quadric 中文意思是什麼

quadric 解釋
adj. 形容詞 【數學】二次的;二次曲面的。
n. 名詞 【數學】二次;二次曲面。

  1. We call this surface the stress quadric.

  2. Approximation of quadric curves by polynomials

  3. Reconstruction of quadric surface solids from engineering drawings

  4. Parameter estimation based on multi - quadric collocation model

  5. New quadric seal pressure test device

  6. Balance of binary - phase and quadric - phase oversampled chaotic map sequences

  7. Normalization of quadric hypersurface equation in n - dimension affine space

  8. Parameters extraction of quadric surface based on real - coded genetic algorithm

  9. Identifying and parameters extraction of quadric surface based on discrete point

  10. Axis complex of a quadric

  11. 8 guo b. quadric and cubic bitetrahedral patches. the visual computer, 1995, 11 : 253 - 262. 9 wang w, qin k. on the existence and computation of rational quartic spherical curves for hermite interpolation

  12. Using the normal and neighbor relationship, classification of scattered data points is realized according to the quadric surface. the typical algorithms of surface reconstruction from 3d scattered data points are introduced, and then we discuss the current surface tessellation algorithms about their adaptive range, low efficiency

  13. The researching on optimum method to obtain intersection of two general positions intersecting quadric surfaces

  14. A new algorithm is presented in this paper for piecewise quadric b - splines curve reconstruction from scattered data in a plane

  15. In this algorithm, the sharp features on a mesh model are located through analysis of quadric error matrixes of super - neighbor of vertices on the model, so that these features can be preserved during mesh simplification

  16. 8 warren j. blending quadric surfaces with quadric and cubicsurfaces. in proceedings of the 3rd symposium on computationalgeometry

  17. A new method for determining knots to construct polynomial curves is presented. at each data point, a quadric curve which passes three consecutive points is constructed

  18. This one - constraint - less property of the kruppa equations is their inherent deficiency and is independent of camera motion. this deficiency is due to their failure of automatic enforcement of the rank - three - ness on the absolute quadric

    從而, kruppa方程的獨立個數比基於絕對二次曲面或基於無窮遠平面的自標定方程的獨立個數少1 ,這是源於kruppa方程不能保證絕對二次曲面的秩為3 ,是由kruppa方程自身的特性決定的,而與攝像機的運動無關。
  19. Using local base surface parameterization, a parametric quadric surface approximation method is used to estimate the local surface curvature properties of scattered points based on propagating normal vector direction

  20. When the machining tools is perfected, it can process all of quadric curves and high degree curves with high surface form precision. at the same time, the its structure is very simple processing size range is large and its efficiency is high, so it will greatly reduce the cost of processing of aspheric parts