馨造 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [xīnzào]
馨造 英文
  • : 名詞[書面語] (散布很遠的香氣) strong and pervasive fragrance
  • : Ⅰ動詞1 (做; 製作) make; build; create; produce 2 (假編) cook up; fabricate; concoct 3 [書面語...
  1. All rooms are equipped with king - size or two oversized beds, floor - to - ceiling bay window and complete amenities

  2. My parents were so beatific after the borning of me and my sisiter, they brought us up, biult up a warm family and tried their best to offer our colleging. now, they are becoming older and older, but their childs have growned up, the borning of their grandson is the greatest comfort for them

  3. Mengsijia ? brand of silk bed clothes of mengsi silk industry, the feelings and lovesickness are placed in dreams : trademark “ mengsijia ” is the partial tone of chinese characters “ mengsijia ” to express the feelings on life, it means the earnest love of mengsi silk industry to the life and the soulful blessings to the life ; it expresses the good feelings that mengsi silk industry dedicates the love to the society and creates the warm for the human with the poetic brand meaning

    「夢絲家」 ? ?夢絲絲業蠶絲床品品牌,夢里寄情托相思: 「夢絲家」商標以「夢思家」漢字諧音寄予人生情感,表意夢絲絲業對人生的熱切關愛,對生活的深情祝福;以充滿詩意的品牌內涵抒發夢絲絲業對社會奉獻愛意、為人類創生活的美好情懷。
  4. " it is a bit of quiet, unassuming drollery which warms like good wine

  5. Welcome to our factory xinlin craft wax characters fragrant smell and durable lighting without smoke, toxic or lachrymator, it can refresh mind, resist fatigue, adjust emotion, benefit body and mind while driving away mosquito, purifying air and creating romantic atmosphere, furthermore, gives us the new feeling. its gentle and romantic candlelight shall bring us the cheerful emotion, accompany us to enjoy the warm family relationships

  6. However, the movie is a picturesque boy - meets - girl movie, much like the comics for girls always set in chuncheon, kang - won province. kim is always tired from sitting up all night working and junah runs up against the barriers in korean film industry, which doesn t respect the opinions of writers. .

    由金喜善joo jin - mo趙承佑領銜主演,導演kim yong - kyun成功在一個溫的兩人空間中,以一連串錯綜復雜的鏡頭,營這對同居戀人在新歡舊愛的影子下共賦生活的矛盾及無奈。
  7. Let you enjoy the quirt, warm and nice courteous reception. we sincerely wish you feel our warm and nice service in the hotel and also get sunny mood every day here ! restaurant, multifunction hall, banquet hall, sauna, karaoke, beauty salon, massage, business center, car rental, parking lot, ticketing, laundry, shopping

  8. Xiao qian laid great emphasis on the setting up of special columns and issues, which performs different functions and created nameplate " first " products, whereas he built a cozy mental and cultural environment for readers and met the aesthetic need of readers to the greatest degree

  9. Yong lun hotel is a typical deluxe business city hotel under the shenyang bowang group. hotels are located in the flourishing of shopping center of shenyang south to north each other, the position is superior, the traffic is convenient. the ideal place for travel and business

  10. The planning and designing of the mengjiatan residential garden area adheres to the principle of dwelling environment, reflecting the sustainable development of architecture, science and technology, culture and ecology, and trying to build a stable, warm and comfortable homestead atmosphere in three ways : one is to group the buildings with measures taken according to the local conditions for creation of a living space with pleasant dimension ; another is to synchronize the designing of the environment and the planning and designing of the residential buildings to achieve a perfect integration of space and environment in the residential area ; and the third is to emphasize the equality of excellence, making it possible for every house owner to equally share the excellent environmental resources

  11. Shanghai fanyang city villa, a uniquely designed four - star foreign - oriented luxury villa that integrates the hotel, the bathhouse, food court and recreation, extends her warm and sincere welcome to guests with state - of - the - art functions and facilities and quality services

  12. This inn with a view to " man - to - man private and close " hairdressing serves, make warmth meticulously " domestic type beauty parlour ( meeting place ) fbp "

    本店著眼于「一對一私人貼心」的美容服務,精心打的「家庭式美容院(會所) fbp 」 。
  13. Efficacy : rose essence oil can create romantic and warm atmosphere when burning. it ' s especially suitable for strengthening communication and making people comfortable and happy

  14. At present, the big - sized family appliances have begun to use ozone to increase the value. the family appliance manufacturer has succeeded in researching and development ozone washing machine, which can release a great deal of ozone bubbles, get rid of dirt, and eliminate peculiar smells when you wash clothes. ozone can also destroy cells walls of bacteria to kill them completely on the dirty clothes

    總之,只要您家中有一臺價廉物美身的廚房小幫手(小型多功能5活氧機) ,不僅能對我們每天所用的食物、飲料和居室空氣進行解毒和殺毒,而且還通過活氧泡浴消除多種疑難病癥,真是一機在手,展現多種用途,定會給你創一個綠色、環保、溫、健康的家。
  15. Carnations are not very elegant. artificial flowers have no passion

  16. Visibility division superb stone carving skills and profound artistry has one fresh chic furnishing articles placed in your house, decorative your warm home, and appreciate the value of high value for collection

  17. As the first youth hostel in shandong provinceyantai international youth hostel is much more than a simple hostel, but a comfortable home for travelers, which you will find library, supermarket, restaurant, guest kitchen, washing room, business center, fitness center and more just inside the hostel

    煙臺國際青年旅舍是山東省第一家國際青年旅舍.旅舍位於風景綺麗的金沙灘海岸,為您締了一個溫的「旅遊者之家」 。
  18. Hangzhou jinjiang electric appliance co., ltd. former hangzhou jinjiang electrical appliance factory is specialized in manufacturing thermal protector and starter for compressors of air - conditioner and refrigerator. we take it our responsibility to develop industrial electric appliances ; we are pursuing super quality and first - class service and we are devoted to create a big warm family of openness, coordination, innovation and equality

  19. The hotel has complete entertainment facilities, including ktv, sauna, massage, billiards, table tennis room. you can be sure of complete relaxation in bothbody and mind with our advanced equipment and quality service

    溫州總商會大酒店為您營一個溫如春流連忘返的勝境,是您真正的「家外之家」 。我們期待您的光臨,竭誠為您的服務!
  20. It is our haohai peoples biggest wish to make first class product and provide perfect service and help you build a comfort home