quadrangle 中文意思是什麼

音標 [kwɔ'dræŋgl]
quadrangle 解釋
n. 名詞 1. 四角形,四邊形(特指正方形及矩形)。
2. (大學等的)四方院子;圍著四方院子的建築物。
3. (美國國家陸地測量局頒布的)標準地形圖上的一方格〈通常為南北27公里,東西18-24公里〉。

  1. Coming through the high driveway into the quadrangle a sense of abysmal futility always came over me

  2. We walked all over the campus from the quadrangle to the athletic grounds.

  3. Two temples are independent quadrangle, jade emperor hall is the type of gate tower, wei type grand sight

  4. The different groups of magnetic pole juxtapose in this series products, the magnetic line transmit along quadrangle

  5. The fine, intelligent, educated voice sang on in the sunny quadrangle of red-brick colonial buildings.

  6. Examples for application of properties of complete quadrangle

  7. Sets up control points for spherical quadrangle interpolation

  8. Structure that is the result of the spherical quadrangle interpolation

  9. Quadrangle centered photograph

  10. Interpolates between quaternions, using spherical quadrangle interpolation

  11. This means that the nine - point scheme does not apply to irregular quadrangle grids

  12. Components, structure and surface morphology of the resulted films were identified by fourier transform infrared ( ftir ) spectroscopy, x - ray diffraction ( xrd ) and scanning electronic microscopy ( sem ). the analyses showed the content of cubic boron nitride in the resultant films on substrates was rather high and crystal particles of c - bn with uniform size, smooth crystal plane and regular shapes ( quadrangle and hexagon ) densely arrayed on the substrate

    傅里葉轉換紅外吸收( ftir )光譜儀、 x射線衍射( xrd )儀和掃描電鏡( stm )的測量結果顯示,基底上的bn膜中立方相含量很高,且晶粒大小均勻、排列緻密,晶形呈規則的四角和六角形。
  13. In a quadrangle of lahore ' s elegant british - built high courts, beside a soothing fountain and surrounded by red - brick colonnades, some of these lawyers are on hunger - strike ? or, more accurately, skipping lunch

  14. In fact, we have done theoretical analysis and a series of numerical experiments, which show that for the nine - point scheme applied to a system of two - dimension three - temperature equations over an irregular quadrangle grid, both the local accuracy and global accuracy are very disappointing

  15. It s organized in a quadrangle, a group of four lines, so i organized my music in this sort of four - line group. for example, a recurring theme in the poem is the three - word line, " how many miles ? " and this recurs several times

  16. On the assumption of ignoring the distortion of thickness, this paper determines the rough shape by the geometric modeling method of equal area developing using mixed mesh cell of triangle and quadrangle for the first time, presents the equal area developing arithmetic of quadrangle - triangle. on the virtual geometric symmetry axis, we puts forward the method of determining the developed coordinate of the point on the base band in the development of using regular quadrangle cell, determines the developed shape of internal structure in plane utilizing point - to - point mapping theory. furthermore, we realize the approximate developing of undeveloped - irregular boundary surface using a few triangle cells

  17. Shouts from the open window startling evening in the quadrangle. a deaf gardener, aproned, masked with matthew arnold s face, pushes his mower on the sombre lawn watching narrowly the dancing motes of grasshalms

  18. In this text, around the specification of frequency conversion machine, proceed some study, has finished some work as below primarily : this text will study the output characteristic and the output characteristic of variable frequency speed regulation system. the input characteristic include power quadrangle theory, the relation of cos ( ? ), and f

  19. Surface reconstruction is one of key techniques in reverse engineering. based on unorganized discrete points come from finite element analysis triangular mesh on exterior surface of the aeroengine hollow turbine blade, this dissertation studied some related problems, such as scattered data preprocessing, quadrangle partition and surface reconstruction technology

  20. Based on the characteristics of the geological exploring data, a method for establishing data model was presented, in which the triangle network was combined with the quadrangle network. at last, the geologic maps needed for geological research were drawn through the gdi ( graphics device interface ) and the 3d visualization system model was established for stratumtous geological body. base on the achievments mentioned above, a software system was developed which can be used independently without relying on any software platform