中文拼音 [ruì]
Ⅰ形容詞(吉祥) auspicious; luckyⅡ名詞1. (瑞玉) a jade tablet used as a token of authority and good faith in ancient times2. (徵兆) omen 3. (姓氏) a surname
  1. Raven calls dresselhaus a “ foremost role model. ” director of the missouri botanical garden and current president of the aaas, raven was secretary of the national academy when dresselhaus was treasurer

  2. Edna : abba was a swedish band that sang in english without understanding a single word

    埃德娜: abba是用英語來演唱的典樂隊,他們一個字都不知道自己在唱什麼。
  3. Finally, all the ministers lined up to massacre an abba tune, " i have a dream. " we will be together

  4. "how is abigail peters?" said rachel, as she went on with her biscuits.

  5. I said, what ' d you do with abigail and riley

  6. Peter sampled the fluffy absinthe suissesse.

  7. They hailed brissenden and his demijohns with acclamation, and, on being introduced, martin learned they were andy and parry

  8. The human resource management is to acculturate the big production and economic high flourishing outcome. the chinese economic system is be placed in from the traditional planned economy system to constuct the perfect socialism market economy system change. the postal service business enterprise human resource management practices along with the demand that situation develop, reforming to not agree with to match the management system of develop the demand, the first step builds up to meet the management system of develop the demand, the human resource manages to rise increasingly in the position in the management

    論文通過對美國著名管理學家傑弗?普費福在《釋放員工能量實現競爭優勢》 (又譯為《求勢於人》 )中提出的16種人力資源管理實踐研究歸納,並聯系工作實際,將吉林郵政速遞人力資源管理活動情況與16種管理實踐進行對比分析,從而提出提高郵政速遞企業競爭優勢的人力資源管理具體措施。
  9. Typical allergy reacts, take lucky level, external use stops urticant water, the person that weigh needs static note dextrose acerbity calcium

  10. Rip's sole domestic adherent was his dog wolf, who was as much hen-pecked as his master.

  11. The front end is equipped with hydraulic jacks used for grade adjustment.

  12. She has been slightly bothered by the lack of time her husband has for her, but she has led a peaceful and happy life in a rich neighborhood in gracemeria, a capital of republic of emmeria, until a sudden aerial bombing takes her away from her daughter

    她對丈夫缺少陪伴她的時間多少有些煩心,但是她依然在格斯美亞? ?伊美亞共和國的一個富有社區里過著平和而開心的生活,直到突然的空襲把她和自己的女兒分開為止。
  13. Fauchery, afar off, amused himself by following this delicate negotiation.

  14. Swiss options and financial futures exchange ag

  15. Then harry and roy make their way through the crowded aisles and down the stairs to the street.

  16. Alexandra hummed an old swedish hymn.

  17. 1912 alexis carrel france usa 1913 charles robert richet france

  18. So is this mr. ritchie ' s boat, the alison

  19. It may be an old hymn to demeter or also illustrate cla enarrant gloriam domini. it is susceptible of nodes or modes as far apart as hyperphrygian and mixolydian and of texts so divergent as priests haihooping round david s that is circe s or what am i saying ceres altar and david s tip from the stable to his chief bassoonist about his almightiness

    歌詞也可能很不一樣,猶如圍繞著大衛不,刻爾吉401 ,我在說些什麼呀,我指的是刻斯402的祭壇,祭司們所發出的喧囂聲不同於大衛從馬房裡得來又講給首席巴松管吹奏者403聽的有關神之全能的那些話。
  20. Legumes include alfalfa, clover, red clover, alsike clover, and sainfoin