quadrennial 中文意思是什麼

quadrennial 解釋
adj. 形容詞 繼續四年的;每四年一次的。
n. 名詞 1. 每四年一次的事件。
2. 連續四年的時間。
3. 第四周年;四周年紀念。
adv. 動詞 副詞 -ly
  1. 1979 get the quadrennial prize of the city of geneva for sculpture

  2. Must submit quadrennial reports

  3. The highlight of international play is the quadrennial world cup competition

  4. Sino - america conflicts in the east asian security structure an explanation to the 2006 quadrennial defense review

  5. The result shows that ( 1 ) quasi - quadrennial component of enso oscillation is most important form of all, and quasi - biennial one is the second important oscillation

    通過研究表明, ( 1 ) enso振蕩的準4a成分是最主要的形態,準2a是第二重要的振蕩性質。
  6. Through friendly athletic contests, the quadrennial olympic games has enabled people from all over the world to strengthen bonds of goodwill and understanding and to renew their faith in peace and love

  7. The olympic quadrennial, scheduled for berlin in 1916, was interrupted by world war i which had involved 28 countries and killed nearly 10 million troops in four years

    由於第一次世界大戰,原定於1916年在柏林舉行的四年一度的奧林匹克運動會被迫中斷。這次戰爭歷時4年, 28個國家捲入其中,近1000萬軍人在戰火中喪生。
  8. Hsien - hao liao, 1983 / 8 / 22 - 26, “ tai - yu or pao - chai : the paradox of existence as manifested in pao - yu ’ s existential struggle, ” 4th quadrennial international comparative literature conference in the roc ( at tamkang university )

    廖咸浩, 1986 / 5 / 10 - 11 .雙性同體之夢: 《紅樓夢》與《荒野之狼》中雙性同體象徵的運用。第十屆全國比較文學會議(于東海大學) 。
  9. ( 5 ) the decadal variations of quasi - quadrennial and quasi - biennial components of wind stress fields make west wind anomaly of east pacific and meridional wind stress anomaly converging upon the equator stronger since 1980s

    ( 5 )風應力距平場具有空間非對稱性,同時又有時間非對稱性: 80年代以後,太平洋中部的西風異常偏強;從赤道兩側向赤道輻合的經向風應力異常偏強。
  10. ( 2 ) in the condition of quasi - quadrennial or quasi - biennial oscillation, monthly mean anomaly fields of slp, ssta, x and f have the most important effect on the linear response of nino3. 4, and there exists obvious spatial symmetry among cold and warm events of enso oscillation

    ( 2 )在準4a或準2a振蕩下, slp 、 ssta 、 _ x 、和_ y的月平均距平場對于nino3 . 4指數的線性響應佔主導地位, enso振蕩的冷暖事件間具有明顯的空間的對稱性。
  11. In this text we make a diagnosis of linear and nonlinear response of quasi - quadrennial ( qq ) and quasi - biennial ( qb ) component of nino3. 4 index by using reanalyzed ncep / ncar data of sst, wind stress ( pseudo stress ) field, ssp, then have a time and spatial analysis of wind stress field by using mssa, and finally find the importance and contrast the effect of different wind stress field forcing the sea so as to find the cause ofenso irregularity

    本文首先分析海表溫度( sst ) 、風應力場、海表面氣壓( slp )等ncep ncar再分析的月距平場對于nino3 . 4指數的準4a ( qq )和準2a ( qb )振蕩成分的線性和非線性響應,接著用mssa (多通道奇異譜分析)對風應力場進行時空特徵分析,最後用一個熱帶太平洋動力海洋模式研究具有不同振蕩性質的風應力場對海洋強迫作用的重要性及差異,尋找enso不規則性的原因。
  12. During the last few years, hong kong athletes have remarkable achievements in the international arena. after winning the first gold medal for hong kong for windsurfing in the 1996 olympic games in atlanta, ms lee lai - shan as well as her brilliant performance strongly aroused the enthusiasm of our community for the quadrennial international games. it is also encouraging to see that, quite a number of our athletes have achieved outstanding performance in other international events during the past four years

  13. ( 4 ) latitude and meridional wind stress fields both have the character of quasi - quadrennial and quasi - biennial oscillation, but their phases are different. so their conjunct effect makes enso oscillation have both quasi - quadrennial and quasi - biennial periodicity and erratic, which causes the forecast of enso events uncertainty

    ( 4 )緯向和經向風應力距平場具有準4a和準2a的振蕩性質,但是位相存在差異,因此共同作用下造成enso振蕩既有準4a和準2a的周期性,又有不規則性,對于enso事件的預報帶來不確定性。