yk 中文意思是什麼

yk 解釋

  1. Professor anthony chan, director of the hong kong cancer institute and chairman of the department of clinical oncology at the chinese university of hong kong, and professor qian tao, head of the cancer epigenetics and tumour virology laboratory in the sir yk pao centre for cancer, have successfully demonstrated for the first time in a group of npc patients who have failed standard therapies, that demethylation of the ebv genome can be achieved using azacytidine, a study published in the journal of clinical oncology with a leading editorial describing the work as " a model for future trials in solid tumors "

    香港中文大學腫瘤學繫系主任兼香港癌癥研究所總監陳德章教授及腫瘤學系副教授陶謙教授,最近首次成功地在一組常規治療已經無效的鼻咽癌患者身上,利用氮胞? ( azacytidine )達致eb病毒基因的去甲基化,有關研究報告發表在《臨床腫瘤學報》上,而該期的一篇社論更形容是項研究是將來腫瘤臨床試驗的典範。
  2. Mr. alfred yk lau, the chief town planner strategic planning will provide a briefing on the key study areas later on

  3. Xu y, tian yk, tian xb, et al. construction and identification of recombinant retroviral vector with controllable human preproenkephalin gene j. chinese j anes, 2005, 25 ( 7 ) : 511 ? 514

    徐穎,田玉科,田學愎,等.攜帶可調控人前腦啡肽原基因逆轉錄病毒載體的構建及鑒定j .中華麻醉學雜志, 2005 ( 7 ) , 25 : 511 ? 514
  4. Professor patrick yk chau, professor of information systems of the faculty of business and economics of the university of hong kong ( hku ) has brought home " the best conference paper award " at the ninth pacific - asia conference on information systems ( pacis ) 2005 which was held in bangkok in early july

  5. The faculty of law is pleased with the appointment of professor hurst hannum as the sir yk pao chair in public law at the university of hong kong since 11 january 2006

    香港大學法律學院很高興赫斯特翰林教授professor hurst hannum于本年1月11日起出任包玉剛爵士國際公法教授,接替于去年底退休的佳日思教授。
  6. He succeeds professor yash ghai who had served as the sir yk pao chair for 16 years since 1989 and retired at the end of last year