qms 中文意思是什麼

qms 解釋
Q. M. S. =quartermaster sergeant 軍需軍士。

  1. A fully - fledged qms is a formalized, company - wide system

  2. Use the qms, the email system administrators can effective manage the qmail, for example, send email, incept email, check maillog, etc. in a word, the qms not only reduces the email system administrators " labor intensity, but also promotes their work efficiency, and then promotes the enterprise ' s economic benefit

    應用qms使得大容量郵件系統的操作和管理更加有效,郵件系統管理員無需深刻了解qmail的運行機制即可靈活管理qmail ,方便地發送郵件、接收郵件,查看郵件服務器日誌,完成用戶id的維護等工作。
  3. The qms will have a quota of 1 000 entrants a year

    根據這計劃來港的人數每年限額為1 000名。
  4. Established at the corporate level, the qms then devolves out into the individual departments of the company

  5. 24 supplier performance evaluation might consider supplier qms status, disposal timely for complaint

  6. Be familiar with the usage of office software, can make the quality report and prepare the qms document

  7. Theory and method for evaluating the effectiveness of quality management system ( qms ) is the main content of this thesis

  8. Qms identifies and prioritizes the use of resources to manage risk and it should lead to gains in efficiency

  9. Certification bodies interested in obtaining qms or ems accreditation may contact hkas senior accreditation officer,

  10. Qms is both proactive and reactive, giving a means to anticipate and prevent or reduce the effect of risks

  11. In this experiment, the quantity change of partial pressure of main elements is given by longtime dynamic measuring of metal dewar exhausting with quadrupole mass spectrometer ( qms ), the results show that exhausting technology influences outgassing of dewar vacuum vessel, this paper gives the theory, equipment, method, data and disturb fators, we also give primary investigation how the main gases affect the vacuum integrity of dewar and point out the possible ways which can be applied to present technology

  12. The very core of the iso9000 : 2000 is the quality management with process approach. however, this standard only provides the framework of the qms process mode, and is short of any suggestions or offers of relevant supporting technologies. furthermore, in the current quality information management system, there exist the following problems : irrelevancy to qms, lack of information collection for qms and great dependence on organization and operation

  13. Qms is an explicit element of the corporate management responsibility which sets out a company ' s quality policy and defines how it intends to manage quality as an integral part of its overall business

  14. In the paper, base on the introduction of contemporary integrated manufacturing system ( cims ) and mrp -, which play an important part in qms, and its influence on cims, both theoretical basis and fundamental function framework of mrp - have been investigated, including its system structure and basic module. through studying planning information module, the important part of mrp -, including mps ( master production scheduling ), mrp ( material requirement planning ) and cap ( capacity planning ), the operation model of planning information has been discussed

    本文介紹了mrp -在計算機集成製造系統( cims )中所處的地位及對企業信息化建設的影響,闡述了mrp -的理論基礎及其基本功能框架,包括它的體系功能結構、基本模塊描述;通過研究mrp -中的重要內容? ?計劃信息模塊,包括主生產計劃、物料需求計劃以及能力需求計劃,進一步探討mrp -中的計劃功能的信息處理模式。
  15. With the widespread application of iso 9001 : 2000 quality management system ( qms ), the understanding, implementation, attestation of the qms " standards and the studying of the qms " attestation theory and practice have become those important topics for qms experts

    隨著iso9001 : 2000質量管理體系標準在我國的廣泛應用,對質量管理體系標準的理解與實施以及對質量管理體系認證理論與實踐的研究已成為當今質量管理專家探討的重要課題。
  16. This reference mode can also offer a guideline to colleges, which want to set up the quality management system or / and which want to adapt the qms editor to iso9000 : 2000 editor. as the size, framework and process are various among the colleges, the author offers a reasonable assessment method in order to make the quality audit more efficient and accurate. to design a framework or syllabus of audit check sheets, which can be applied to all colleges, will reduce contrived error if the quality management systems of the colleges are audited by different auditors and will make the administration get an intuitionistic understand of the systems

    由於各學校在規模、結構和所採用的過程不盡相同,為更好做好學校質量體系的審核工作,本文提出較為合理的評價方法,按iso9001 : 2000標準質量管理體系的審核準則設計一個適用於各種學校的審核檢查表的框架或提綱對學校的iso9000質量管理體系進行評價,使不同審核員按此方法對學校的iso9000質量體系運行的真實狀況評價時,減少審核中的人為誤差,使主管機關對學校質量管理體系有較為直觀認識。
  17. At present, the qms in power plant in esbp - mis has gone to function, and the email system administrator likes to use the qms

    目前, qms已進入試運行階段,郵件管理員反應良好,明顯減輕了他們的工作強度,提高了工作效率。
  18. Companies establishing a qms need to take a pragmatic approach, building where possible on existing procedures and practices

  19. Food safety team leader ? clause 5. 5 this person performs a similar role in a fsms to that provided by the management representative in a qms although the establishment of a food safety team of 2 or more people is also required

    標準規定需建立食品安全小組( 2名或以上人員組成) ,其組長在fsms中行使與qms管理者代表類似的職責。
  20. With the fast development of computer technology, researches about cad, capp and cam are more and more deeply. especially after the appearance of qms, cad / capp / cam integration has become one of important problems which have to be solved as soon as possible. as the bridge of linking cad and cam, capp is very important to mechanical engineering technology

    隨著計算機技術的迅速發展,對cad 、 capp 、 cam等系統的研究越來越深入,特別是cims提出以後, cad capp cam的集成就成為必須要解決的關鍵問題之一,而作為連接cad和cam系統的中間環節,適合於集成環境下的capp系統的研究日益成為工業界關注的重要課題之一。