quadrate 中文意思是什麼

quadrate 解釋
adj. 形容詞 1. 【動、解】方骨的。
2. 正方形的,方形的。
n. 名詞 1. 正方形;方形。
2. 【解剖學】方骨,方肌。
vt. 及物動詞 ,vi. 不及物動詞 1. (使)適合;(使)一致 (with; to)。
2. 【數學】將(圓)作成等積正方形;(使)成正方形 (with)。

  1. The growth dynamics of tree basal area of form. taxus chinensis var. mairei population in different altitude were discussed using the liu - logistic model, and the results showed that the altutide of 790 meters is more suitable to the survive of form. toms chinensis var. mairei population than 990 meters. plot sampling was selected and dynamic analysis was used to study the height structure of taxus chinensis var. mairei population, and the quadrate picture of height structure and the curve of survival rate were drew

  2. Quadrate lobectomy was performed in 11 cases, left external lobectomy in 5 cases, left lobectomy in 4, right lobectomy in 3 and caudate lobectomy in 6

  3. Quadrate towel and one - off house - hold goods

  4. Are the pillar circinal or quadrate ?

  5. How many square meters is the area of the quadrate football field

  6. Quadrate or elliptical spring

  7. Effect of secondary flow on erosion from solid particles in 90 curved duct of quadrate section

  8. Stm observation confirms the above argument, and verifies that c ( 2x2 ) reconsmiction occurs on the tops of the ersi, quadrate nanoislands

    掃描隧道顯微鏡的觀察結果證實了這種結論,並且顯示cpx2 )再構來自於ersi 。
  9. The major products in our company are the circular tin, quadrate tin, abnormity tin and some metal craftwork. it can be classified into

  10. In sar system, the in - phase and quadrate echoes must be sampled simultaneity and stored for a long - time. because of the limitation of hardware, only the available echoes can be stored

    Sar系統對數據採集和存儲處理需要滿足對正交兩路( i / q )雷達回波信號的數據同時採集,並實現高速傳輸和大容量長時間實時存儲。
  11. Wanan stainless steel products factory specializes in producing various daily - use stainless steel kitchenware and tableware, such as quadrate plate, snack plate, towel holder, teaboard, round plate, basin and pan cover etc. products

  12. The student said " hello " to all of us when we met him. he was thin and his face was black, seems that he was undernourished. his father brushed the chairs with his sleeves immediately, asked us to sit down. his mother leaned the door with foolish smile all the time. it was even poorer of their family than our thought. the lime had started to come off as the wind and rain damage, the sunshine got through their house, shadow was remained on the sap of floor. two small rooms, a kitchen, a quadrate desk and some chairs here, there were not anything else ; the other one was bedroom, two beds were squeezed together. the bedding wasn ' t new any more and turned white, cotton was come out from the clothes. the only thing was what one old desk was cleaned well, it should be his book desk, there were some books on it

  13. On the basis of analysis on the pairwise action of cement paste, nanometer silica fume and clay, the paper proposes the reinforcement mechanism of the cemented soil stabilized with nanometer silica fume. the reinforcement mechanism includes cementation action of cement hydrate, ionic exchange and quadrate reaction of clay particle, pozzolanic effect, filling effect and cementation action of nanometer silica fume

    在研究水泥漿?納米硅粉、納米硅粉?粘性土、水泥漿?粘性土相互作用的基礎上,將納米硅粉水泥土的固化機理總結為:水泥水化物的膠結作用、粘土顆粒中的離子交換效應和「二次反應」 、納米硅粉的火山灰效應、納米硅粉的填充效應、納米硅粉的膠結作用。
  14. This machine adopts the best advanced imported frequency conversion timing controlled technical drive. it adopts dlectrical brake setting, its deendability is lofty and cutting is exact. this machine is mostly used for many quadrate foam rubber once flatly slicing. it can be continuously cutout, and do not recede cutter, the production efficiency is better

  15. Bile ducts of hilus hepatis, right or left lobe, medial segment and anterior right segment can be exposed and incised through hilus hepatis or quadrate lobe. all major intrahepatic bile ducts of the right lobe can be exposed and incised by an approach cutting through the liver parenchyma on its diaphragmatic surface

  16. Currently, top - grade and middle - grade dishware produced by our enterprise include changfa brand product series, such as flat quadrate dish, thickened applique quadrate dish, deepened quadrate dish, snack dish. milk boiler. high boiler, steaming boiler, thickened double - handle tripod caldron, deepened flat - bottomed tripod caldron, luxurious bakelite frying tripod caldron, luxurious double - bottom frying pan and cover for tripod caldron

  17. In this task, we presented and designed a system that can classify and recognize circular and quadrate parts and the intension image of industrial parts is the object of the system, human - computer communication mode is adopted to identify the parts