quadri- 中文意思是什麼

quadri- 解釋
1. 四,第四: quadrilateral. 2. 【數學】平方,二次: quadric.
  1. Analyzing the readjustment of industrial structure in a quadri - unity way

  2. This paper uses quadri - tuple to describe semantics contained in information. based on this kind of expression, a tree - like semantic inconsistency detection method is proposed in it

  3. The results indicated that there were significantly positive correlation among most amino acids and protein contents ; and 4 linear regression, 5 quadri - curve and 7 cubic - curve respectively between each amino acid and protein content

    結果表明,大多數氨基酸及其與蛋白質含量之間存在顯著的正相關關系;各氨基酸與蛋白質含量之間分別有4種呈線性回歸關系, 5種呈二次曲線關系, 7種呈三次曲線關系。