quadratic 中文意思是什麼

quadratic 解釋
adj. 形容詞 1. 【數學】二次的。
2. 方形的。
n. 名詞 1. 【數學】二次方程式;二次項。
2. 〈pl. 作單數用〉【數學】二次方程式論。

  1. 2 the theoretical values of the second virial coefficient are precisely fitted into some simple expressions. according to one of them, a new temperature function for the quadratic terms in cubic equations was derived : the function is simple, general, without acentric factor, truly predictive, theoretically sound, and applicable to all the van der waals - type equations

  2. Quadratic estimates of variance components and admissibility

  3. Introduce a quadratic agc control method to solve the problem 2 and 3

    5 .數字信號處理器的上電引導實現問題。
  4. For a class of quadratic finite element diseretization systems of an elliptic boundary problem with jump coefficients under the unstructured quadrilateral grids, we are concerned with two kinds of quadratic lagrangian finite element equations, by analyzing the relationship between the linear finite element and quadratic finite element basis functions, a hew amg method is designed

  5. The quadratic aperture of the cat's-eye diaphragm is imaged too large.

  6. In algorithms, classification algorithms are divided into two cases : one for known statistical distribution model and the other for unknown statistical distribution model. four classification algorithms, the bata - prime statistic model fusing quadratic gamma classifier, based on sar image rcs reconstruction and space position mode, on the mixed double hint layers rbfn ( mdhrbfn ) model and on the self - adapt fuzzy rbfn ( afrbfn ) model, are derived. the problems, including how to further improving the class ratio of the bayes decision, decreasing the dependence on the statistical model and directly providing the adapted algorithm with samples, are solved

    提出了基於徑向基函數神經網路( rbfn )的雙隱層混合網路( mdhrbfn )模型,解決了標準神經網路在具體sar圖像地物分類中分類類別數目不夠和分類精度差的問題;提出了基於模糊推理系統的自適應模糊rbfn分類( afrbfn )模型,兼顧通用性與精確性,增強人機交互能力,進一步提高了演算法分類率。
  7. A. douady had suggested to study dynamics of biquadratic polynomials. by definition, a biquadratic polynomial is the composition of two quadratic polynomials, so it is an even quartic polynomials which can be written as f ( z ) = z4 + az2 + 6, where a, b are parameters. it is easy to see that / has a critical point at 0 and two symmetric critical points at

    A . douadv曾建議對雙二次多項式的動力系統進行研究,所謂雙二次多項式就是兩個二次多項式的復合,也即偶四次多項式,在一個線型共軛下可以記為fz ) = z ~ 4 + z ~ 2 + b ,這里o , b是參數,點0是它的一個臨界點,另外還有兩個對稱的臨界點( ( - a ) 、 2 ) ~ 2 。
  8. The canonical form of extended quadratic form

  9. The quadratic equation algorithm utilizes spa, dpa and principle of rsa - crt, converts the complicated prime factorization of a large composite number into finding the solution of a quadratic equation and gains the private key at last

    該方法綜合利用spa 、 dpa攻擊手段和rsa - crt演算法原理,將rsa演算法的大數分解難題轉化為以私鑰p或q為解的二次方程,最終獲取演算法私鑰值。
  10. Predictor - corrector smoothing methods for convex quadratic programs

  11. First the sketch / datum plane is fitted by least - square distance, then the extruded direction or axis with the flank points of the cloud is extracted in quadratic paogramming arithmetic, and certain points projected to gain 2d sketched datas. feature points are defined to segment the sketch datas, and the sketch profile is generated by fitting separately the line and circle segment

  12. Every function whose derivative is linear is a quadratic function.

  13. Note of divisibility of determinants of quadratic matrices on gcd - closed sets

  14. Some quadratic equations have no real roots.

  15. This paper discussed the application of theories about advanced algebra in the factorization of multinomial, introduced some application methods, acquired the methods of judging if a multiple quadratic multinomial can be factorized and how it is factorized, and thus solved the theoretical problem of the factorization of a multiple quadratic multinomial

  16. A calculation formula for the quadratic gauss sums

  17. Gully tops class b 125, quadratic ; particulars

    B 125級正方形雨水溝頂部.詳細數據
  18. Gully tops class a 15, quadratic ; particulars

    A 15級正方形雨水溝頂部.詳細數據
  19. A kind of complete automatic subdivision method for mesh of hexahedron based on quadratic subdivision of tetrahedron was put forward and the corresponding program was developed

  20. The homological quadratic form in coalgebras