qi 中文意思是什麼

qi 解釋
n. 名詞 〈漢語〉 氣。

  1. Effect of quot; dispersing lung - qi and relieving asthma, warming yang to induce diuresis quot; method on adh of cphd patients during acute period with peripheral edema

  2. Most such axe and adz are ancient farming tools, different from the high - ranking tomahawk and fighting qi

  3. Relationship between apoplectic dementia and stagnation of qi and blood

  4. Liang qi - chao believed that history is evolving constantly and the " evolution " is limitless ; it is progressive but has twists ; it is in a spiral ascendance rather than in a straight line

  5. Clinic effect of weikangyihao on functional dyspepsia splenic asthenia and qi straguation

  6. Effect of reinforcing qi and moistening intestine oral liquid on anorectal manometry of asthenia type constipation patients

  7. In case kidney - qi is deficient, there will be the disturbance of its qi transformation and astrictive action, causing the irregular opening and closing of the urinary bladder, manifested as dysuria, incontinence of urine, enuresis and frequency of micturition

  8. He emphasizes, on the basis of healthy qi, the combination of disease and syndrome differentiation, treatment and prevention ; spleen - nourishing medicines are orally and rectally administered : purging and astringing methods are given

  9. When kidney - qi is sufficient and its astringency is right, the urinary bladder will open and close regularly, thus maintaining normal water metabolism

  10. The diligence spirit of qi state viewed from the augury materials in zuo zhuan

  11. East barbican < > after the battle in taozhu in 1559, qi jiguang built two barbicans at the west and east corner of the toewn wall, a poineer work in his millitary career. this practice prepared him for the large - scale construction of barbicans on the town wall in his late years

    東敵臺< >明嘉靖三十八年( 1559 )桃渚之戰以後,戚繼光在桃渚城的東西兩角創建了兩座敵臺,這是戚繼光軍事實踐的一個創舉,為其晚年大規模建造長城敵臺開啟了先河。
  12. Big mouth beauty shu qi games - 4455 miniclip games

    大嘴美女舒淇小游戲- 4399小游戲
  13. 45 gao ben - bo, lei bei - lei, zhang you - yi and han qi - de

    63 .鄭銘張幼怡韓啟德。
  14. Beyond conflict : how bobos is out of bourgeois and bohemian in culture. qiu ze - qi

  15. As the so - called qi ' s dao we see can not be said to be tang broadsword

  16. Qi ming, the prexy of south china university of technology electron business college, is an expert on how to innovate

  17. Xu guang - qi ' s comprehension on catholicism

  18. Patients of chd often suffer from angina accompanied with the symptoms of “ deficiency of qi and blood of the heart ”

  19. Cao cheng - yuan, liu qi, choregraphy

  20. Wind charateristics in qi taihe city and the city planning