船塘 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [chuántáng]
船塘 英文
  • : 名詞1. (水上的運輸工具, 船舶的通稱) boat; ship; vessels 2. (姓氏) a surname
  • : 名詞1 (堤岸; 堤防) dyke; embankment 2 (水池) pond; pool 3 (浴池) public bathhouse; hot wate...
  1. The bird has spent the past three weeks flirting with the vessel, which is five times its size, on the lake they share in the town of muenster

  2. A swan in germany has apparently fallen in love - with a swan - shaped paddle boat. the bird has spent the past three weeks flirting with the vessel, which is five times its size, on the lake they share in the town of muenster

    在德國明斯特的一個池中,一隻癡情的黑天鵝在過去的3個星期里一直守在一條天鵝形狀的的周圍,和它「談情說愛」 。
  3. Because of the fact that they are largely surrounded by a sea wall, they are particularly vulnerable to pollution from vessels using them and from the shore

  4. Between these two areas is the natural deep - water victoria harbour, which goes down as far as 42 metres in places. elsewhere, there are semi - enclosed bodies of water in tolo harbour, port shelter, mirs bay in the east and deep bay in the west, and a number of smaller sheltered areas enclosed by breakwaters which include typhoon shelters, boat anchorages and marinas

  5. The floating tin hau temple, which is currently moored within the causeway bay typhoon shelter, will be reprovisioned to provide a cultural focus at the edge of the waterfront

  6. High island and plover cove, held 422 million cubic metres. rainfall of 2 752

  7. Activities considered prima facie suitable include angling, sailing and windsurfing, rowing and canoeing, swimming and scuba diving

  8. With swash and rumble, the surging yangtze river pours into the gateway with great momentum. looking up towards the tops of towering precipitous mountains along the gorge, one sees from a boat only a narrow strip of clouds and sky, but under foot the river tears on violently

  9. Tai koo dockyard and tai koo sugar refinery had built some important composite industrial buildings, as well as developed the area into a self - sufficient community with bungalows, shops of various kinds, a hospital and several reservoirs. furthermore, a cable car system had been built to carry staff up the hill

  10. Shuen wan marsh is located on the middle north shore of tolo harbour and consists of diversified habitats such as intertidal mangrove habitats, mudflats, brackish tidal ponds with sedges and phragmites, a freshwater stream and fung shui woods

  11. This romantic night - time cruise aboard a chinese - style tour boat offers fabulous views of hong kong as you cruise around victoria harbour, taking in the tsim sha tsui promenade, causeway bay and the neon - lit districts of wan chai and central. an open deck provides the perfect spot to enjoy the moonlight and glittering waterfront skyline

  12. Activities such as rowing, scuba diving, fin swimming, etc. cable ski and skiing using new types of power boat which would not cause pollution should be allowed in the reservoir

  13. These areas are unique in character due to their nature and use

  14. Besides its work monitoring open seas across hong kong, the epd also monitors typhoon shelters, boat anchorages, marinas and the government dockyard, using a total of 18 water monitoring stations and 15 sediment monitoring stations

  15. Great 10, 000 - ton vessels carrying cars, computers, coal and steel to the export markets of the world are already ploughing through the three green gorges of qutang, wu and xiling, celebrated by poets and painters in the tang dynasty

  16. Merchant shipping local vessels typhoon shelters regulation

  17. Jing - tong fast way, jing - shen speedway, jing - jin tang speedway, beijing six - ring way, jing - ha speedway, chaoyang way etc. six corridors connect with the capital city zone ; jing - jin road obliquely crosses area, and can reach the capital international airdrome by six ring road in 10 minutes and reach tianjin tanggu new harbor by jing - jin - tang speedway in 60 minutes ; jing - qin and jing - cheng railway meet in tongzhou city zone, the railway eight line that is about to be open to traffic and the railway five line that is in construct greatly shorten the distance between beijng and tongzhou ; the harness project of tong - hui river and canal made jing - hang grant canal finished, before long people can directly reach beijing city and summer palace

  18. Then we pasted by central towards hang fa cheun along the north coast of hong kong island

  19. This web cam looks out over the typhoon shelter towards the yacht club where many boats, junks and sampans are moored

  20. Hong kong s two largest reservoirs, high island and plover cove held 507 million cubic metres. a particularly high rainfall of