y-axis 中文意思是什麼

y-axis 解釋
n. 名詞 【數學】y軸,縱坐標軸。

  • y :
  • axis : n ( pl axes )1 軸,軸線。2 【植物;植物學】莖軸。3 【解剖學】第二頸椎,第二脊骨。4 【政治學】軸...
  1. Projection algorithm is presented as follows : first, characterize the reference image and the float image and turn into binary images ; then, project the binary images onto the abscissa and y - axis and get the projection vectors ; last, according to the elements of the vectors, the rotation and translation parameters were calculated separately

    投影法通過二值化參考圖象和浮動圖象,沿x軸、 y軸投影得到投影向量,然後根據投影向量元素的大小和位置,分別檢測圖象間旋轉、平移運動的大小。
  2. Hence, the antenna along the y-axis does not send any light to the observer directly below it.

  3. Yaw around the y - axis, in radians

    橫傾是繞y軸旋轉的角度(以弧度單位) 。
  4. 2. the influence of different axis linear acceleration on coriolis illusion to observe the effect of different axis ( x x y axis ) linear acceleration on coriolis illusion on gl - 2000 a

  5. " rmsd " shows how close the currently accepted structure is to the right answer. ( x - axis is rmsd, y - axis is progress

    表示時當前被接受的結構與真實結構的差距。 (橫軸為rmsd ,縱軸為進度。 )
  6. On lines 86 and 87, the y - axis is labeled at the top, and halfway down

  7. Lines 82 and 83 draw a dotted line at the top and halfway down the y - axis. this simply makes the graph easier to read

  8. Adopts precision seamless ball and lead screw for movements along x, y axis

  9. It has been found that ci is more obvious when z axial linear acceleration acts on it. but it has not been studied on the effect of different axis ( xn y axis ) linear acceleration on ci

    但對于其他軸向( x 、 y軸)的線加速度對科里奧利錯覺的影響,卻未有進一步研究。
  10. The main contents are as followings : ( 1 ) the rules of choosing characteristic lines of fe and ni elements in the cu - pb alloy are investigated ; ( 2 ) the characteristic line of the impurity element and that of the reference element makes up a line pair. the intensity ratio of the line pair measured as an y - axis and the corresponding concentration ratio as x - axis, calibration curves for composition analysis is fitted at the 4 kinds of buffer gases

    Q )採用內標法,由樣品中雜質元素的分析線和內標元素參考線組成分析線對,對五種不同的鉛黃銅樣品,實驗通過測定了雜質元素分析線隊的強度比,以分析線對的強度比為縱坐標、分析線對所對應元素的含量比為橫坐標,擬合出了一系列在四種緩沖氣體中的定標曲線。
  11. Using a scatter plot, you select the columns to appear on the x - axis and y - axis

  12. In the first, an academic concept of the slope spectrum was firstly put forward. the slope spectrum is defined as a statistic graph or a mathematical model with its x - axis denoting the numerical value of the slope factors ( e. g. gradient, aspect or curvature etc. ) and its y - axis the corresponding area on the ground in a specific statistic area

  13. By testing the corrected image map, the mean error of point position was 1 meter, the maximal error was 2 meters, length distortions on x and y axis orientation were not more than 1 % and angle distortion was almost not existing

    經檢驗,單點定位平均偏差為1m左右,最大偏差為2m左右,在x 、 y方向上的長度變形均不大於1 ,基本沒有角度變形。
  14. X axis and y axis adopt ball spiral rods with excellent precisions and low friction factors

    X . y軸採用滾珠螺桿傳動精度佳,摩擦系數小。
  15. Y axis y

  16. Based on this, the optimum operating mode of ln anisotropic one - dimension aeo device is determined as : light promulgates along z axis, ultrasonic wave promulgates along x axis, and direct current electric field is loaded along y axis

  17. Builds a matrix that scales along the x - axis, y - axis, and z - axis

    生成沿x軸、 y軸和z軸縮放的矩陣。
  18. The ms spectrum graphically relates a protein ' s mass and charge ( x - axis ) to its abundance as measured by its signal intensity ( y - axis )

    質譜圖顯示了某種蛋白質它的質量與電荷( x軸)與其通過信號強度檢測所得的豐度( y軸)之間的關系。
  19. Method is used to form a looping construct to get the value of each x - axis and y - axis coordinate for that series

  20. Accepts only float values for its x - axis and y - axis