中文拼音 [zhì]
Ⅰ介詞(到) to; till; until Ⅱ副詞(極; 最) extremely; most; utmost
  1. The study, by the university of aarhus in denmark, recruited more than 1, 000 women before they were 20 weeks " pregnant, who drank at least three cups of

  2. But the slap and the blessing stood him friend, says mr vincent, for to make up he taught him a trick worth two of the other so that maid, wife, abbess and widow to this day affirm that they would rather any time of the month whisper in his ear in the dark of a cowhouse or get a lick on the nape from his long holy tongue then lie with the finest strapping young ravisher in the four fields of all ireland

    文森特先生曰: 「作為補償,彼將力量相當于兩頭公牛之秘訣傳授下來。處女妻子女修道院院長與寡婦今斷言,伊等與其跟愛爾蘭四片綠野130上最英俊強壯專門勾引女人之年輕小夥子睡覺,不如隨時都於幽暗牛棚中,對著牛耳囁嚅131 ,並希望彼用神聖的長舌舔自己的脖頸。 」
  3. Route 7 - section between kennedy town and aberdeen

  4. Aberrant internal carotid artery in the middle ear is rare and may be misdiagnosed, leading to severe complications

  5. Any aider and abetter will have the same punishment. " for enquiry on the employment of foreign domestic helpers, please contact the immigration department at : -

    市民就僱用外籍家庭傭工方面如有任何查詢,可致電2824 6111 ,或傳真2877 7711 ,或電郵
  6. Among the political tricks were pretended virtue abidance, dissident suppression, seducing and autobiography forging

    無論是恪守德行,還是排斥異己,以使用讖緯、自造《自本》 ,都是其權謀術中的一環。
  7. Look into next year, above all need reviewing was mixed last year even this year the year before last year, can say, grail drops through abidance of a few years, the pannikin that acclaims be in fashion for a period before a few years, science and technology, recombine etc is simple congenial idea almost what had changed to these 2 years is very malapropos, but big change often is need time is mixed accumulate, quantitative change will be changed finally into qualitative change, people from to these stocks from love to arrive to coma detesting also is to need time to change likewise

  8. " madame, " replied villefort, with a mournful smile, " i have already had the honor to observe that my father has - at least, i hope so - abjured his past errors, and that he is, at the present moment, a firm and zealous friend to religion and order - a better royalist, possibly, than his son ; for he has to atone for past dereliction, while i have no other impulse than warm, decided preference and conviction.

    「夫人, 」維爾福苦笑著說道, 「我很幸運地看到我父親已經少我希望公開承認了他過去的錯誤,他目前已是宗教和秩序的忠誠的朋友一個或許比他的兒子還要好的保皇黨,因為他是帶著懺悔之情,而我只不過是憑著一腔熱血罷了。 」
  9. Methods operation performed under tourniquet, the crusts were ablated down to the superficial layer of deep fascia, and then autologous micro - skin grafting, combined with allogenous skin coverage, was conducted in 13 patients

  10. It was the sublime abnegation of true love that comes to all lovers, and it came to him there, at the telephone, in a whirlwind of fire and glory ; and to die for her, he felt, was to have lived and loved well

  11. That is not to say that we will abrogate our obligation - we simply delay our own investigation until the other one is concluded

  12. In the long struggle to reconcile industrial absolutism and political democracy, the court played a delaying action.

  13. Based on value platonism and value absolutism, leaning to value naturalism and value relativism, which throwing out the theory corner and theory endeavor of breaking away from the corner of hartmann ' s axiology and the whole value platonism

  14. There was a slight air of abstraction that became observable to deerslayer and cudith, if to no others.

  15. The oothecae of this species were abundant in late may and june.

  16. Honor comes in a continuous stream and acclamation keeps lasting

  17. The process is repeated until a microbial culture acclimated to the specific industrial waste is developed.

  18. The sedimentation is the foundation, affecting the basic pattern of the reservoir, and the sedimentary facies zones beneficial to the formation and evolution of the reservoir includes platform edge bank facies, introplatform point beach facies and acclivity sedimentary facies, etc. ; the diagenesis is the key factor, determining the pattern and scope of the final distribution of the reservoir and being of great influence on reservoir structure, and the diagenesis of promoting the formation of storage rooms is mainly the dissolution occurred during hypergene stage and burial stage ; and the tectonism is the condition of influencing the connectivity among various reservoir bodies and among the storage rooms within a single reservoir body

  19. If this one foundered, weeks and possibly months would accrue before another major drive could be initiated.

  20. They may even accuse the child of disloyalty.