yacht 中文意思是什麼

音標 [jɔt]
yacht 解釋
n. 名詞 快艇,遊艇。
a racing yacht 競賽用快艇。
vi. 不及物動詞 乘快艇,駕駛快艇,乘遊艇旅遊。

  1. If he can afford a luxury yacht, then a fortiori he can afford to pay his debts

  2. My family has a yacht in the aegean

  3. Yacht ' s cross bitts

  4. Many of the queen ‘ s official tours were undertaken on the royal yacht britannia

    女王多次出訪均乘坐皇家遊艇「大不列顛號」 。
  5. On the return voyage, shelley's yacht capsized in a sudden squall.

  6. The capstone project in this course is the final design project in which each student designs a sailing yacht, complete in all major respects

  7. The season will culminate at the end of march with the start of the china cup 2006 yacht race from london to shanghai

    三月底, 2006年倫敦至上海中國杯遊艇賽的開始將使該活動達到高潮。
  8. He would buy a schooner - one of those yacht - like, coppered crafts that sailed like witches - and go trading copra and pearling among the islands

  9. The yacht was a handsome craft.

  10. Will you crew for me on my yacht ?

  11. Dantes led the owner of the yacht to the dwelling of a jew.

  12. Though dead calm, in which she and sam neill defend their yacht against the sinister incursion of a high - seas drifter played by billy zane, was only a modest financial success, it sparked a mad scramble among producers and directors to spearhead the ravishing redhead s next project

    在與丈夫第二次合作大地雄心far and away 1992 ,這部影片中基德曼表現出了一些屬于自己的獨特色彩,被認為是她進入美國影壇后第一部有所發揮的作品。
  13. S could not view without a shudder the approach of a gendarme who accompanied the officers deputed to demand his bill of health ere the yacht was permitted to hold communication with the shore ; but with that perfect self - possession he had acquired during his acquaintance with faria, dant s coolly presented an english passport he had obtained from leghorn, and as this gave him a standing which a french passport would not have afforded, he was informed that there existed no obstacle to his immediate debarkation

  14. Business scode : wayside pavilion, wooden bridge, wooden footway, corridor, water balcony, naturel wooden house, outdoor floor, flower shelf, flower jar, outdoor desk - chair, landscape wooden handrail, yacht wharf, outdoor garden sketch, etc

  15. At the moment of his arrival a small yacht was under trial in the bay ; this yacht had been built by order of an englishman, who, having heard that the genoese excelled all other builders along the shores of the mediterranean in the construction of fast - sailing vessels, was desirous of possessing a specimen of their skill ; the price agreed upon between the englishman and the genoese builder was forty thousand francs

  16. Pete goss ' s ‘ team philips ' was a catamaran built to an ultra - radical, high - tech design, and was supposed to be the fastest ever round - the - world yacht

  17. Graham won ' t be too alone on his yacht

  18. They're building a goddam yacht harbor.

  19. The hero and heroine just arrived from his father's yacht.

  20. Sydney to hobart yacht race