modulator 中文意思是什麼

音標 ['mɔdjuleitə]
modulator 解釋
n. 名詞 調整者,調節者;【無線電】調制者,調節器。

  1. And then, metal structure with aspect ratio 30 was obtained in our laboratory. eventually, a few micro parts with high aspect ratio were fabricated by liga process under the optimum condition. there were key parts of micro thruster, netlike nickel antielectron modulator, micro copper radiator, stainless steel micro components and many filter mediums with different shapes and dimensions

  2. Released by activated macrophage and natural killer cells, it is a potent immuno - modulator which mediates a wide range of immune and inflammatory responses including the activation of b and t cells

  3. Chapter 2 provides the implementation scheme of dtv modulator

  4. Based on the current signal from the proceeding stage, the first order - modulator designed could be simplified in the precondition of performance satisfaction, and it is good in accomplishing signal conversion and could be incorporated with the forestage bandgap circuit

  5. The design of hfc network management data modulator based on pll

  6. Allosteric enzymes may have more than one modulator

  7. A reflection interference modulator for signal in fiber

  8. L - 204si mounting bracke av - 100 fixed channel modulator

    Av - 100b固定頻道調變主機
  9. Notify me of updates to av - 100 fixed channel modulator

    Pt - 301防災對講管理總機
  10. Study of a 10 kv igbt solid - state pulse modulator technique

  11. Blank detail specification for pulse modulator tubes

  12. It ' s the combination of modulator and demodulator

  13. Av - 100b fixed channel modulator av - 100 fixed channel modulator

    Kim - 115固定頻道調變主機
  14. Av - 100 fixed channel modulator av - 100b fixed channel modulator

    Kim - 115固定頻道調變主機
  15. On the basis of the analysis and compare, we designed the least length of s - bend y - branch to decrease the transmission loss when the space between the outport is 250jjm. we also analyzed thoroughly dependence of half - wave voltage and bandwidth on the width, the length of modulator ' s electrodes and the gap between two electrodes

  16. In the positioning servo - system, which generally is configured by the d. c. pulse width modulator ( pwm ) velocity governing system and position servo - loop, the parameter perturbance of pwm velocity loop really exist by reason of such as the load behavior ; power voltage supply ; operating setting value, etc. 1, 2 , and it cannot be ignored. by using the identification technique to form the mathematical model of the system, authors have confirmed the facts. therefore, to design the discrete sliding mode controller ( dsmc ) of the positioning servo - system, the perturbed parameters value bounds of the pwm velocity loop, which is as the controlled plant of position servo - loop, should be accounted. consequently, the design principle of dsmc for accounting system with parameter perturbance is proposed by the authors. the proposed method can ensure the stability of system with parameter perturbance and the behavior of non - overshoot, fast precise positioning. in order to reveal the effects of the design method, the comparative research work is done by the authors. also, it has been tested in an industrial experiment, the results proved it is satisfactory

    由直流脈寬調速系統( pwm )和位置環構成的定位系統中,速度環的參數隨負載特性;電網電壓;給定工況而攝動是不容忽視的.作者通過系統辨識建模也證實了這一事實1 , 2 .因此在設計位置環的離散滑模控制時,必須針對速度環(即位置環的控制對象)的參數攝動范圍採用「對象參數攝動離散滑模控制器的設計方法」 ,以確保系統在參數攝動時的穩定性和快速、無超調、準確定位的優良動態品質.為剖析該設計方法的控制效果,本文作了對比性研究,並將該設計方法用於工業試驗中,取得了滿意的結果
  17. The architecture and design methods of - modulators are studied. based on it, the bits of quantizer, oversampling - ratio and the orders of modulator have been designed

  18. The three - order modulator has a 2 - 1 cascaded structure and 1 - bit quantizer at the end of each stage, the modulator is implemented with fully differential switched - capacitor circuits. and then, the discussion will begin by exploring the design of various circuit blocks in the modulator in more detail, i. e., ota, switched - capacitor integrator, quantizer, two - phase non - overlapping clock signal, etc., at the same time, these circuits will be simulated in spectre and hspice. at last, the whole cascaded modulator will do behavioral level simulation by matlab soft and simulink toolbox

    本論文中,首先介紹模數轉換器的各種參數的意義,以及一階sigma - delta調制器和高階sigma - delta調制器的原理;給出解決高階單環sigma - delta調制器不穩定性的方案,引入級聯結構調制器,特別針對級聯結構調制器中的失配和開關電容積分器的非理想特性進行詳細的討論;本設計的sigma - delta調制器採用2 - 1級聯結構和一位量化器,調制器採用全差分開關電容電路實現;同時對整個調制器的各個模塊進行了電路設計,包括跨導放大器、開關電容積分器、量化器、兩相非交疊時鐘等,並利用hspice和spectre模擬工具對這些電路進行模擬測試;最後,利用matlab軟體和simulink工具對整個級聯調制器進行行為級模擬。
  19. Mdr1 express product p - glycoprotein was detected by immunocytochemical method and flowcytometry. the cytotoxicity and multidrug resistance reversion effect of tea polyphenol was examined by mtt assay in mcf - 7 and mcf - 7 adr carcinoma cell lines, and compared with pgp inhibitor quinidine. the pgp expression of mcf - 7 adr was strongly positive, the positive rate was 15 % ; the pgp expression of mcf - 7 was negative, the positive rate was 1. 8 %. ic50 of tea polyphenol to mcf - 7 and mcf - 7 adr is 115. 2g ml and 207. 6g ml respectively. ic50 of quinidine to mcf - 7 and mcf - 7 adr is 129. 8mol l 42. 1g ml and 94. 1mol l 30. 5g ml respectively. tea polyphenol and quinidine changed little toxicity of adriamycin to mcf - 7, but tea polyphenol and quinidine improved the sensitivity of mcf - 7adr to adriamycin significantly. immunocytochemistry and flow cytometry can detect p - glycoprotein expression level qualitatively and quantitatively. tea polyphenol is not only an anti - tumor agent, but also a multidrug resistant modulator similar as quinidine. tea polyphenol is advantageous for its little toxicity in tumor treatment

    用免疫組化法和流式細胞儀對腫瘤細胞系mcf - 7和mcf - 7 adr的p -糖蛋白表達水平進行定性定量研究。用噻唑藍比色法mtt研究茶多酚的細胞毒性及其對耐藥性的逆轉作用,並與pgp抑制劑奎尼定進行了比較。免疫組化法檢測p -糖蛋白表達水平, mcf - 7 adr呈強陽性,而mcf - 7呈陰性流式細胞儀定量檢測結果mcf - 7 adr細胞系細胞陽性率為15 % , mcf - 7細胞系細胞陽性率為1 . 8 % 。
  20. Moreover, it does not necessarily need waveforms other than sinusoids, for both modulator and carrier, in order to produce interesting musical sounds