臀肉 的英文怎麼說

中文拼音 [túnròu]
臀肉 英文
chump end
  • : 名詞(人體的一部分) buttocks
  • : Ⅰ名詞1 (人或動物體內接近皮的部分的柔韌物質) meat; flesh 2 (某些瓜果里可以吃的部分) pulp; fles...
  1. It is curious what a subtle but unmistakable transmutation it makes, both in the body of men and women : the woman more blooming, more subtly rounded, her young angularities softened, and her expression either anxious or triumphant : the man much quieter, more inward, the very shapes of his shoulders and his buttocks less assertive, more hesitant

  2. Broad muscular loins, very slightly sloping croup

  3. Nearby the buttocks and the thigh have many excrescences, where it looks like two bags by the side of the thigh

  4. The body is slim, the chest medium or small, the buttocks thin flat, the abdomen and the thigh have not excrescence

  5. Poop of a lovely. gravy s rather good fit for a

  6. Large hips suggest that most dinosaurs had large, aerobically capable leg muscles like those of big - hipped birds and mammals, rather than small leg muscles like those of brady aerobic reptiles

  7. The buttocks are a good place for intramuscular injections because there are relatively few major blood vessels, nerves and bones that can be damaged by a needle

    部是進行肌注射的理想「場所」 ,因為經過那裡的重要血管神經及骨骼相對較少,所以針頭不會對它們造成什麼傷害。
  8. She ordered a juicy rump steak

  9. Bow and arrow opens the hips, lengthens the hamstrings, gastrocnemius and soleus muscles of the leg

    弓?箭這個動作能打開你的、延伸腿筋、腓腸肌(上小腿肚)和比目魚肌(小腿肚內下方肌) 。
  10. Through the massage ofbuttocks acupoint, oombine to mention buttocks skill, make buttocks more strong, do not have supenllus meat for buttocks, skin uses mineral saltto dispel cutin, in order to make buttocks more smooth, fine

  11. I m not really mutilated at all. the potency may easily come back, even if the muscles of the hips and legs are paralysed. and then the seed may be transferred

    我並不是真的殘廢了,縱令部和腿部的筋癱瘓了,而且殖力是可以容易恢復的,那時種子便可以傳遞了。 」
  12. Bloom looked at the head of a horse not worth anything like sixtyfive guineas, suddenly in evidence in the dark quite near, so that it seemed new, a different grouping of bones and even flesh, because palpably it was a fourwalker, a hipshaker, a blackbuttocker, a taildangler, a headhanger, putting his hind foot foremost the while the lord of his creation sat on the perch, busy with his thoughts

    由於是在黑暗中突然出現在挨得很近的地方,它就好像是個由骨骼甚至組成的與馬迎然不同的新奇的東西了。這顯然是一匹後腿朝前邁,一路倒退著的四肢不協調的馬,半邊屁股略低,部是黑的293 ,甩著尾巴,耷拉著頭。這當兒,牲口的主人正坐在馭者座上,忙於想心事。
  13. Can i scoop for you ? - i ' d like chili, fire in the hole

    -您想要點兒什麼? -我要辣椒牛末,
  14. In this research we have selected 4 pigs which exhibiting obvious muscular hypertrophy in the hindquarters, and 4 pigs with normal phenotype. we extracted total rna from their longissum tissue. part of the clpg cdna have been obtained by rt - pcr, but we did n ' t find the a g substitution as indentified in sheep

    在本實驗中,我們選取了4頭在部具有明顯肌肥大表型的豬和4頭正常豬,並從它們的背最長肌中提取了總rna ,通過rt - pcr的方法得到了部分clpg1的序列,但是我們並沒有得到a g的單堿基突變。
  15. This machine simulates climbing stairs or steps. as such, it really burns calories as well as toning the legs and buttocks. this one is very popular with female masochists

  16. In 1983, a ram lamb exhibiting obvious muscular hypertrophy in the hindquarters was born into a commercial dorset flock in oklahoma. the ram produced offspring expressing the same phenotype, which is referred to as callipyge ( greek : calli - beautiful + - pyge buttocks )

  17. Multifunctional massager applied for foot and calf

  18. This asana strengthens the muscles of the abdomen and thighs. it makes the back and hips supple, improves memory, and is said to relieve afflictions of the trachea and larynx

  19. Reduced back pain and stronger back, thigh and buttock muscles

  20. Some gauze enveloped her, but her rounded shoulders, her amazonian bosom, her wide hips, which swayed to and fro voluptuously, her whole body, in fact, could be divined, nay discerned, in all its foamlike whiteness of tint beneath the slight fabric she wore. it was venus rising from the waves with no veil save her tresses