中文拼音 [zào]
Ⅰ形容詞(缺少水分) dry Ⅱ名詞[中醫] (病因) dryness
  1. In soft, abnegating bald dos operating system, we will realize testing and displaying in real time on windows operating system. in hardware, we use computer as postposition cpu, monolithic processor as front cpu, and link them into simple network. in this way, we will realize a kind of distributing testing system providing with high precision and remote controlled ability

    軟體上,屏棄枯的D O S界面,使用windows平臺實現實時性很高的實測實顯任務;硬體上,將計算機作為上位機,單片機作下位機,連成簡單的網路,實現高精度的、具有遠程控制能力的一種分散式測試系統。
  2. The voice was tart, high, businesslike, the tone flat, midwestern, abrasive.

  3. Using refined cotton, chloroacetic acid, sodium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide as main feedstock, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose was made by the process of basification, etherification, abstersion and drying

  4. The precursor can be free of drying by using acetone

  5. South african shrub having flat acuminate leaves and yellow flowers ; leaves are aromatic when dried and used to make an herbal tea

  6. The characteristics of the sub - leaf epidemics of the plants have been observed and compared by scanning electronic microscope. lt was found out that the micro characteristics are important in a sense for identification the varieties. the constituents of volatile oil from dry flower buds of l hypoglauca miq., l acuminate wall, and l similis hemsl

    首次通過gc - ms聯用技術分析了紅腺忍冬、淡紅忍冬和峨眉忍冬乾花蕾揮發油成分,並通過計算機質譜庫檢索並與標準圖譜對照,對其所含化合物進行了鑒定,發現棕櫚酸是它們的主要成分,相對含量最高佔49 . 27 ,最低佔28 . 71 ,其餘成分的組成和含量差別較大。
  7. Considerable quantities of co2 are adsorbed even by perfectly dry glass power.

  8. Test methods for dry shrinkage of aerated concrete

  9. The material is transferred by means of aerial railway or gorund guiding trolley from freezing to freezing drying and till unloading, assuring the sanitation and safety

  10. Under suitable aerobic conditions, spores, which are highly resistant to disinfectants, heat, and desiccation may be produced.

  11. Combined heat and mass transfer by natural convection which is caused by heat and mass diffusion can be seen in nature and some processes of industry, such as evaporation and desiccation. these processes relate to aeronautics, hydraulics, mechanics, chemical engineering, oceanography and aerography

  12. The weather grew drier and the grass became scanty and the nomads stirred afresh.

  13. He made a very boring after-dinner speech.

  14. The main surrogate ' s products : the atlas ? copco company ' s air compressor ; the top ? star company ' s 3in1 clear wet hot - air machine, mould temperature control machine ; the spx company ' s compressed air post - processing equipment ; the staubli company ' s quick release coupling as well as the spc company ' s oil plus oil sorbent

    主要代理的產品: atlas ? copco公司的空氣壓縮機; top ? star公司的三機一體除濕乾機、模溫機; spx公司的壓縮空氣后處理設備; staubli公司的快速接頭以及spc公司的吸油棉。
  15. According to the principle of absorption, it can cyclicly dry and expel the humidty of the compressed air which comes from aircompressor to adjust the system pressure, the grainy dryer has strong power to absorb the humidity and to regenerate

  16. Study on convective airflow drying of alfalfa

  17. Storage in airproof, cool and dry conditions

  18. Storage : protect from light and heat. store in cool, dry, airproof and non - pollution conditions

  19. Keep salt in an airtight container in a dry place

  20. Vaginal dryness can be ameliorated with over - the - counter remedies