個長頭發的瘦高個子,一頂白毛皮煙筒帽子推向腦門后邊,正用一根彎柄手杖在地上畫出博格斯站在哪個位置上,歇朋又站在哪個位置上。大夥兒就跟著他從這一處轉到另一處,看著他的一舉一動,一邊點點頭,表示他們聽明白了,還稍稍彎下了身子,手撐著大腿,看著他用手杖在地上標出有關的位置。接著,他在歇朋站的位置上,挺直了自己的身子,瞪起眼睛,把帽檐拉到眼的地方,喊一聲「博格斯! 」
  15. On the basis of the types of sand stone, light and heavy mineral associations, planimetric map of sedimentary facies and directions of palaeoflow, it is considered that detrital material of terrigenous deposit of chang6 - 8 oil - beds in this area come from southwest provenance, northeast provenance, west provenance and south provenance, respectively, which are the denudation area of huating - longxian county in southwestern, yinshan ancient land in the northern, the denudation area of yantong mountain and tongxin to the west of yangjiajuzi - yinjiacheng county and qinling ancient land in the southern

    根據砂巖類型、輕、重礦物組合、沉積相帶平面展布及古水流方向等特徵的分析,認為研究區延長組長6 ? 8油層組陸源碎屑物質來自西南、東北、西部和南部四大物源區,分別為西南華亭?隴縣一帶剝蝕區,北部陰山古陸,西部的楊家咀子、殷家城以西的煙筒山、同心地區剝蝕區和南部秦嶺古陸。
  16. This utility model publicizes one kind of energy - saving heating stove belonging to heating stove technology, especially involving in a type of hot water energy - efficient heating stove, which mainly composed by the furnace body, the firebox, and the trough for releasing ash. on the furnace body is equipped with the hot water exportation, the cooling water inlet, the chimney, and the mouth for releasing ash. in the furnace body is equipped with the heater pipe, the thermal baffle, the furnace grate and the air throttle. in front part of the furnace body is equipped with the firebox door and the air throttle for entering. in front part of the trough for releasing ash is equipped with door. this energy - saving heating stove overcomes the deficiencies of the existing technology to provide good burn, smoke - free and dustlessness, and not to stop up the chimney and not to produce gas, which extremely suits to the households heating in rural areas

  17. The room assigned me was rather large, with a small stove to which was attached a crooked pipe that made an elbow just over the iron cot

  18. A light suction action ( chimney effect ) and the movement of the flame will create a slight vibration of air in the ear candle, thus generating a massage - like effect in the eardrum

    有輕微的抽吸作用(如:煙筒式) ,燭火的搖晃在耳燭里產生的震動,會在耳膜產生輕微的按摩作用。
  19. The hookah, used for centuries in north africa, the middle east and central and south asia, has become increasingly popular in the united states, europe and brazil, particularly among college students and young adults

  20. Often, i could see this big locomotive