y-level 中文意思是什麼

y-level 解釋
n. 名詞 【測】Y 式水準儀,回轉水準儀。

  • y :
  • level : n 1 水平儀,水準儀;水準測量。2 水平線,水平面;水平狀態;平面,平地。3 水平,水準;水位;標準;...
  1. A one - dimensional oceanic mixed layer model with the m - y level - 2. 5 turbulence closure schemes is employed. the rate of energy loss by breaking waves is estimated by parameterization and incorporated into the model as a source of turbulence kinetic energy ( tke ) by modifying the existing surface boundary condition of tke equation. the velocity field and turbulence energy budget are calculated under different forcing conditions ( the results given below are for a wind speed of 20 m / s. )

    採用一維2 . 5階湍封閉混合層模式,根據參數化方法對波浪破碎導致的能量耗散率進行了估計,通過改變湍動能方程的上邊界條件引入波浪破碎對湍動能生成的影響,計算了不同風應力強迫下的混合層流場結構和湍能量收支(下述給出的結果是取風速為20m s得到的) 。
  2. Especially if they tr y to r ise to a higher level

  3. Finally, the level identification, classification of these nine endophytic fungi are studied through literature retrieving and comparison with related genus or type species, during which the characteristics of conidia and the result of physiological experiment are regarded as key words and as assist respectively. the ultimate result of these strains " classification are that one new species coniothyrium macrospora y. xiang et j. x. cui sp. nov. ( 1026 ) ; five new recorded - genus in china : papularia sphaerosperma ( pers. ex fr. )

    以形態學性狀中的分生孢子特徵為主題,以生理實驗結果為輔助,檢索文獻,與相關種和模式種進行對照比較,對這些內生真菌進行水平的菌種鑒定分類,其中菌株1026為一新種:大孢盾殼霉( coniothyriummacrosporay . xiangetj . x . cuisp . nov . ) , 5株為中國新記錄屬種: 1005球乳突孢[ papulariasphaerosperma ( pers . exfr . ) vonh (
  4. Uew - y is a kind of double coatings enameled copper round wire, thermal level 130, with polyurethane resin as primer and polyamide resin as finish

  5. By modeling of " y " - shaped junction of the compound river channel with an intersection angle 90, the flow velocity and water level at the junction were obtained by use of the acoustic doppler velocimeter ( adv ) and point gauges

    摘要通過製作交匯角為90的復式斷面河道" y "型交匯河口模型,利用三維聲學多普勒流速儀( adv )和測針獲取流速及水位數據,對支流河口處的水流流態包括水面形態、水流流速和水流分區進行分析。
  6. Blank detail specification - push button switches - assessment level y ; german version en 196403 : 1998

  7. It has been demonstrated directly or indirectly - 7 - that ak auto ab is an important element in the immune network and plays a important role in maintaining physiological functions, clearing aged cells and metabolic products, regulating immune responses and protecting against infection. in some pathological states such as psoriasis and contact dermatitis, a certain serum level of the antibody could inhibit the progression of the diseases, and is beneficial to the recovery from the diseases. after a long time studies on the production and regulation mechanism of physiological and pathological auto antibodies, meanwhile, experiencing an intensive academic debating on whether naas a " horror autotoxicus " or a " gnothi seaution ( know yourself ) ", a common viewpoint has been achieved that naa is of clinical significance in the treatment of immunity diseases for it ' s function in the immune system stability, immunoglobulin y and polyclonal ak auto abs have been used in treating inflammatory dermatitis, and recombinant antibody is under investigating

    抗角蛋白自身抗體( akautoab )是naa的重要組成部分,以往實驗通過雜交瘤技術、免疫親和層析技術和噬菌體抗體庫技術分別獲得單克隆akautoab 、健康人血清多克隆akautoab和基因工程人akautoab ,並對akautoab免疫學特性及在體生理和病理意義進行了廣泛的研究,直接或間接地發現akautoab是機體正常免疫調節網路的組成部分,在維護某些生理狀態的穩定、清理衰老細胞及代謝產物、調節免疫和抗感染等方面起到重要作用;在某些病理情況下(如銀屑病、接觸性皮炎等) ,體內akautoab的組分和滴度會發生變化,而正常水平的akautoab則有利於限制病情的發展,促進損傷的修復。
  8. The well correlation times persist for about six months and the incidence level is reach or pass 0. 01. the meridional wind field which persistly impacting on sst in kuroshio region is near the west tropical pacafic. the result also behave as distinctly positive correlativity. afterwards we investigate the relationship between sst in kuroshio region and ninoc, 4 region and integrate the front conclusion. as a resultjt display that the sst in kuroshio region persists for positive relevance during the course of el - nino and inversely during the course of la - nina. subsequentl y the synthetic fields of kuroshio region ' s ssta in el - nino and la - nina years have proved the front outcome

    對與黑潮海溫異常變化關系密切的風場關鍵區及兩者的相互關系研究表明:黑潮本身的風場和其源地北赤道流海域的風場異常對黑潮海溫的影響僅限於同期及海溫滯后1到2個月,而能持續影響黑潮海溫異常的經向風場的關鍵區出現在赤道西太平洋( 140 - 160e , 5s - 5n ) ,緯向的關鍵區則在赤道中太平洋( 160e - 150w , 5s - 5n ) ,且緯向關鍵區的強度和范圍均大於經向,兩者對黑潮海溫的影響均能持續六個月左右。
  9. In what follows, the level of national income, or y, will be measured in current prices (not adjusted for inflation).

  10. On the other hand, the activity and function of p27 kip1 was affected by many physiological agents such as camp, il - 2, rampamycin. the expression of p27kip1 increased after - irradiationin in the fibroblastoma cells, leading to arrest in gl phase, but its expression markedly decreased after y - irradiation in the nbcc cells, and leaded to arrest in g2 / m phase. several studies have reported that p27 kip1 involved in a much wider range of cellar processes, such as differentiation, apoptosis and migration, the expression level of p27kip1 is key for its function in dna damage responses

    另一方面, p27kip 』的活性水平及功能作用,因細胞類型不同而各異,又受多種因素的影響,如一些有絲分裂原camp 、雷帕黴素可以上調p27kip ,的表達,而il一2等則與p27ki 」 『的表達下降有關,受電離輻射( ir )照射的成纖維細胞瘤及用1 , 25一二經基d3處理的hela細胞系在gl期均有游離的p27腳『的積累,細胞周期阻滯在gl期;而在痣癌伽bccs )細胞中, y一射線能誘導p27吻『表達水平的顯著下調,細胞周期阻滯在g2艦期。
  11. Blank detail specification : rotary switches - assessment level y

  12. Blank detail specification - rotary switches - assessment level y ; german version en 196103 : 1998

  13. Y - ady instead of self - cultured yeast wine was used in new craft xiangxue wine production with its use level as 0. 1 % ( distiller ' s grains liquor was added in two batches during the production ), which could facilitate the techniques and improve the fermenting stability with no adverse effects on wine taste and wine quality

    摘要在大罐新工藝香雪酒生產中,採用黃酒活性乾酵母代替自培酒母,乾酵母用量0 . 1 % ,糟酒分2次加入,可以進一步簡化大罐香雪酒工藝操作,提高釀造穩定性,且所釀的酒風味質量均不受影響。
  14. Fig. 13 low - level radial winds observed by the tdwr at 03 : 59 p. m. 16 september 1999. y. c

    圖13 1999年9月16日下午3時59分機場多普勒天氣雷達掃描所得的低空徑向風。
  15. Hong kong, may 1 - 5, 2001, pp. 221 - 229. 13 jiang y, fang b x, hu m z. techniques in mapping router - level internet topology from multiple vantage points. in lecture notes in computer science 3320, liew k m, shen h, see s et al

  16. As the level of people ' s living is getting higher today, and along with the influence b y the phenomena o f " hot - island " within cities, problems aroused from thermal environment in summer and it ' s energy c onsumed w ith a ir c onditionings are getting more and more serious for the residential buildings in cold zone

  17. This paper chooses the indicators of economy and land quality input which has influence on the output, depending on cd - productive function to establish the function between input and output : y : productive forces of the cultivated land f : input of the fertilizer and agricultural chemical i : input of the irrigation l : input of the labor q : input of the land quality a : the level of average management t : the level of changing management a, b, c, d, f : productive elasticity coefficient the factor of the land quality includes texture, content of the organic matter, degree of the pickled, the structure of the soil

    本項研究選擇了影響農用地總產出的經濟投入指標和土地質量投入指標,藉助c - d生產函數,建立土地投入產出的函數關系: y = a ? e ~ ( ft ) ? f ~ a ? i ~ b ? l ~ c ? q ~ dy為以土地總產值表示的土地生產力f為化肥和農藥的投入i為灌溉投入,即灌溉所需用的水電費l為勞動力投入(考慮了農業機械投入的修正) q為土地質量投入a為平均管理水平t為變化的管理水平a 、 b 、 c 、 d 、 f分別為各相應生產要素的產出彈性系數其中,土地質量因子包括表土質地( t人有機質含量矚入鹽漬化程度px土體構型p )等。他們之間的關系為: q ( a ; xt a 。
  18. Eiw - y is a kind of double coating enameled copper round wire, thermal level 180, with polyesterimid resin as primer and polyamide resin as finish

  19. At the same time, the method of disposal phase shift of ct by compensation is introduced. then the analysis and statistic of electrical power quality, the control scheme and compensating amount of capacitor for reactive power compensation are analyzed respectively. and in the paper, the control with a / y and the switch with ac contactor and solid state switch is valid measure not only for improving operate level economically and amending electrical power quality but also for avoiding of replacing switch frequently and decrease economic loss

  20. The am fungus could obtain adequate carbon resources for itself, thus ensuring normal growth and metabolic activit y owing to the efflux of carbohydrate from the plasma membrane of the host root cortical cells to the interface of the symbiosis. thirdly, the structure and composition of the root cortex cellular plasma membrane kept good integrity and the leakage of carbohydrate maintained at low level when the plant obtained enough p and metabolizes normally. although enough carbohydrate was synthesized by plant, the am fungi could not obtain enough energy, resulting in inhibition of growth of the extraradical hyphae and decreased metabolic activity of the am fungi