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y 解釋

  1. New york is abbreviated to n. y.

  2. The charter i introduced the schematics of the experimental setup, the model of pulsed laser ablating solid target ( s - n model ) and the subplantation model for film growing proposed by y. lifshitz

    第一章簡要介紹了實驗裝置、激光燒蝕固體靶的s - n模型和y . lifshitz提出的次表面生長模式。
  3. The computational results of the particle images are agreement with the simulated datain reasonable, the most absolute difference of the displacement is 0. 6671 pixel at the x abscissa and 0. 7928 pixel at y abscissa ; the computational results are equal to the data form the algorithm of particle brightness - distribution pattern tracking ( the conventional cross - correlation algorithm ) at voluminous points, their discrepancy is only one pixel at few points, mostly in boundary area

    西安理工大學碩士學位論文最後,在visualfortran環境下給出了這種演算法的具體實現,處理模擬粒子圖像的結果與模擬數據比較吻合,最大位移絕對誤差在x方向是0 . 6671像素,在y方向是0 . 7928像素;計算結果與示蹤粒子灰度分佈模板法(基本的互相關法)在絕大部分點是相同的,只在少數點相差一個像素,而且大多出現在邊界區域。
  4. Projection algorithm is presented as follows : first, characterize the reference image and the float image and turn into binary images ; then, project the binary images onto the abscissa and y - axis and get the projection vectors ; last, according to the elements of the vectors, the rotation and translation parameters were calculated separately

    投影法通過二值化參考圖象和浮動圖象,沿x軸、 y軸投影得到投影向量,然後根據投影向量元素的大小和位置,分別檢測圖象間旋轉、平移運動的大小。
  5. My dear kitty told me today that she would dance in a deluge before ever she would starve in such an ark of salvation for, as she reminded me blushing piquantly and whispering in my ear though there was none to snap her words but giddy butterflies, dame nature, by the divine blessing, has implanted it in our heart and it has become a household word that il y a deux choses for which the innocence of our original garb, in other circumstances a breach of the proprieties, is the fittest nay, the only, garment

    吾之情婦基蒂今日相告,伊情願舞于洪水中,亦不願在救命方舟中挨餓。何耶?伊對予傾訴雲此時,盡管除翩翩起舞之蝴蝶,絕無偷聽者,伊依然臉色紅漲,附耳低語:吾曹生就無垢之肌膚,換個情況必將導致破壞禮儀,然而在二種場合下180 ,會成為唯一之可身衣裳。
  6. This demonstrated that the adaption ability of adiantum reniforme l. var. sinense y. x. lin is very strong

  7. The experiment uses adiantum reniforme l. var. sinense y. x. lin as material to understand its mating system through the research of ecology and genetics

  8. The different locus outcrossing rate of adiantum reniforme l. var sinese y. x. lin has great change in the same population, and the outcrossing rate difference of the same enzyme locus is also high in the different population

  9. There are five natural sample zones of adiantum reniforme l. var. sinense y. x. lin investigated, and recorded 34 species. 10 dominant species were used to calculate the niche width of populations and the niche overlap interpopulations

  10. Adiantum reniforme l. var. sinense y. x. lin, which is the second grade national protection plant, is the special plant in three gorge of yangtze river. china. at present, it faces to die out, so it is extremely necessary to research its protection biology

    荷葉鐵線蕨( adiantumreniformel . var . sinensey . x . lin )是三峽庫區特有植物,為面臨滅絕的國家二級保護植物,對其進行保護生物學方面的研究很有必要。
  11. Adjoin two new vertices x and y to n.

  12. Dr. adrian y. p. fung specialist in dermatology

  13. Alfonso cuaron - director of the mexican hit " y tu mama tambien " - took over as director for " prisoner of azkaban.

  14. Simple organisms such as bacteria and alga have been found fossil in rocks more than 3000 m. y. old.

  15. Afsc operations limited, altruist financial group limited, freescale semiconductor hong kong limited, the hong kong china gas co. limited, hsin chong construction group, ibm china hong kong limited, jebsen co limited, paul y. engineering group limited, pccw ltd., s. c. johnson ltd, search investment group limited, shaw and sons limited, sir kenneth fung ping fan foundation trust i and tonic industries holding limited

    香港航煤供應營運有限公司進邦匯理有限公司飛思卡爾半導體香港有限公司香港中華煤氣有限公司新昌營造集團國際商業機器中國香港有限公司捷成洋行保華建業集團有限公司電訊盈科有限公司美國莊臣有限公司兆亞投資有限公司邵氏父子有限公司sir kenneth fung ping fan foundation trust i ,以及東力實業控股有限公司。
  16. The study ranked mission viejo, calif., as the safest u. s. city, followed by clarkstown, n. y. ; brick township, n. j. ; amherst, n. y. ; and sugar land, texas

    根據分析結果,加利福尼亞州的米慎維埃為美國最安全的城市,其次是紐約州的克拉克斯頓、新澤西州的布里克、紐約州的阿姆赫斯特以及得克薩斯州的「糖城」 。
  17. E ven anemones won ' t bioom so quick y

  18. Hence, the antenna along the y-axis does not send any light to the observer directly below it.

  19. Modification of glue applicator in filter assembler y j

  20. In the y-direction a similar equation applies.