nah 中文意思是什麼

nah 解釋
adj. 形容詞 〈美俚〉 =no.
  1. Do i smell of booze ? - nah, you smell good

    我身上有酒味兒嗎? -沒有,味道很好
  2. - do i smell of booze ? - nah, you smell good

    -我身上有酒味兒嗎? -沒有,味道很好
  3. Nah, she went to the candy store

  4. Nah, can ' t be. shiki ' s legs tremble. straining his eays, he hears the mewl of a distant cat

  5. Du hast so nah an mir vorbeigeschossen.

  6. Hey, mooney, you don ' t look so hot. - nah, i ' m all right

    嘿, mooney ,你看起來很熱-吶,我很好
  7. - hey, mooney, you don ' t look so hot. - nah, i ' m all right

    -嘿, mooney ,你看起來很熱-吶,我很好
  8. The " nah - nah - na - na - na ! we beat you ! " taunting, if you will,

  9. Nah, i told you. she ' s not gonna do that anymore

  10. Nah. i watched " the practice " for two seasons

  11. Please don ' t kill us - nah - please don ' t kill us

  12. Nah, nah, he just bet me you were the ollie trinke,

  13. No, i don ' t remember. it, uh - nah, i didn ' t like it

  14. - no, i ' m not - nah, you are, you ' re jealous

  15. Nah, i got a message from her late last night

  16. Juno macguff : nah. . i mean im already pregnant, so what other kind of shenanigans could i get into

    朱諾?麥高夫:不… …我的意思是我已經懷孕了,那麼我還能玩一些別的惡作劇嗎?
  17. The plating measuring results were agreed well with the conclusion. thus, phosphorus generation mechanism of complex heterocatalysis was proposed. meanwhile, concentration ratio of niso _ 4 and nah _ 2po _ 2 also greatly affects the phosphorus content

  18. Nah, man, you don ' t know me. obviously that bum ' s a iittle ioco in the cabeza

  19. Nah. we might just get a light dusting, that ' s all. nothing to write home about

  20. Nah, don ' t worry, i - i won ' t get too comfortable