qua 中文意思是什麼

qua 解釋
〈拉丁語〉 以…的資格[身份];作為。
He did it not qua father, but qua judge. 他不是用父親身份而是用法官身份處理此事的。

  1. You can still provide reporters with that sine qua non of the entrepreneur ' s yarn, the eureka moment

  2. In the nature of single blessedness he would one day take unto himself a wife when miss right came on the scene but in the interim ladies society was a conditio sine qua non though he had the gravest possible doubts, not that he wanted in the smallest to pump stephen about miss ferguson who was very possibly the particular lodestar who brought him down to irishtown so early in the morning, as to whether he would find much satisfaction basking in the boy and girl courtship idea and the company of smirking misses without a penny to their names bi - or tri - weekly with the orthodox preliminary canter of complimentpaying and walking out leading up to fond lovers ways and flowers and chocs

    到那時為止,與女人交往倒也是個不可或缺的條件245 。他絲毫不想為弗格森246小姐促使他凌晨來到愛爾蘭區的,極可能就是這位特定的「北極星」哩的事盤問斯蒂芬什麼。盡管他十分懷疑斯蒂芬能夠從諸如此類的事中得到由衷的滿足:沉湎於少男少女式的談情說愛啦,同只會嘻嘻嘻地傻笑身上一文不名的小姐每周幽會上兩三次啦,照老一套的程序相互恭維,外出散步,又是鮮花又是巧克力地走上親密的情侶之路。
  3. He did it not qua father, but qua judge. .

  4. Patience is a sine qua non for a good teacher

  5. A analysis on status qua of age structure of daur population

  6. The president qua head of the party mediated the dispute

  7. Sugar is a sine qua non ingredient in any kind of cake

  8. Money, qua money, cannot provide happiness

  9. Inductively - coupled plasma qua - ntometer

  10. He stated the opinion as a private person, and not qua president

  11. Agreement by the management is a sine qua non of all employment contract

  12. The criminal law in our country should conform to the development of international criminal law and reflects the spirit of severe punishment to official negligent crime in amending the criminal law so that the working responsibility and effect of civil servants will be increased, the ranks of civil servants wii 1 be purified and qua ! ity of civi i servants wi i i be guaranteed and state machinery will working normally

  13. The methods of analysis and evaluation to the stability of slope, now mainl y are qualitative analysis, half quantitative analysis, physics model test and qua ntitative analysis. they all are extensively synthetically use of project geology, soil mechanics and classical mathematics physics, with the help of computers

  14. Identification of the pathogen of chieh - qua wilt and its biological characteristics

  15. Aiming at the height - field transitional state sampled from planar topology, the simplification process based on th distance and the refining process based on appearance attribute can be separated with the help of the hierarchical qua - tree storage. as the result of successful separation of the above 2 processes, the hierarchical multi - resolution expression can be generated with real - time interactivity, in which the appearance of each resolution can be also preserved

  16. Through event management and knowledge management, the raw event, qua the fault analyzed, constantly checked, and redundance removed one not the sole one, is presented to the administrator and than forms an effective security event

  17. The paper analyzed the mechanism of the early moisture damage on the basis of survey, had carried out a series of laboratory tests to study the prevention measures from three aspects, that were gradation of the surface course and compaction capacity and the anti - stripping performance of hydrated lime qua anti - stripping agent

  18. A ba - qua symbol should be hung on the back of the car to expel the bad omens

  19. Abstract : according to special natural ecological environment of qinhai province, the results of the poor nutritional qualities, poor processing flour qua lities and poor edible qualities for spring wheat were analzed

  20. Such never - say - die approach is the sine qua non for the ultimate triumph in entrepreneurship and technological breakthrough