nagoya 中文意思是什麼

nagoya 解釋
n. 名詞 名古屋〈日本城市〉。

  1. As of april 1, 2005, there are 14 designated cities in japan, such as yokohama, kawasaki, chiba, saitama, osaka, nagoya and kyoto. core cities

  2. Sat 3 nagoya grampus eight vs vissel kobe sat 4 urawa reds vs kawasaki frontale

  3. The units at various levels learn, the association hold the meeting of large - scale academic exchange with certain scale, exhibition of the woodworking machinery, and organize relevant academic experts fixedly at home, the foreign exchange of technology that enterprise s engineers and technicians will go, visit the exhibition of the foreign large - scale woodworking machinery. there are the famous exhibition of woodworking machinery, for example : italy milan fair, germany hanoverian fair, american atlanta exhibition, japan nagoya exhibition

  4. Catch a performance at the nagoya noh theater

  5. Latter days ' saint of jesus christ, nagoya japan

  6. By train and bus by way of nagoya station

  7. Last night in nagoya some girl was murdered

  8. The train should be in nagoya or gifu around morning

  9. Nagoya chubu centrair intl, japan

    名古屋中部國際空港ngo ,日本
  10. Nagoya university, specializing urban environment research

  11. Jason : we went to aichi in nagoya

  12. Shipment from dalian to nagoya

  13. Nic is the designated abbreviation of the nagoya international center

  14. It also took part in the special acrobatic performances in several international fairs such as osaka worldwide food exhibition in japan, flower international fair in matsue, japan, china ' s exhibition in nagoya

    參加日本國《大阪世界食事博覽會》 、松江市日本全國《花之博覽會》 、名古屋市《中國博覽會》的雜技專場演出。
  15. Its hatcho - miso flavor, in particular, has been consciously kept since the founder who was from owari ( area as currently known as nagoya ) invented it

  16. B : oh, yes, we have already made an arrangement according to the ioc nagoya resolution. this is the program of this tournament. please have a look

  17. The japanese press says sho ito, an 18 - year - old high school student in nagoya who is taking part in arsenal ' s training, said after friday ' s session that he has been asked to test his luck with the club by manager arsene wenger

  18. Tatsuo mori, an engineering and computer science professor at nagoya university, said some hurdles remained, including making the display bigger, ensuring durability and cutting costs

  19. The fourth chapter firstly introduces cosco container vessels of less than 1000 teu slot capacity before discussing how to deploy the proper types of ships, taking the shanghai - nagoya trade service as an example. also the author analyzes the sensitivity of the ship types argumentations from such 4 aspects as freight rate, fuel price, port charges and loading rate

  20. Tsutsui cho, higashi ku, nagoya, japan was the place that i used to live

    日本名古屋東區筒井町3 - 29 - 4 - b是我曾經住過的地方。